Hey everyone. Okay, for the fic I'm writing entitled 'A Heart Torn by War' (click to view) I need to incorporate a Hogwarts Formal of some sort. I'm thinking perhaps a Yule-Ball type deal, but without the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The only plausible idea I've come up with is hosting a Welcoming Ball/Feast for a foreign exchange student attending Hogwarts that year. (Because this is set in the Marauder-era, early war years, I was thinking perhaps Karkaroff could be the exchange student, and then him and Snape meet up, etc.) Any feedback or ideas would be wonderful. Somehow I have to get these Marauders into dress robes!

Also, just as a point of clarification, did we ever learn Alice Longbottom's maiden name? I made up my own ('Lewis') but I wanted to be doubly sure that I didn't overlook it in an obscure chapter or something.

Thanks, everyone!