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Thread: 2013 Autumn Term Review Drive: Double or Nothing

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    2013 Autumn Term Review Drive: Double or Nothing

    Hello, all, and welcome to the 2013 MNFF Spring Term Review Drive!

    In search of a particular story one day, I happened to notice that there are a lot of stories that people worked hard to write which haven't been showed a lot of love by the masses. After a discussion with the lovely Hannah/coolh5000, the moderator of this fine forum, we thought that we could do something to remedy that. So we bring you the MNFF Review Drive! Now in its second year, the Review Drive is responsible for over a hundred reviews to stories which may not have been noticed otherwise. Also, the wonderful reviewers who have made this possible have earned a lot of points for their efforts. We aim to keep up the pace in the new year!

    The hard-working members of SPEW (Society for the Proper Evaluation of Writers) scoured the entire archive, category by category, for any story that met the requirements I set. The requirements are as follows:

    • Stories validated or updated between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012.
    • Of these stories, one-shots with two or fewer reviews and
    • Chaptered stories with an average of two reviews or less per chapter.

    This is how the activity works: a maximum of eight points will be available for EVERY story listed. You all review the stories listed, and points will be given based on the quality of your review. This is a great opportunity for members to show a bit of house pride and put up some points. Not only that, it gives the authors of these neglected stories the lovely, warm feeling of receiving reviews.

    As mentioned, points will be awarded on the quality of the review. A few lines that say what the reader liked about the story will earn one point, whereas a review with detailed, in-depth analysis and constructive criticism will earn up to four points. The scores to these reviews will be edited in to the review posting thread by a mod, and the points earned for reviews posted will be subtracted from the Points Available for the stories reviewed. If a story has fewer points available than a review has been awarded, you will still receive the full awarded points, as discouraging quality reviewing is rather counter-productive. Reviews for stories which have no points remaining, however, at the time a review is submitted will NOT receive points. You will, in that case, be rewarded by the author's satisfaction instead.

    Minor rules and notes: If you don't like a story, DO NOT REVIEW AND BRING NOTHING BUT CRITIQUE TO THE TABLE. Nobody likes receiving reviews that are nothing but things the reviewer didn't like. It's okay to bring up points that could be improved, but these points must be accompanied by encouragement and a caring demeanour. Any reviews not complying with this directive will NOT receive points. Basically, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't.

    There is no limit to the number of reviews you can submit nor a limit to the number of points you can receive; it is all determined by your participation level. Ideally, we would like to see each one of the listed stories receive at least one review, but the ultimate goal is to award maximum points for each and every one. Everybody wins!

    And since this is the last batch of reviews for this year's stories, we're going to up the stakes a bit in order to maximise the chance of all stories being reviewed! Any story on the review drive list that either currently sits with 0 reviews OR has yet to be reviewed for the review drive will earn DOUBLE POINTS. That's right! Review a story that hasn't been reviewed yet, and we'll throw in double the points. If you write a review that would've been worth a 2, you will receive 4 points but only take away 2 from the eligible pool.

    As an added incentive to pay some TLC to our most unloved categories, I will also throw in five bonus points for anyone who reviews 10 stories in the following categories: General, Alternate Universe, Poetry, Dark/Angst, Next Generation, Other Pairing. These cats have outstanding amounts of stories that need some reviewly attention, so I'd just like to make it extra juicy to visit these fics. And as an extra note, if you review 50 stories from these eligible categories, you WILL earn 5 bonus points per 10 you review, so extreme quantities of reviews are happily accepted and rewarded.

    Anyway, as of right now, the activity is officially open. For a review to receive points, it must be posted and time-stamped from today's date (October 18th) and the end of the activity, which will be December 24th. Please post your review links with the provided form in the Autumn Term Review Drive Submission Page. The applicable stories are split into General Categories and Romance Categories for your convenience, and a menu of the categories will be at the top of each. Any questions are to be posted in this thread.

    With that, go forth and review!
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