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Thread: Marauder's love round robin

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    hahahaha, that was funny. I can't believe how this story has panned out.... anywhoo.....

    "A strong mixture of a calming drought and something that'll help you sleep easier, now drink," she returned briskly, motioning them on.

    "I-I-I..." James stuttered looking at it, not wanting to drink it.

    "Yes, Potter? if you would be so kind please drink it, I have to do things," She said impaitently and James looked at Sirius before looking at the Goblet.

    "Madam pomfrey, I don't feel too good," Sirius moand and Mamdam Pomfry bustled over to him. As she did this James and Lily quickly vanished their potins quietly, before lying back down.

    "Oh, good, you finished them. Do you want me to tell Mr.Lupin, Mr. Pettigrew and Miss.Megreen to cxome in or leave?" She asked kindly, feeling the temperatur on James's head.

    "They can come in. Is Sirius okay?" Lily asked in a fake worried voice.

    "Yes, he's fine, he just threw up up and then was happy as Larry again," The nurse said, bustling around and she opened the doors and Moony, Wormtail and Darla came rushing in.

    "So?" Wormtail whispered excitedly to James as he and Remus sat next to his bed.

    "So what?" James replied, bracing himself.

    "Why were you and Lily out of bed together?" Remus asked, a sly grin on his normally calm face.


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    "Well, we" James stuttered, but Sirius interuppted.
    "They were looking for a great place to hold a snogging session, but guess what? Guess what? Guess what? I'll tell you what, Snivellus interrupted."

    Remus and Peter suppressed gasps, but looked enviously at their friend. It was a known fact in the boy's dormitory that all four of the Marauders had a certain feeling for Lily Evans. Lily, of course, didn't know, but she kind of got a feeling when they stared shyly at her. She smiled and gestured to the artwork. "Lovely, isn't it? We know how to keep ourselves entertained."

    Lily's friend excused herself. Five minutes later, Peter suspiciously did the same. Soon, only the trio were left, James still in Lily's bed.

    Lily ingnored the latter and turned over to face the wall. The lights turned out, but James didn't leave Lily's bed. Lily turned back to face him. "James...
    Hehe, I'm evil, I know. The Marauders aren't supposed to like Lily, but what can I say? I adore twists!

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    wow.. i can't beleive how far this has gone since i was last here...

    Lily turned back to face him. "James…” James turned to face her but put a finger to her lips.

    “Shh!” He had a sly smile on his face that made shivers run down Lily’s spine.

    “This place is full of beds, couldn’t you get your own?” Lily asked the question part of her wishing that he wouldn’t listen to her. “It would be more - ”

    But before Lily could said anything she was caught off guard by James’ mouth. At first she took a quick intake of breath thinking whether or not she should pull away from him, but as his hand slid around her waist and onto her back, slowly pressing her closer to him, all thoughts escaped her.

    The hospital bed turned into a bed of clouds that Lily floated away on, and she lost track of what was happening around her. It wasn’t until James gave her a final nip on her lower lip, drew back and looked up at her.

    “Uh,” Lily wanted to smack herself for her stupidity and lack of something more suave and endearing to say. James stood up and smiled down at Lily as she tried to find his outline in the darkness.

    “Come back?” Lily said in more of a question. She moaned at how idiotic she had turned in front of James.

    “I want to show you something first,” James said with a small laugh. He liked the way Lily turned into a small school girl around him. He put out his hand for Lily to take, and then made his way out of the infirmary.

    Lily followed him through the corridors and out of the Hogwarts’ castle. She tightened her grip on James’ hand as she realized he was taking her to the forest.

    “Where are we - ?”

    “Not yet.” James took her into a small clearing and let go of her hand.

    “James! James?” But James no longer stood in front of her, not in human form anyway…
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    Yay! This tale's beginning to move along! *claps happily and picks up the pen for the sixth(?) time*

    “James! James?” But James no longer stood in front of her, not in human form anyway. Instead of the handsome Head Boy, a rather large stag stood in front of her.

    "What in blazes is going on?!" Lily hollered. "James, I want an explanation for this!"

    With a small flash of light, the stag vanished and James was in its place.

    "I've always wondered how I would explain this to you," James told her.

    "Explain what, exactly?" she asked in forced calm.

    "That Sirius, Peter, and I are Animagi," he answered.

    "You three are Animagi?" Lily inquired quietly. "Why not Remus?"

    "I'll get to that," James said. "Haven't you ever wondered why the three of us adopted our nicknames of Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs?"

    "Yeah, I have" she conceeded. "But what's that got-"

    "Sirius' a dog, Peter's a rat, and I am a stag," he interrupted. "We gave ourselves the nicknames based on what we can turn into."

    "But, you said Remus wasn't an Animagus," Lily said slowly. "Why would he have the nickname Moony if he wasn't something like a wolf..."

    Her voice trailed off, looking at James in amazement and astonishment.

    "He's a werewolf, isn't he," she whispered in realization. "That's why he disappears for three days every month. How could I have missed that?"

    "It took us until part way through our third year that we figured it out," James explained. "When we did, we found out that werewolves don't go after animals, so by our fifth year the three of us had become Animagi, and when we told Remus, we all got our nicknames: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs."

    "I...that's incredible," Lily said, gazing at James.

    "Now, that I'm done talking, would you like to go for a ride around the grounds?" James asked.

    "What?" she asked.

    "Do you want to take a ride on my back around the grounds?" James repeated.

    Lily thought for a second, and knew the only correct answer.

    "I would..."
    I am so sorry that I write so much. I just really like this round robin. *Puts down pen and wanders off to Ravenclaw common room*

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    "I would, but..." Lily felt the color drain out of her face as James melted into a beautiful shimmering white stag. Her knees gave out and she sank to the floor in a dead faint.

    The stag knelt down by her, and with much trouble, got her onto his back.

    When Lily woke up, she was flying. Flying? Am I going crazy? she thought. She looked at her surroundings and saw that she was on a stag. The memories of an hour ago came flooding back to her and she had a sudden urge to jump off. Just as she was about to release James, she realized that she felt wonderful. The wind on her face, her hair flying in all directions, she was in heaven.

    When James finally came to a halt, she was surprised to see that it was in front of the Shrieking Shack. Lily suddenly realized that they had left Hogwarts. The last thing she remembered was a tree...

    She came back to her senses when James knelt down. Lily realized that James didn't know that she had woken up yet. She closed her eyes and pretended that she was still unconsious, seeing what he would do. She heard a groan, and assumed that James had transformed back. The arms that worked their way under her neck and knees confirmed her suspisions. Lily felt a light tug, and James picked her up and walked up one staircase...then another...through a hall, into a room, and he set her on a couch. She heard him mutter a spell, and she felt it transform under her-into a comfortable, leather couch. She heard James sit next to her and take her hand.

    Lily melted under his fingers. He traced his finger over her eyelashes, and he pushed her hair out of her eyes. His fingers drew her lips and settled on her cheek...

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    I knew I shouldn't have said anything! I jinxed it, just as we were getting more people to do this. *grumbles about lack of participation* *takes pen from the floor where it fell two days ago*

    Lily melted under his fingers. James traced his finger over her eyelashes, and he pushed her hair out of her eyes. His fingers drew her lips and settled on her cheek. Lily felt herself turn her head and bring his lips to hers.

    She felt transported by this one kiss. Any doubt or concern she had ever felt about James Potter in the past six years vanished in a matter of seconds as their kiss deepened. Her lips felt like they were on fire, her heart burned with passion, and her mind was emptied of most thoughts. It seemed to last forever, and when they broke apart, Lily's head sagged onto the back of the leather sofa. Something inside her wanted more, wishing he would kiss her again.

    Just as she leaned toward him, the door to the room flew open with an almighty bang. In the darkness, she couldn't see who had come in. James leapt to his feet and whipped out his wand.

    A horribly familiar voice bellowed, "STUPEFY!"

    A jet of bright red light steaked out of the wand, momentarily lighting the intruder's face, but before she could identify who it was, everything went black.

    When she woke up, she found herself in the still multi-colored hospital wing once more. She sat up bolt upright and looked around the room, where the early morning sun was drifting in. She found there were three boys sleeping across the room from her, two were next to each other, the third was two beds down the row. She recognised the first two as James and Sirius, the boy lying alone was Snape?

    Lily felt a flash of pain shoot through the back of her head, and she fell back onto her pillow. She reached a hand gingerly to the spot and felt a lump there.

    "What happened?" she moaned to no one in particular.
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    *biting tongue so hard that it's bleeding* I said I wouldn't post more....but...

    *re-composes* I'll stick to my word...unless you can send me a REALLY good begging PM. hehe, or just wait a month or so...

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    I have taken upone myself the role of "no one in particular"

    "What happened?" she moaned to no one in particular.

    At the sound of Lily’s voice Snape’s eyes shot open. He fought with himself over whether or not to turn to his side and answer her plea.

    “I’m sorry Lily,” he finally managed to say. His voice was dark and raspy after only just waking up.

    Lily turned her head and stared at Severus who was lying still on his bed with his eyes on the ceiling. When he slowly turned to face her, she noticed a single tear streaking down his face.

    “What have you done?” Her voice seemed to come from somewhere else, it was calm, but shaken with fury.

    “I – you – “ He didn’t know how to answer her, and he could see her temper rising as she waited for his response.

    Carefully he lifted himself from his bed, his mind raised with a way to explain his actions as he neared her bed. He knelt beside the bed, almost as though he were praying, he breathed in an out trying to avoid Lily’s deathly stare.

    “Lil – ” But before he could even finish her name there was a deafening roar from behind him.

    James had woken with a start. “Who the hell do you are?”
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    James awoke with a start. "Who are you?"

    Before Lily could answer, Madame Pomfrey rushed in. "Oh, dear. It's just as I suspected. Horrible memory charm. It'll be a while before I can finish the potion. Oh, my..." her voice faded as she rushed back out.

    Lily glared at Severus for loss of words. Finally, she managed, "Why?"

    Severus hung his head guiltily. "You're should know. I want you to be my girlfriend, but Potter was in the way. He won't remember you, now, though!" Snape held is head in triumph.

    Lily shook her head in disbelief. "You think I'll say yes after this?! Are you crazy?"

    Snape looked put out for a moment, but then re-composed himself. "You think I haven't thought about that? Tut, tut. I'm gifted at potions, you know. And there is such thing as a love potion...unless you'll willingly give yourself up?" He stroked her hair, but she couldn't move to flick his hand away. She groaned in frustration and pain.

    "Yes." Lily had a plan, though. She would only pretend to be his girlfriend until Madame Pomfrey could cure James.

    Severus leaned in and kissed her, but Lily despised every moment of it. He sighed against her lips, then sat back down in his chair. He looked victorious.

    After he had left the Hospital Wing, Lily explained everything to Sirius, who had stood by with shock etched on his face.

    Lily left a day later, but not after giving James a secret kiss while he was sleeping. Skipping out the door, she was suddenly grabbed by Snape. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and then led her up staircases and through corridors. After a while, he muttered, "We're going to the Room of Requirement. We have business to attend to..."
    Okay, I've answered to your pleas. Here it is, hope you like it.

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    Yay! I'm so dumb, i typoed in the end of mine I meant to write "who they hell do you think you are? " but i forgot the think.. but you fixed that...

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