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Thread: Marauder's love round robin

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    "I had to do it, James would never have thought of doing that on his own," Lily replied grinning.

    "And what's that supposed to mean?" James asked in a mock offended tone.

    “You know perfectly well you wouldn’t have been able to come up with that on your own!” Lily said laughing, as she flopped down onto the bed directly across from Sirius.

    James snorted rather loudly, and not as attractively as he had hoped.

    “Ha! Ow! Laughing is definitely a no,” he muttered as he tried to get comfortable again. “Thanks for staying you guys, it wouldn’t be much fun being here all alone.”

    “Want to see how many different colors we could make this room?” James flopped down on Sirius’ bed with a wide grin on his face.

    “James! You’re a head boy, and on top of that we are supposed to be traumatized!” Lily sat up in her bed to face the two scheming boys opposite her.

    “Aww, come on Lil’s I don’t know anyone who can make that pretty aqua color the way you can.” James batted his eye lashes at her trying to coax her.
    I made this easy to continue so now you peoples HAVE to participate!
    **tosses the pen into a large crowd of harry potter nerds...**

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    grrrr, no one has written so now I have to-Although I really don't mind, this story is getting interesting...

    “Aww, come on Lil’s I don’t know anyone who can make that pretty aqua color the way you can.” James batted his eye lashes at her trying to coax her.

    "No James, I am not going to," She said firmly, shaking her head.

    "Hey, you still owe me, you know," He pointed out and Lily just rolled her eyes.

    "What? Saving your best friends life isn't enough?" She asked in a mocking tone.

    "You becoming my girlfriend is though," he replied, attempting to be smooth.

    "Like that is going to happen. I am going to lie down as I am 'traumatised.'" She went to walk off, but stopped and pulled her wand out of her pocket.

    "Hey! What did I do?" Sirius asked as if he were being accused, and Lily laughed before pointing her wand up to the roof where it became a bright aqua colour.

    "Happy now?" was all she asked and she walked off with a smile...
    okay, not a lot to work with, but good luck! *throws pen to some person*

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    I took the pen!

    "Happy now?" was all she asked and she walked off with a smile.

    "No!" James replied, mocking exasperation. Lily looked surprised at his outburst.

    "Why not? Not the right shade of blue?" Lily said sarcastically. James looked mildly offended, and he put on his best pouty face.

    " still haven't said that you would be my girlfriend." James was extremely pleased with himself. But his expression was pure shock when Lily replied, "I never will, either."

    James and Sirius both looked at her like she was crazy. She just beamed. "I don't have to say it. I already am."

    "What am I, chopped liver?" Sirius teased his friends.

    James looked amazed at his friend. "Snuffles, it was just getting good. We were getting to the part where we..."
    I hope that it's ok...I'm throwing the pen...y'all need to write more!

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    ms weasley
    Oooh, me likey. I come back from holiday, and this story has progressed without me.

    *snatches pen hastily before anyone else can get it*

    My turn, again...

    "Snuffles, it was just getting good. We were getting to the part where we..."

    "Whoa, hold it." Lily held up a hand. James looked startled. "We're not doing anything in front of the dog. Come on."

    She took James' hand, ignoring his amused expression, and dragged him from the Hospital Wing. Sirius watched them go, a wounded look on his face. This was quickly replaced with one of sulkiness.

    "What about the poor, injured puppy, all alone..?"

    Once in the corridor, James turned to Lily. "Where are we going? Head girls aren't supposed to wander the corridors at night, you know."

    Lily grinned. "Come on. Guy does the first date, girl does the second. It's an unspoken rule."

    She carried on walking. James glanced around, then smiled to himself.

    Two dates in one evening. I think I got her hooked, alright.
    Now another writer can take the pen. And decide where Lily's taking James...

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    oooooooooooh, I like this but someon can write, I don't want to spoil it

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    She carried on walking. James glanced around, then smiled to himself.

    Two dates in one evening. I think I got her hooked, alright.

    He was entranced by her concentration in all of her action. He loved the way her face would scrunch up in disappointment when a staircase wasn’t pointing where she wanted it to be. He loved the way she had a smile on her face while she pulled him through the school. He loved the way that she was with him.

    Once they had stopped walking James looked up in surprise to find himself standing next to the tapestry of the dancing trolls.

    “The room of – “ James turned to question Lily was cut of when he saw a head of black grease running towards them.

    “Potter – Lily!” Severus panted as he caught up with them.

    “What do you want?” growled Lily in a tone James had only ever heard her use when she was extremely mad at him.

    “I’m so –

    I had more ideas but i thought maybe someone else did too... But i did as Ms. Weasly asked.. you know where she was taking him... they just haven't quite gotten there... yet...

    **Puts the pen done**

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    "I'm so-" He was cut off, however, by James.

    "Did you just call her Lily? Why you little-"

    "No, James. Hear him out," Lily countered.

    "As I was saying, Jamie, I am so angry and surprised at you," Severus glared.

    "You little t...what? Why would you be surprised at me?" James inquired.

    "Haha, like you'll trap me with that. You know why I'm mad. You stole my girlfriend! Lils, please come with me!" Severus implored.

    Lily turned deathly pale and nearly fainted. "Me? You're girlfriend? Don't make me laugh, Severus. Now, Potter may mistreat you, and I've defended you. But you've always called me a Mudblood. You don't need my help."

    Severus ran three times across the painting and grabbed the doorknob when it appeared. Breaking James' grasp on Lily's arm, he pulled her inside.

    Severus locked the door and turned to a very frightened Lily. He broke the silence. "As for you..."
    Ok, I'm passing the pen on now. I warn you...don't spill the ink. If you understand what I'm careful. I made a dangerous twist for y'all.

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    More people are writing! Yay!

    Severus locked the door and turned to a very frightened Lily. He broke the silence. "As for you Lily, I want to apologize for my actions earlier today. What I did to Black was wrong, and I admit it, but please, just ditch Potter and stay with me."

    The door to the Room of Requirement rattled and muffled yells could be heard from the other side. Lily looked at the door in longing and suddenly felt a raging fire burn in her heart as she looked back at Snape.

    "Get away from me!" Lily shrieked, wrenching herself from his grasp. Unlocking the door and pulled it open. "I would never go out with someone who has insulted me for seven years, Snivellus, she added, putting emphasis on the loathesome nickname the Marauders gave him and stormed out.

    "Come on James," she demanded. "We're going back to the hospital wing before Madam Pomfrey finds us missing."

    James followed obediently. They walked swiftly through the halls in silence once more. When they reached the hospital wing they climbed onto their beds, just as Madam Pomfrey bustled out of her office and next to Sirius' bed with two potion bottles and three goblets.

    "There you go, Mr. Black, now drink up unless you want me to get blood into you the Muggle way," she ordered, handing him a goblet of a crimson potion, which he gulped down immediately.

    Coming up between James and Lily's beds the nurse carefully measured out some light purple liquid into the remaining goblets.

    "Now, swallow that and you'll be fine by tomorrow," she told them. "I'll be in to check on you, Mr. Black, in a few hours for another dose."

    Then she went back into her office with the two bottles.

    "What happened that you two were only gone for five minutes?" Sirius asked.

    "We...uh...ran into...someone," James told him, picking his words carefully.

    "He means we ran into Snivellus," Lily growled. "He seemed to think I was already his...girlfriend." She shuddered, repulsed by the mere thought of the claim.

    "But she took care of him," James announced, picking up the goblet.

    "James, don't drink that!" Lily warned him sharply. "It's not safe to drink a Calming Draught if you aren't terribly upset or something. It could make you apathetic for a week, or longer."

    "Apa-what?" Sirius inquired, looking puzzled.

    "It means he won't care about anything, one way or another," she explained. "In example, he could be kicked off the Quidditch team, or I could break up with him and he wouldn't care."

    "Well, that's not good," James said, putting the goblet down. "But what are we supposed to do?"

    "Just vanish it," she answered simply.

    She pulled out her wand and tapped the goblet. James copied her. He was about to lay his wand down, but paused as he noticed the ceiling. It was still the lovely aqua Lily had turned it.

    "Wonder why Madam Poppy hasn't noticed her ceiling?" he wondered aloud. "Maybe she'll notice we do a little more decorating."

    Smiling mischeiviously, he fired a spell at the wall opposite him, turning it a burning shade of lime green. Sirius grinned and took his wand off the table next to his bed. Pointing it at the wall behind James and Lily, he changed it bright orange.

    Soon, the three began firing colors all over the room. When the room had become a veritable rainbow, Lily conjured a bucket of black paint and began to draw a face onto the wall. James and Sirius watched in complete awe, all the while stuffing their fists into their mouths to stifle their laughter. When she finished she vanished the bucket and got back on her bed to admire her work.

    "Wow, Lily," James said, looking back and forth between her and the portrait. "That looks so realistic."

    "Yeah," Sirius guffawed. "That looks exactly like..."
    Sorry this was so long, but I hope someone can have some fun with what happens next. *throws pen into the air*

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    *snatches away pen and growls at anyone who tries to steal it*

    "That looks exactly like Snivellus! Wow, Lily. That's great! You really captured his eyes!" Sirius appraised her.

    She blushed while looking at his taunting black eyes. "They're the only thing that I like about him..."

    James frowned and put on a puppy dog face. "What about my eyes," he said, batting his eyelashes. Lily laughed. "You know that they're beautiful," she admired the hazel eyes. "Back to my painting, though..."

    James waved her words to a halt and said, "It needs something more." Conjuring up his own red paint, he drew horns and a tail. "There. NOW it's correct."

    Lily giggled, and blushing, gave James an awkward peck on the cheek. James' cheeks were a faint pink, and, in a trance, he lifted his hand up to where she kissed him. She giggled again and climbed back into her bed.

    "Now, I'll have you lot sleeping here tonight..." Madam Pomfrey stopped short as she caught sight of the walls.

    Okay, I've posted three parts, now, and I may be new, but this is fun, guys who haven't posted! TRY IT!!!

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    "Oh dear! Why, it's worse than I thought!" cried the school nurse, obviously thinking the prank was some affect to Severus' previous actions.

    Lily looked awkwardly at James and Sirius as the clanking of glasses could clearly be heard in the connecting room.

    "We probaley should get into the bunks," commented Lily, laying back onto the pillow on the bed next to Sirius'.

    "Probaley," agreed James, falling back onto the pillow next to Lily. This wasn't the way Lily had meant it, but before she could protest the nurse returned to the room.

    Madam Pomphrey came bustleing back into the Hospital wing, two Goblets carefully grasped in her hands. She eyed the couple curiously, if anything thinking the situation had grown worse.

    "Here, dears, drink this," she demanded, forcing the goblets into their hands.

    "-er- What is it?" questioned James after smelling the liquid.

    "A strong mixture of a calming drought and something that'll help you sleep easier, now drink," she returned briskly, motioning them on.
    *hands off quill* Sorry I haven't written in this lately...I'll tell you my excuse as soon as I come up with one. ^_^

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