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Thread: Marauder's love round robin

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    Right, that's it!!!! My turn!!!! Don't you touch that pen!!!! LOL ahem, yes, to the story...

    "We're going to the Room of Requirement. We have business to attend to..."

    "Severus no! I mean," She started.

    "You mean what?" He shot back. Lily thought quickly.

    "I just don't want to take things that far, you know, maybe we should slow down, and take things slowly. It makes it a lot more... How do I put it? Romantic," She said, cursing every word she said, and she looked at his face as he laughed.

    "I didn't mean that, I meant we need to organise how to tell Potter about us." Lily blinked. Crap. Bugger. Oh no. Damn it! Help! This wasn't going to plan here peoples!

    "Well, I was just thinking of telling him that we, as in him and I, can't be together because he's an arrogant," (She cursed herself) "idiot and that I'm with you."

    "I was thinking more along the lines of him trying to get near you and then I curse him for being near my girlfriend." He smirked at the thought and Lily hid her horror as she took a deep breath. There was no way he was going to get to James; he got to Sirius, but he wasn't going to get near her real boyfriend if she could help it.

    "No! I can't let you do that! That's too cruel!" She exclaimed and he eyed her intently.

    "I thought you hated him... could I be so stupid, your using me!"

    "No! Why would I? I-I..."

    "To hell with it! I have you with me, no one is around, your lover boy can't save you now, so say bye to being free!" He said, reaching for her arm, but with that she slapped him hard and ran for it, back to the Hospital wing where she found James sitting up. She ran to him and hugged him tight, not wanting to be away from him. He remembered her now, it was all okay.

    "Who are you?" He asked and she hit herself - the potion had not been given to him. But before she could reply a voice called her name.

    "Miss. Evans!"

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    "Miss Evans!" Madame Pomfrey and Horace Slughorn walked in. Slughorn looked very put out, because his favorite students were in the Hospital Wing. Well, one wasn't in a bed, but that's beside the point.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. It's just..." Lily broke off as her tears began to stream down her face. "I just miss him so much."

    Madame Pomfrey smiled at her, and out of pity, she asked, "Would you like to give him the potion, then?"

    Lily's heart lept, but sunk again when Madame Pomfrey added, "When it's ready of course. You may leave now."

    Lily reluctantly pulled away from a confused James and apprehensively inched out of the Hospital Wing, taking in the fact that Snape could be waiting for her. She was right.

    "Look, I'm sorry Severus. I shouldn't have hit you like that. I don't need to take the potion. We'll use your way to tell James about 'us'. I have a way to make it up to you," Lily reasoned.

    Severus raised an eyebrow. "Really?" he said amusedly.

    Lily gulped and continued, "There is a masquerade ball tomorrow on Halloween. I'll go with you, and we'll tell James. He'll have taken the potion by then."

    Snape seemed pleased and left, but not before kissing her.


    The ball was beautiful; it looked like a fairy's palace. There were ice sculptures and pumpkins, and the drink table was overflowing with sweets and punch. A beautiful, red-headed young woman took her place by the door, carefully lifting her full gown. It was white, with a vine pattern leading up her sleeveless corset top. Her full skirt fell over her glittering silver slippers. Everyone wondered who was behind the beaded mask. She was suddenly taken by a man with greasy hair and a hooked nose, who was dressed as...himself. Everyone could identify Severus Snape, but for once, all young men were jealous of him. The reason? His charming dance partner.

    Lily certainly felt like a princess, but when Severus grabbed her to dance, she felt as though she was being locked away in a tower. After he had left to go get them drinks, she hurried to find a seat.

    "Here we are, my dear." Lily took the punch from Snape, who was eyeing her attentively. It suddenly came to her-he spiked her drink with a love potion. "Thank you."

    Faking a drink, she set her drink back down and had a sudden burst of an idea. "Sevie, have I ever told you that your eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen?"

    Snape smirked and led her onto the dance floor. She showered him with compliments, and he complied with running his fingers over her bare shoulders and collar bone and kissing her.

    Suddenly, the door opened with a bang and all eyes shot to the handsome prince who occupied the doorway.

    James ignored the stares and searched for his Lily. He found her with Severus Snape and hurried to her, taking her up in his arms. Lily smirked at a horrified Snape, and laughed, "Sorry babe, I'm taken."

    And Lily and James danced all night.
    Okay, this CAN be the end, but I would really like it to continue. Just post a reply saying if you want this to be the end. SO DON'T POST ANYTHING BUT A CONTINUATION!

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    This is definitely NOT the end... it's too much fun to end!!!

    And Lily and James danced all night.
    As Lily joined James on the couch by the Gryffindor fire a dark shadow crossed James’ face.

    “James? What’s wrong?” Lily reached out a hand and placed it on his leg.

    “What did he to do to you?” James turned to Lily with a scowl on his face. “When I wasn’t there for you, what did he do?” he repeated.

    Lily outlined his face with her hand felling the wrinkles in his face caused by the frown. “Nothing James, he did nothing to me.”

    “No hugs? No kisses?” His hazel eyes were fixed on her so intensely she thought he was trying to read her mind.

    Lily turned her gaze to the fire deciding whether or not to lie to him. If she told him the truth she knew she would be going to Snape’s funeral the next day. But, if he lied, she’d be lying to the man she loved.

    Love? Lily couldn’t believe the thoughts that were coming to her head. Could she possibly love James Potter?


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    "No..." but James' glare prompted her to tell the truth. "Well, yes. A few hugs and many kisses. I couldn't stop it, it was when I was in the Hospital Wing and under the numbing spell."

    James sighed and hugged Lily. In his arms, she felt safe. She never wanted him to let her go, but they had to go up to bed, so with a kiss, they departed.

    Lily hummed all the way back to her room. She danced with the air, and had a sudden burst of an idea. She slipped out of bed and out of the Fat Lady's portrait. Skipping to the Astronomy Tower, she waited. Lily didn't know if James would follow her, but he had definately seen her leave. Soon, she heard a noise, but she didn't see anything.

    Suddenly, someone pinched her bottom, and she pulled off James' invisibility cloak. "Now was that really necessary? I knew it was you, but judging by what you just did, it could have been Snape."

    James frowned and apologized by kissing her. With a flick of his wand, music swayed in the breeze, and they danced, until they were interrupted by Snape's curse.
    Yay! It isn't ending, and I love it!!!!!!!! KEEP IT COMING!

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    *takes pen* Yay! Me next, me next!

    James frowned and apologized by kissing her. With a flick of his wand, music swayed in the breeze, and they danced, until they were interrupted by Snape's curse.

    "Expelliarmus!" he shouted.

    James was thrown back and collided with the ramparts as his wand flew in Lily's direction. His head hit the edge and flopped down onto his shoulder. She ran over to him and felt a lump growing where his head had been hit.

    "I wish you would stop running away from me, my delicate, little flower," Snape whispered coming up next to her.

    Lily turned on him, feeling a rage more powerful than she had ever felt before. Snape took a step back, as if sensing her anger.

    "Get out of here," she ordered in a deadly hiss.

    Snape ignored her, and took a step forward and placed a hand lightly on her shoulder. Her temper flared, and before she knew what she was doing, she wrenched out her wand.

    "STUPEFY!" she screamed.

    Her spell forced him backwards and lifted him off his feet. Snape flew through the open doorway and with heard him tumble down the stairs. Feeling satsfied, Lily looked back at James. Lily raised her wand once more and muttered, "Ennervate." He looked up at her.

    "What happened?" he asked groggily.

    "Snivellus hexed you, and I Stunned him," Lily explained. "The way your heads looking, I'd best haul you back to the Hospital Wing."

    She picked up James' invisibilty cloak and threw it over one arm, as she offered him her other hand and pulled him up, bringing his arm over her shoulder. When they were at the bottom of the stairs, Snape was lying a few feet away. He looked pretty beat up. His legs were pointing out at odd angles, and a tiny trickle of blood was forming a tiny pool below his nose. Lily's lips thinned, then she looked at James.

    "Should we bring him? After all he's done to us in the past two days?" she inquired.

    James looked at his rival, lying on the floor. Then he made his decision.

    "I guess we should," he answered. Lily looked at him incredulously. "We should because what if we do? Someone could find him and ask him who did this. He'll accuse one of us in an attempt to get you."

    "Fine, we'll take him," Lily conceeded. "But I'm not touching him."

    James pulled out his wand with his free hand and said, "Mobilicorpus."

    Snape's body rose from the ground and floated in front of them, as they walked down to the Hospital Wing in silence.


    "I knew you missed me!" Sirius exclaimed as Lily and James trudged in, the latter moving Snape forward.

    "Yes, Padfoot, I left, and Snivellus here made sure I came back," he commented.

    "Should we wake Madam Pomfrey?" Lily asked. "Or just slide these two into bed?"

    "Just put them in bed," Sirius said. "She's coming back in here to make me drink some more of that foul potion."

    James gave his wand a little wave and Snape landed on a bed at the end of the ward. Lily brought James over to the empty one next to Sirius and helped him in. As she glanced down to the end of the ward, she got an idea. She got out her wand again and whispered, "Furnunculus." The hex hit it's mark, but the victim, who was still unconcious, made no noise. The two Marauders looked at her, their mouths agape.

    "Well, I'd better go," she announced, pretending nothing had happened. "Unless you want me to stay, then I'll be forced to hex myself."

    "I think you..."
    Sorry it was so long. I couldn't help myself. I'm so happy we didn't stop. *throws pen in the air*

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    MINE!!!!!! Hee Hee, I caught it!!! My turn!!! Ahem, yes, uh, to the story! Right!....heh.....

    "I think you should stop being so rebellious. You're taking my sopt in James' life!" Sirius exclaimed, pouting his lips.

    "Eew, please let that just be wrong use of words," Lily stated as she kissed James and left.

    "So, did you kiss her?" Sirius asked and James grinned.

    "Oh yeah. And she's mine, so bugger off," James warned playfully as he looked up at the colourful ceiling. They really were artists if you thought about it.

    "Mr. Potter! What are you doing here again?" Madam Pomfrey spluttered as she bustled into the wing, a potion for Sirius in one hand.

    "Him." He pointed to Snape and she sighed deeply.

    "You two really need to stop trying to take revenge on each other, I'll run out of supplies soon!" She muttered as she looked at the lump on his head.

    "He started it. First my best mate, then he goes after my girl, what next?"

    "Your girlfriend's best friend, perhaps?" Sirius suggested and James turned to see Professor Sprout levitating Darla onto a bed.

    "Fan-bloody-tastic. More hell," James replied bitterly.
    Sorry, not much to work with, but yeah. Do you think I should save everyone's post in a document and then I'll make a new thread for part two? We could get the last three writer's to post their part's in there so that way the thread won't be as long? Just a suggestion as I started it.

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    "Fan-bloody-tastic. More hell," James replied bitterly.

    Darla lay unconscious on the bed with her eyes closed and fists clenched. The only sign of life was her heavy breathing – it was as though she had only moments ago been on a long run.

    Sirius tried to lean closer to the bed that Madame Pomfrey was now attending to, only causing himself more pain.

    “We really need to create something to hear conversations from afar,” grumbled Sirius as he kneaded his side to get the pain to go away.

    “Shh!” James waved a hand impatiently trying to shut his friend up. He was straining his ears to eavesdrop on what Prof. Sprout was telling Madame Pomfrey.

    “I found her up in the….”
    haven't been here in a while... you guys make this all so exciting!!!

    **throws the pen in the air**

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    Okay guys, I am about to make a new thread "Marauder's love round robin Part 2", so what I'll do is explain in there the plot so far and I'll quote the last few posts from everyone and then it will be up to the next person who catches the pen.

    Are we all good?? Yay!

    p.s: I cannot believe that my small plot I started got this big!! I never thought I would have 46 posts in it at all! It's amazing what a simple short piece of writing can go.....

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    Perhaps I'm completely blind... but where is the new thread? anyone?

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    SORRY!!! It's being put up now, I am REALLY sorry about the wait guys. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!

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