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Thread: Marauder's love round robin

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    *Catches pen* I want to see this moving, so I'm taking a second turn (my patience isn't that good).

    “Pot – James, please I -I can explain!" Lily cried, as he turned to walk away.

    He stopped two steps from her, and turned to face her. His expression looked hurt. As Lily stared at him, she noticed something odd about his hazel eyes. She took a step toward him and saw a single tear in his eye.

    What? James Potter, show off extraordinaire and all-around git, about to cry? she thought in incredulity. I thought he was incapable of feeling a broken heart.

    "Let's have it then," James said, tones of bitter anger in his voice. "What's your fabulous explanation that you think can make everything all better?"

    “Okay, so I can’t explain, what I did, I wouldn't really forgive," Lily admitted.

    James glared at her, but she swore she saw his expression lighten very slightly.

    "Look, James, I really am sorry, if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, please tell me," she continued.

    I can't believe what I'm doing, I'm begging James to forgive me. I never thought I'd see the day that I, Lily Evans, would beg James Potter for forgiveness, she mused.

    James' anger seemed to dissolve a little faster now. He studied her for a minute, then took her hand, and this time she didn't tear it away. James pulled her closer to him and Lily found her face barely an inch from his face.

    "I'll tell you how you can make it up to me Lily," he whispered in her ear. "All you have to do is...,"
    I've written up a good bit, so, what happens next is up to someone else.

    *Lays pen down*

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    "I'll tell you how you can make it up to me, Lily," he whispered in her ear. "All you have to do is..." James trailed off, seriously considering kissing her right then. What was the worst that could happen? Her slapping him and storming off wouldn't have been the first time. But then again, he could ruin any chance he had with her, right then.

    He uneasily lifted his hand to his hair, lacing his fingers through it. However, Lily caught his hand in one swfit movement, stopping him from ruffleing it too terribly much. After Lily realized what she had done, she immediatly recoiled.

    "Sorry," she mumbled incoherantly to him, changing a darker shade of red.

    James brushed it off, but rapidly removed his hand from his hair. "Let's go to the shack."

    "James, I really don't want-" Lily began uncomfortably.

    "It's not haunted. Promise." James held up his right hand in a way one would if they were in a court.

    "Why don't we go find our friends and-" But James cut her off once more.

    "Are you breaking our first date not even an hour into it?" he questioned, trying to grasp for some handhold to keep Lily with him. James feigned further sadness, only hoping she would show some compassion for him.

    "James,"-which was still weird for Lily to say-"it just feels..."
    Oops. I ruined the sentimental moment. *hands imaginary Olypmic pen to next writer*

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    NOOOO!!! why did you stop? why? **runs to corner to cry**

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    Oh bugger the sentimental moment, I like that sort of stuff but I want to scare both of them... hee hee!!


    "James, it just feels so..." She started and he looked at her intently for a moment.

    "Oh, stop being a goody-goody and loosen up a little. I swear, we'll be there for like, 2 minutes, and them where out of there, okay?" Lily hesitated, but had no choice but to go as he started to pull her arm towards the shack.

    They reached the fence and James jumped over it with ease, holding out a hand to Lily to help her.

    "I can climb over myself you know. I might be short but I still can," she said with a hint of sarcasam.

    "I never really wanted to help, just being a gentleman. You see, I do listen to Remus when I feel like it," He replied with the same tone and Lily grinned at his boldness and she climbed over the fence carefully, trying not to get her hair caught on the wire.

    "Here we are my sweet flower," He annouced as they reached a door.

    "You wish I were yours, but how do you know this is the enterance?" She questioned and he smirked at her.

    "You think I am a maruader for nothing?" He said as he opened the door and they walked inside, looking at the torn up room when they suddenly heard a noise.

    "What was that?" Lily whispered nervously and they pulled out their wands, when suddenly-

    "BOO!!! Gotcha ya!!!"

    "SIRIUS!!!" Lily and James yelled at the exact same time as Siruis came out from behind a couch, chuckling at them both.

    "Your faces were priceless, man," He chortled, walking to James.

    "Yours will be too when I am done with you," James growled.

    "I'll help since I know a really good hex of mine to ruin people's 'perfect' hair," Lily said breathlessly and Sirius grinned.

    "Come on then! I challenge thee to a duel, right here, right now!" Sirius yelled mischieviously.

    "I would have thought you wouldn't want to ruin that mop of yours," A vioce sneered from behind, and the three turned to find standing infront of the door....
    I think we know who it is, or do we? Have fun next writer!!!!

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    "I would have thought you wouldn't want to ruin that mop of yours," A voice sneered from behind, and the three turned to find standing in front of the door none other than Severus Snape.

    “Go back to your chemistry kit grease pot!” Sirius laughed turning his attention back to his other two friends.

    “Leave him alone Sirius!” Lily stood beside James and in between Black and Snape who were staring at each other with death in their eyes.

    Snape’s eyes moved over to Lily. He felt sorry for her for having to be in Potter’s company, and though he was supposed to hate her, he couldn’t help having an ounce of affection towards her like the rest of their year. However, he was not going to let anyone know of his feelings, especially the dunces in his company at the moment.

    “Oh shut up mudblood!” he hissed at her. It was hard for him and his voice was close to cracking.

    His response alarmed James who put his arm in front of Lily. He knew he wasn’t allowed to take physical action against Snape because that would only anger Lily, which he did not want. “What do you want Severus?” James spoke in one slow breath trying to control his anger.

    “You know exactly what I want!” he laughed manically, “I want…
    I had an idea for what he would want, but I decided to pass it on instead :P
    **Tosses the quill into the air**

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    “You know exactly what I want!” he laughed manically, “I want you Gryffindors to leave me alone."

    Sirius glanced from James to Severus, clearly with holding a laugh. "And who followed who here, Snivullus?"

    "Do you honestly think we would stop just because-OW!" yelped James jumping up onto his left foot for a brief moment from the shock. He looked over at Lily questioningly.

    "He's not worth it," spoke Lily, her eyes locked on the loner Slytherin.

    Sirius withdrew his wand with a growing smirk emerging on his profile. "What are you doing here anyway, Snivlley?" questioned Sirius casually, as he straightened the sleeves of his robes like he talked to Severus everyday. "Surely you weren't following us?"

    Severus groped blindly for his wand in his robes, and in a run of luck he found it amongst the material.

    "You're pathetic, Black."

    "Why, comeing from scum like you, that means a lot to me," replied Sirius, unfazed. "Maybe we should...teach him a lesson on proper manners?" Sirius looked towards James, expecting him to join him, however, he didn't.

    "Sirius, let's just-"

    Sirius looked offended briefly, but the waved it off, focusing his attention once more on his target. "Imped-"

    "Sectumsempra," shouted Severus over Sirius.
    I don't think I went quite in the direction you were thinking, but I really couldn't think of anything else.

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    *Sniffle* That was mean! *Snatches pen from Sour.Apple.*

    "Sectumsempra!" shouted Severus over Sirius.

    Sirius let out a loud yell of pain before crumpling to the floor, blood spilling everywhere. James ran over to Sirius, his skin as pale as his bleeding friend's. James took a torn sheet draped from over a piece of furniture and began wrapping it around Sirius' chest, where the curse had struck. Lily turned to face Snape. Her expression was one of disbelief, horror, and anger all rolled into one.

    "How could you Severus?" she asked in a deadly whisper. "Why would you do such a thing?"

    "Lily, you know he deserved..." Snape began.

    "Don't call me Lily, you COWARD!" she screamed, now backing away from him. "He may be arrogant at times but NO ONE deserves to be hexed within an inch of their life!"

    She rushed to where James was, trying to lift Sirius up from the ground. As Snape slouched off, out of the Shrieking Shack, Lily helped him and got one of his arms over her shoulder.

    "Thanks," James said. "I know a shortcut that can get us back to the grounds."

    Together, they pulled Sirius along the length of the room and down some stairs. James pointed out an underground passage for them to follow. Lily looked sideways at Sirius who was chalk white, before looking beyond him to James. His face was set in a determined expression, and his eyes were watching for something she presumed was farther up. They quickened their pace when their eyes met and looked at the boy between them, knowing that with the amount of blood he was losing, his death would be a possibility.

    They found the end, where James stopped to pick up a long stick.

    "What are you doing?" she cried. "Why do you want to play-"

    James threw her a quick warning glance before letting Sirius down gently and tap something outside of the hole. He came back and lifted Sirius once more. Upon climbing out, Lily noticed they were at the foot of the Whomping Willow. She braced herself for a branch to swing down at them, but the tree stood still. She looked at James, about to ask, but he gave her another look that said he would answer later. As they made their way across the lawn, Lily noticed Sirius' breathing getting shallower. Apparently James noticed too, because they began jogging, even with their legs screaming in protest.

    They made it through the front doors. As they were about to climb up the marble stairs, a voice they knew called to them.

    "Miss Evans, Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, what is going on here?"

    The two of them turned, their hearts pounding rapidly. They looked down at the person on the bottom step and saw...
    I'm sorry that was so long, but I wanted this to go somewhere. I only stopped because my fingers need a break. Hope it isn't too long. Could someone write more, very soon?

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    Mmmm, i might write i think....

    "Miss Evans, Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, what is going on here?"

    The two of them turned, their hearts pounding rapidly. They looked down at the person on the bottom step and saw
    Professor Dumbledore.

    "Professor! Help please!" Lily whimpered and the professor's eyes widened at Sirius who was dripping with blood.

    "Follow me, quickly now," He ordered and Lily and James slowly hoisted Sirius up again, the headmaster leading them quickly to the hospital wing.

    "Poppy, Mr. Black is seriously injured," The headmaster said calmly to Madam Pomfrey as Lily and James lifted Sirius onto a bed, and the nurse gasped in horror.

    "Oh my god! What happened!!!" She shrieked as she summond all her things to the bed.

    "Sniv- I mean, Sereverus Snape decided it would be fun to curse something onto Sirius.," James said, white as a ghost as he backed away from the bed, Lily following suit.

    They watched diligently as Dumbledore asked them questions and went to retrive Remus and Peter from Hogsmeade. Lily could hear James softly praying under his breath as she saw Dumbledore through her silent tears, coming back with Remus and Peter.

    "Albus, he's getting worse, this spell is full of dark magic, the wounds are closing," Madam Pomfrey said as she looked up, and Lily and James looked at Remus and Peter who were particulary white at the sight of their bloody friend.

    "Fawkes!" The professor cooed, and the bird named Fawkes came fluttering into the fall from nowhere, and sat beside Sirius.

    "Professor, he is bleeding! We got to do... Of course! He's a phoenix!" James cried as he looked at the plum bird that was crying over Sirius.

    "Oh thank god he's okay! Oh i am sorry so James, it's all my fault," Lily sobbed as she hugged James and he was taken aback, but he hugged her for he felt comfort.

    "It's not your fault," he whispered.

    "But it is! If I didn't go on the date with you he wouldn't have followed and nearly died!" She whimpered, feeling guilty to the bone.

    "Can you two shut up, my head hurts from falling you know!" A familiar voice said and they turned to see Sirius sitting up.
    Sorry, not exactly much to work with! Who shall take the pen next????

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    "Sirius!" exclaimed James, lunging forward to tackle him in all of his excitement, but thought better of it. Luckily, before he reached the bedside.

    "Volume, Jamsie," whispered Sirius, massaging the temples of his head.

    "What happened?" questioned Peter in softer tones, looking at Sirius' blood colored sheets curiously.

    "We'll tell you about it later," responded James.

    Lily stood staring blankly at Sirius for some time, unsure of what to say. "Sirius, I'm-"

    "Madly in love with me?" managed Sirius with a cheeky grin.

    "-really sorry. It's all my fault."

    "Where's Darla?" questioned Remus after the awkward pause.

    "Last time I saw her was at the Three Broomsticks."

    Remus looked at Peter with realization. "You mean when we ran off to see how we could help Sirius and she was in the bathroom?"

    Sorry, not the best...but, hopefully someone will be able to bring something out in it.

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    "Yeah...OH!" Peter and Remus were about to run out the door of the hospital wing to find Darla, but there was no need. They had barely taken a step when she burst into the room, looking rather angry.

    "I came out of the ladies' to find Dumbledore leading you two out. I just ran all the way back here and found that you lot were dragged here. Why would Dumbledore..." her voice trailed off from her rant when she saw Sirius in the bed the other Marauders and Lily were surrounding. "What happened to you?" she asked, stunned.

    "Well, Darla, ol' Snivelly followed us into the Shrieking Shack and cast some sort of Dark magic on me and I would've died if James and Lily hadn't gotten me here as fast as they did," Sirius explained calmly.

    "That rotten little sneak!" Darla shouted. "Wait'll I get my hands on him, I'll throttle that little-"

    "It's alright, Darla," James assured her. "Lily already gave him a piece of her mind."

    "Everyone out," Madam Pomfrey called, bustling into the ward from her office. "Mr. Black has just suffered a terrible ordeal and now he must have his rest."

    "But, Madame Pomfrey, me and Lily were witnesses, don't you think we were traumatised too?" James protested.

    "I don't see you two showing any signs of trauma," she said, now shooing the other three students out the door.

    Just then, Lily collapsed on one side of Sirius' bed and buried her face within her arms.

    "It's all my fault he's like this," she cried in a muffled voice. "He wouldn't have been hurt if I had gone out with James."

    James stared at her. It was looking a little fishy that she was crying over Sirius. Then he saw her lift her head an inch and she winked at him before letting her head fall again.

    "Now dear, you didn't cast that dreadful curse," Madam Pomfrey told her, now coming her side. "Maybe you should stay here."

    James, taking the hint, fell to his knees.

    "Madam Pomfrey, my best friend was almost killed!" he exclaimed. "I saw the whole thing right before my eyes, I wasn't sure if I would ever see him again!"

    "Oh dear!" she sighed in exasperation. "You can stay, of course. Almost having your friend die before your eyes, what was I thinking. Of course you and Miss Evans are traumatised. Now pick out a bed and I'll get you both a Calming Draught while I fetch Mr. Black's Blood-Replenishing Potion."

    With that said, she went back into her office.

    "Nice acting you guys," Sirius congratulated them. "I don't think I could've done it better."

    "I had to do it, James would never have thought of doing that on his own," Lily replied grinning.

    "And what's that supposed to mean?" James asked in a mock offended tone.
    Will someone PLEASE write more? *Throws pen down in frustration of almost no participation* [/rant]

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