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Thread: Marauder's love round robin

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    Marauder's love round robin

    Okay, hello to all!

    I have been quite bored lately since my exams have just finished, so I thought why not have a round robin?

    I love the marauder era, so this is one for those who love to (like me) write about Lily and James' love/hate relationship/romance. Here it goes...

    Lily Evans was walking towards the Gyrffindor tower after Charms when she heard a familiar, yet dreaded voice.

    "Hey Evans! wait up!" He yelled and she stopped, then turned around to face a mature and good-looking, bespectacled boy known as James Potter, a trouble-maker to the bone and a real annoying, arrogant git...

    Well, maybe not. After all, in the last two weeks he was pretty well behaved, except for the start of term prank he and his awful friends played every year.

    "What Potter?" She asked huffily.

    "You forgot your diary. I thought you might-"

    "You didn't look through it with your little friends, did you?" She demanded and he stammered for a moment.

    "Well, it was me exactly, it was Sirius to be honest," he said carefully and she went bright red before re-composing herself.

    "How much did he tell you?" She asked, wanting to die from humiliation.

    "A lot. He especially focused on how much you think I am an 'arrogant, pathetic, annoying, immature little git who gets a kick out of asking you out and humiliating you to the bone'," he said casually, looking a little hurt.

    "Oh. Look, I am sorry that it's just..." She stumbled with her words.

    "What? Considering I have just had to endure an hours' worth of diary entries read to me by Sirius I really don't give a damn, so fire away," He said heatedly.

    "You are so...
    Now your turn. Fire away!

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    ms weasley
    I'll give this a shot, as I too love to write Lily/James.

    "You are so pathetic!" Lily fired up at once. How dare he? "Have you ever given a thought to why I might think that? Oh, no - you just have the nerve to come up to me and make me feel guilty! Everything's my problem, isn't it Potter? Because the way I see you couldn't possibly have anything to do with the way you act, could it?"


    "No, Potter! You know what? If you can't deal with how I really feel about you, then maybe you and your little friends should keep your noses out of my diary!"

    "I told you - it was Sirius-"


    And, ignoring his stunned look, she snatched her diary from James' grasp, and stormed off. Lily pushed furiously through the crowds, which were streaming in the direction of the Great Hall, and, instead of joining them to get lunch, as she had planned, she turned up the marble-staircase. She didn't stop, didn't slow down, until she was safely up in her dormitory.

    And then she let the blow fall. For a moment, she just stared at the small red book in her hand, before hurling it, as hard as she could against the stone wall. As pages flew everywhere, it did nothing to lighten her mood. Lily slumped down at the foot of her bed.

    A single tear trickled down her cheek.

    *passes the pen*

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    Lily +James+ Fics = <3

    A single tear trickled down her cheek.

    "Lily?" Darla Megreen had been sitting on her bed unbeknownst to Lily. She got off her bed and slowly moved across the room to stand by Lily, as she buried her face in her pillow.

    “Darla he is such a big-headed prick!” Lily couldn’t hold back the tears any longer, as they were now flowing freely down her face.

    Darla smiled to herself, Lily could be talking of none other than the infamous James Potter. “You mustn’t let him get to you like this, it’s probably exactly what he wants.”

    “No what he really wants is his tongue down my – “

    “Lily! We’re trying to find the best in James aren’t we?” Darla had been trying desperately for the past months to put James in Lily’s good books.

    “There’s no point in looking for something that isn’t there, I’m not being fooled into thinking there’s another side to James Potter I haven’t seen. His head is too thick to even comprehend the possibility of a duo ego.”

    Darla flopped next to Lily on the bed and magicked her a tissue. “Then we need a Plan B.”

    “Darla please give it up. I don’t want to like him so there’s no point in trying to make me find the non-existent good that you seem to see!”

    “Well, my point was that I was going to give up on the seeing-good-in-him plan, and moving onto “Plan B!” A smile crossed Darla’s cute mousey face. Lily knew what the smile meant, Darla had a good plan, and it was a mischievous one at that. “He hasn’t been so nice to you lately, and I think it’s time he was taught a lesson”

    “I like! Do continue….”
    And thus the pen is passed

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    "I like! Do continue, Darla."

    "Well, isn't the cliche revenge is sweet?" rhetorically questioned Darla. An excited sparkle entered the Gryffindor's eyes, as she looked at her red-headed friend expectantly.

    "You're saying-"

    "Of course! Of course that's what I'm saying," exclaimed Darla while she bounced on Lily's bed hyperly. "It's perfect, abso-bloody-lutly perfect. It's a win, win situation. You get payback, and I get to see you finally see the better side to James."

    "What do you have in mind?" questioned Lily cautiously, regaining a sitting position on her bunk.

    "Well," began Darla, wringing her hands in anticipation. "What if you went to Hogsmeade with James? I mean-"

    "No," Lily responded immediatly.

    "-give him a taste of his own medicine. It would-"

    "No, Darla."

    "-be oh-so perfect. Then you could-"

    "No," groaned Lily, falling back onto her pillow.

    "-embaress him in front of the whole school, like he has done to other people all those times."

    Lily glanced at Darla curiously, liking the last part of the plan. She briefly considered her options, and what would be required to make this work.

    "Darla, I really...."
    I'm hoping that this will work, I tried to give it an ending that would require someone to think, but nothing too impossible.

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    "Darla, I really don't know. That's really mean."

    "Oh, come on! He'll get over it and finally start bugging a different girl!" Darla prodded.

    "What exactly would I have to do?" Lily asked, hesitance still evident in her eyes.

    Darla rearranged herself on Lily's bed and laid out the plan.

    "You ask him to go to Hogsmeade with you, say you are sorry for ignoring him and being mean to him all these years.

    "Go with him and act as though you are having the time of your life! Laugh at his jokes even if they're terrible; let him think he has won you over.

    "Then crush him in front of everyone in the Great Hall!" Darla finished a mad gleam coming to her eyes.

    "Do really think he would start leaving me alone?" Lily questioned.

    "Yes...I do."

    "Okay then, I'll do it. I'm going to go and ask him now!" Lily said as she stood from her bed started out of the girl's dormitory.

    Darla slowly followed her and after making it to the common room she looked around. Finding what she was looking for she walked over to the fireplace and sat down next to a boy with sandy blonde hair.

    "Our plan is starting to work." she told him.

    "Are there any potential problems or is it smooth sailing?" he asked his eyes never leaving the book opened in his lap.

    "There could be one problem..."
    This is my first round robin I hope it is okay! This was fun!

    *Giggle* I was thinking Remus, I don't think Peter was much of a reader... Sorry for the confusion...

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    I know this may sound really stupid but who were you referring to when you said

    a boy with sandy blonde hair.
    Sorry if thats really stupid...

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    <<I was actually thinking along the same lines. The best I can figure is it's either an OC, Remus or Peter...heh, I know that really narrows it down*/sarcasm*>>

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    *Takes pen to keep the story going*

    "There could be one problem,"Darla said slowly. "What happens if James doesn't accept her apology and invitation to Hogsmeade? She just blew up at him."

    "I see what you mean," Remus conceeded. "I'm a little wary of how James would react myself."

    "I just hope James doesn't talk about everyone he's ever hexed or pranked just to impress her," she added anxiously.

    "I doubt he would," he insisted. "What do you think wouuld happen if he tried to kiss her?"

    "I never really thought of that," Darla confessed. "If he does, he'd have to take her by surprise, or else she'd blow her cover."

    "I know," Remus agreed. "He might try if she appears to-"

    At that time the portrait swung open and James darted into the common room. He was out of breath and he looked extremely pleased. He dashed over to where remus and Darla were.

    "You guys will never guess what just happened!" he exclaimed.

    "You're right, why don't you tell us," Remus told him, his expression now curious.

    "Lily just asked me to go to Hogsmeade with her," he continued excitedly. "I was coming up here to apologize to her when I met her on the fifth floor. She told me she was really sorry, that she had overreacted, and if I'd like to go to Hogsmeade with her tomorrow."

    "What did you say?" Darla asked impatiently. She wanted to know if their plan was working.

    "I told her..."
    *Holds out pen* Who's next?

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    Okay, I'll take the pen again.....

    "I told her of course I'd be going! Why wouldn't I?" James exclaimed happily and Darla smiled, knowing that their plan was going to work.

    After breakfast on Saturday morning, Lily and Darla had made their way back to their dormitory in pyjamas with the school robes thrown atop to get ready to leave.

    "Wow, you were quick in there! Normally you take forever in the bathroom when you go on dates!" Darla said to Lily and she shrugged as she walked over to her trunk.

    "It's only Potter, so what's the point?" Lily said and Darla raised an eyebrow at her.

    "Um, hello! Anyone in that skull of yours? You are going on a date!" the friend stressed to her and the red head shook her head.

    "I don't care. I look fine, I was going to wear this anyway today with or without Potter."

    "Okay then. But I suppose, after all, he is a male, so he'll think you look great," Darla said.

    "I don't think he really even deserves that title, but yes, I agree," Lily snorted with disgust and she pick up her wand and purse and walked down the dormitory stairs to find James waiting for her.

    "You ready?" He asked nervously, ruffling his hair and Lily sighed. Strike one already.

    "Yeah, let's go," She replied and as he smiled at her she felt a pang of guilt.

    'Gee, he really does like me. He's going to be so heartbroken...' one side of her mind said.

    'Too late now to back out. He'll get over it, big deal,' the other side said.

    Lily gulped slightly but shook away her thoughts and returned a fake smile to James and followed him out of the Potrait hole, noticing Remus and Darla watching them with grins.
    I hope the next person can work with this!

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    i really want to find the ending of this story people keep it going! I guess i have no choice but to take up the once again myself!

    Lily gulped slightly but shook away her thoughts and returned a fake smile to James and followed him out of the Potrait hole, noticing Remus and Darla watching them with grins. She gave them a curious sideway glance and searched the common room for their source of amusement, and was taken aback when realizing they were smiling at her.

    As they entered Hogsmeade James turned to face Lily. “Where to first?” Lily couldn’t help by smile. James was nervous! James Potter. THE James Potter.

    “You can decide it doesn’t really matter to me.” Lily shrugged off the question and looked around the street to see if people had noticed who she had come with. And many people certainly did notice who she came with, especially the group of at least 10 girls trailing behind them.

    Lily glanced back at the giggling girls who at her gaze turned their expressions to scowls. Though she knew they were mad that she had James for a date, she was relieved they were there.

    At least he can’t get me alone! Lily thought to herself with a sigh. James who had been watching Lily mistook her sigh of relief as one of disappointment.

    “They’re really scared of the Shrieking Shack, we could ditch them if we went there.” James offered Lily his hand expecting her to take it, instead she looked down at it with unease hacking her mind for an excuse not to touch him or be alone with him.

    “I can’t I’m…uh… also afraid!” Lily spoke slowly, and she knew she sounded stupid and unbelievable.

    “You know it’s not haunted right? Plus I would never let anything happen to you.” This time he did not offer his hand he found hers and pulled her along the twisting path leading to the shack.

    “Potter!” Lily grabbed her hand back in frustration, her plan with Darla was not going the way they wanted.

    James turned to her with a look of hurt in his eyes. “I thought – but – you said – of course. I’ve been stupid.” His eyes were glistening coming to the realization of what was going on.

    “Pot – James, please I -
    **Throws pen angrily at the people who refuse to participate!!**

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