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Thread: Hermiones Parents?

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    Hermiones Parents?

    WHat on earth are Hermione's parents names? I swear i remember reading it...but i cant remember.

    and also

    Do you know where the magical gene comes from? Or is there not one? I mean like would Hermiones Great Great Great Grandmother have been a witch or something? I have been confused about this.

    and anyother random details you remember about hermione would be great.

    I am writing a Draco/Hermione and im a Draco expert but Hermione is a bit more difficult.

    thanks :]

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    It's thought that Muggleborns have a magical gene from way back in their family.

    And Hermione's middle name is Jean, so maybe that could be her mum's name?

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    Yeah, Hermione's middle name is Jean, and I agree that that could possibly be her mother's name. On the HP-Lexcon, it says that we do not know her parent's names. So, I think you could have free rein with that.

    However, if you need any help with coming up with names, I always called Hermione's dad "John". I don't know why, but he always seemed like a 'John' to me. Her mother, I never really thought about, but could pass as a 'Jean'. Originally, Hermione's middle name was 'Jane', until JKR changed it in Book seven. I like "Jane' better. Maybe her mom's name could be Jane, but they switched the letters around for a middle name for Hermione. Just a thought.

    Also, for anything else you may need to know about Hermione, she has an entire page on the HP-Lexicon. You can find her here.

    I hope you don't regard what I said as a mess of words, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to PM me!


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