Title of your Story: Come Home

Author Name: WrenWinterSong (but only if it looks good on the banner!)

Catch phrase: All Mummies and Daddies come home. Why would his be any different?

Overall look of the banner: Sweet or more like bittersweet; kind of bright and happy but still a little sad. Dunno if that makes any sense or would translate to a banner...

Fonts: Whatever looks best; maybe something child-like?

Characters: Teddy as a three-year old boy (with his blue hair of course) but I don't really have anyone in mind; Tonks and Lupin if they fit in well, if not, that's perfectly all right! Also, if you could incorporate photographs in there as well, that would be peachy!

Story Summary: Three year old Teddy Lupin ponders the photographs on the living room side table.

Banner size: No preference.

Have You Requested This Banner Before?: Nope!

Anything else? Not that I can think of! A big pre-thank you for whoever takes on this request!