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Thread: Casualties of the Final Battle (DH spoilers)

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    Casualties of the Final Battle (DH spoilers)

    Can anyone tell me if there's a definite reference to Parvarti Patil surviving the Battle of Hogwarts? I'm forming a story which basically requires her to have been killed in the battle. I know she was at Hogwarts at the time of the battle, and that her best friend was injured (presumably badly, from "feebly stirred"). I also know that there's nothing stating she was killed, but that doesn't mean she survived.

    I just want to make sure that I can make that assumption before writing my story.

    Many thanks

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    squirrly donut
    I think that you can probably go ahead. It says that about fifty people died, so as long as she wasn't mentioned as being alive, she can easily be dead.

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    she isn't mentioned in the final chapter as still fighting, so it's safe to say either way.

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