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    Dean Thomas

    I'm writing a fic about Dean, but I'm getting some background information in first, so I decided to come here. I have a few questions about Dean's probable motives:

    -Would Dean ever have enough courage to use an unforgivable curse under certian curcumstances? You must really want to use an unforgivable curse to be able to preform one, but I want to know if he'd ever have enough power to. I thought he might use one for revenge if he found out who killed his father, but what's your opinion?

    -What would his Patronus be? Assuming that he was able to produce one during DA, what animal do you think his would most likely be?


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    Bear in mind that Dean is completely unaware that his father was a Wizard. For that matter, his *mother* is completely unaware that his father was a wizard. His father did not tell his mother he was a wizard, and then when his father found out the Death Eaters were after him, he left his family (and was later killed).

    We don't really know that much about Dean Thomas magically. Although I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume that he'd be capable of casting an Unforgiveable.

    As far as Dean's Patronus—hmmm, I'm not sure. We don't know much about him, other than he likes to draw and he likes soccer, played Chaser on the Quidditch team, is afraid of losing his hand, dated Ginny for a short time, seemed pretty chivalrous, and he was able to draw an animated lion. He seems pretty mild-mannered. We don't know what makes him feel *safe* and happy, and your Patronus is less supposed to reflect your own personality rather than what makes you feel safe and happy. Maybe an Octopus?

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    JKR has said in at least one interview that Dean was supposed to play a bigger role in Harry Potter than he did. I *inferring here* believe this means he's a bit more powerful than we would think. Also, Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor. He was also somewhat weak compared to his high and mighty friends. And yet he could perform the Unforgivables. He had to to be a Death Eater *assuming again*. I have a feeling it's not how powerful you are when it comes to those particular spells; it's how badly you want it. *points to Moody with the "I'd probably get not so much as a nosebleed if you AK'd me right now"* I can't really see him consciously using the Unforgivable curses.

    Dean is one of the few ordinary people in the books, though. He would react like a human being. If you found the man who murdered your father, would you just stand by? No, you'd want to hunt them down, make them suffer for taking him away. Like Harry with Bellatrix, I could see him using the curses in anger. One thing I've noticed about Gryffindors in the books is that there tempers seem to run a bit hotter than the rest of the school's, but that could be our limited perspective. However, when it comes down to it, I can't see him killing the murderer. Inflicting pain, yes, killing, no. It wouldn't be prolonged either, maybe use the Unforgivables when he first found the man, but then he'd realise what was doing and stop.

    As to his patronus, I don't think it said in the books, but I *at the risk of sounding ridiculous* think he might have a monkey. Or maybe not. *shrugs*

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    Rosemary Hoyt
    We only know a few things about Dean from canon/separate info from JKR.

    1. He never knew his father, but we know that his father left his family in Vold War I to protect them from the Death Eaters, and was later killed by a Death Eater.
    2. His best friend is Seamus Finnegan.
    3. He is a good artist and is generally "good with a quill" (in PoA he offered to forge Vernon's signature on the Hogsmeade permission slip).
    4. He was in the D.A.
    5. He was raised completely Muggle before his Hogwarts letter; consequently he likes football and his mum doesn't know much about the magical world (am I right in saying she didn't even know his dad was a wizard?)
    6. He dated Ginny Weasley in his sixth year and was also briefly on the Quidditch team.

    From this information, you can infer that he is probably close with (and possibly protective of) his mother, he might be interested in finding out more about his father's fate, he has a generally artistic and creative nature, is athletic, and is brave enough to be in Gryffindor.

    I think, as a couple people have stated, that Dean might cast an Unforgivable in the height of anger. He probably wrestles with his father's identity and why he left his mother alone. He might be brave and/or reckless enough to go looking for his father's killer and become carried away with his emotions before realizing what he was doing (I think that he would not premeditate murder or consciously torture anyone, though).

    I imagine Dean as a strong, loyal, sensitive guy with a creative side he isn't afraid to let out (which is why I can see him with Luna; he's not altogether pragmatic and down-to-earth). His Patronus could be something protective like a bear, loyal like a dog or wolf, or even the same as his dead father's (hey, it happened to Harry, right?). Or maybe something like a raccoon or other small animal (intelligent and nimble of paw).

    I think that's it; hope I helped!

    -Rosemary Hoyt

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Dean stuck by Harry when his own best friend, Seamus Finnigan was stating that Harry was off his rocker. This also proves that he stands up for what he believes in. As Dumbledore said in the first book, "it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends."

    Therefore, I believe it is not unreasonable to believe that Dean's Patronus could be the one and only symbol of Gryffindor, a lion, or some other ferocious beastie that stands its ground in the worst of times. If we're talking loyalty, then his Patronus could be any kind of trained pet, be it a dog, a cat, or even an owl.

    Also, not to sound like a certain DADA teacher, you need to have near-human intelligence to perform most human acts. The only animals I can think of that have near human intelligence are monkeys and dolphins. Dean could have a monkey Patronus simply because Dean is good at artistic things, like drawing for example. Monkeys also have a hotheaded temper if something riles them up, which Dean is known for if something gets him too wound up.

    As to whether Dean would have the courage to use an Unforgivable curse; the boy (or man) is in Gryffindor. There is a certain bravery and daring that Gryffindor's have which states that they must only kill when it is just and right. If you need an example, look at Harry. He only killed Voldemort for the good of wizardkind. It isn't unreasonable to state that Dean or any other Gryffindor would've followed in his stead.

    Hope I helped!


    Beth: Very nice post. 5 points for your help if you decide to join a House. - awarded

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    Dean is quite an interesting character. He's apparently Muggleborn (though actually half-blooded), enjoys football (or soccer, for America), and "is good with a quill". But if he dated Ginny and went on the run in DH, he obviously has a wilder side.

    He fights in the Battle of Hogwarts. We don't know if he survived or not (50 casualties, and considering that there couldn't have been more than 100 people on the Order's side- in fact, there were probably less), but he probably made an impact in the battle.

    I agree with previous posters, I think his Patronous would be something intelligent that imbodies the Gryffindor spirit. Perhaps something like an ocelot, spider monkey, dolphin, or (sorry about this) cow-type animal. He definately sticks up for his beliefs.

    Also, we see more than a little Dean/Luna shipping in DH. Could this mean he enjoys a good mystery and values intelligence? Or perhaps he admires the way she doesn't let other's opinions of her affect her?

    I don't really see Dean as an Unforgivable type of guy. Maybe only if his mother or someone very important to him was being tortured, or he himself was in grave, grave danger. I don't think AK or Crucio would occur to him; a Stunner works just as well.

    Hope your fic turns out well. Dean is an interesting character to read/write about.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stubbornly_appeared

    I agree with previous posters, I think his Patronous would be something intelligent that imbodies the Gryffindor spirit. Perhaps something like an ocelot, spider monkey, dolphin, or (sorry about this) cow-type animal. He definately sticks up for his beliefs.

    Also, we see more than a little Dean/Luna shipping in DH. Could this mean he enjoys a good mystery and values intelligence? Or perhaps he admires the way she doesn't let other's opinions of her affect her?

    First of all, I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who picked up on the D/L ship. All my friends think I'm crazy...

    Still I really agree with the ocelot part. Dean seems pretty quiet, and kind of an artsy type. (Potter for President) But he becomes a fugitive, and judging by the fact he stole someone's wand in the final battle, a deangerous one. So I'd say some kind of big cat. I'd prefer a panther for him, but other thoughts were a mountain lion, gorilla, and a falcon.

    AS for the unforgivable, I think it would depend on the circumstance. I don't think he would Imperio, but I can see an AK if it was on someone who really deserved it. I don't think he would do a cruciatis.

    Hope this helps, and PM me when thee story's posted

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    Dean Thomas

    I'm trying to write a Dean/Luna fic.
    Don't try to remind me about the impossibilities of that one.
    Screw Rolf Scamander.
    Although I may be a little angry about that new addition, I need help.
    What would Dean have done after Hogwarts?
    What did he like to do?
    I don't really want information from the book, seeing as I've read them through and through, and have a sister who is an expert.
    I just need some help rounding out his character.

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    Maybe he'd start a society known as, "The Society For the Promotion of Football in the Wizarding World".
    Other than that...He was prety good at drawing, so I'm guessing a Wizard Artist? Portraits and all...
    You are so right about that Rolf guy. I ship Dean/Luna! It's all there in the latter half of DH. *pouts*

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    I do agree with Maria/pokethedevil, Dean did love to draw and was quite good at it if memory serves me right. He could have become a famous portrait artist, though I'm sure he would need to learn the magic required to make his paintings 'come to life', if you will.

    I figure you might also see him going into some sort of business with Seamus Finnigan, the two were rather close being best friends and all, so that's a probability.

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