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    Patronus Help

    Does anyone know what Ted Tonks' Patronus would be? It doesn't say in the books, but does anyone have an idea?


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    We really have almost nothing to go on in terms of defining Ted's character and personality, aspects of which make a person's Patronus what it is. All we know of Ted is a physical description that's given in DH, the fact that he's a Muggleborn and married a rebellious Black daughter, is the father to Nymphadora Tonks, and was killed while on the run in DH because of his blood status.

    The point is that all we have of him are physical descriptions, not so much personal ones. He is far too minor a character in that regard, so really, when giving him a Patronus, you'd be safe in using just about anything. Don't ask me why, but I've always seen the Tonks' as having an affinity with birds or ravens or something. I'd always seen Tonks in Ravenclaw (until Jo said she's a Hufflepuff), but I suppose Ted could have been a Ravenclaw, and thus you could perhaps make his Patronus a raven or something.

    Really, anything goes in this regard ... The only thing that might not work would be a very dark creature or something that has evil connotations, as we know that he's a good guy, even though he's not seen as a major warrior in the war -- both the First and the Second.


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    One animal that could work as Ted's patronus is a seagull. According to, the seagull represents a carefree attitude, versitility, and freedom. Nymphadora described Ted as a 'right old slob' in comparison to the Dursley's unaturally clean house, which can seem like he just doesn't really care. He is able to accept different beliefs and ways of life, shown by the fact that he married a pureblood (even though muggle-borns don't have the same prejudice purebloods do, he is open to new ideas and doesn't seem to mind differences). And chances are he married Andromeda realizing this would change her status as a Black forever. Judging from what I've mentioned above, he seems like a person who perfers difference and clutter over strict tradition and unatural organization.

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    As Megan said, Tonks is quite minor and really up to your imagination, but what we saw of him seemed to show a very quiet, careful, gentle personality.

    I'd give him some very affectionate affectionate animal, perhaps a puppy or a Welsh pony? Something stolid and solid, methinks. Orright, if you're writing a fic from his point of view, what about a Phoenix? That would work especially well if you trying to portray him as more than he appears, or a faithful, good, pure character.

    Does anyone know whether a Patronus can be a Phoenix, or can magical creatures not be Patroni?


    EDIT: *headdesk* thanks Megan, I cannot believe that I forgot about Dumby's Patronus, what can I say, it's late...

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    Patronuses can be magical creatures like phoenixes -- Dumbledore's is a phoenix. It's Animagi that are common animals. I believe they're the ones that can't be magical creatures.

    Or, at the very least, all Animagi that we have in canon are normal, non-magical animals.


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    The obvious answer I would think would be any kind of animal that can change it's appearance. In reference to Ted's daughter, Tonks (whoooooooa...) I imagine that Ted felt very safe around her, even moreso than if he was alone.

    Therefore, my best guess would be that his Patronus could be a chamaleon, only much larger.

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