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Thread: Augusta's maiden name?

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    Augusta's maiden name?

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to make sure. I've checked the Longbottoms' page in HPL, but nothing is said about Augusta's family, though we know she is pureblood.

    Does any of you know, or made intelligent hypotheses about, Augusta's maiden name? I need it for my challenge entry.

    Historical writers and every serious Potterite out there, step in! Thank you!


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    I'm pretty sure her maiden name was never mentioned in cannon. On the Black family tapestry there is a Callidora Black who marries a Harfang Longbottom. They have a son and daughter, the son could easily be Augusta's husband. This would probably rule out her maiden name as being Black. You may want to stay away from that branch of the family tree.

    However, there are lots of pure-blood names listed on the tree. MacMillan, Gamp, Prewett, Bulstrode, Flint, Crouch, etc. Prewett would likely make her a relation of Molly's. Another option would be Rookwood as there is an Augustus Rookwood (Augustus being a very similar name to Augusta). Although, Rookwood was a Death Eater, I don't think it's necessarily a pure-blood name, although I don't recall any reason why it can't be. Also, in early editions, Rookwood's first name was Algernon (Great Uncle Algie?) so there could easily be some tie to Augusta Longbottom here.

    The hp-lexicon also has a list of pure-blood family names. Weasley would have to be ruled out as JKR said on her site that Ginny was the first girl born into the Weasley clan for several generations.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you, Hypatia!

    Oh my, the reason I asked is because I'll write about Great Uncle Algie. Phew! Never occured to me he might be Rookwood. I don't know why the US edition changed his first name to Augustus.

    But, I think headstrong Augusta would have cut all ties with Algie if he showed any DE inclinations or leanings, no?

    Thank you again for suggesting other of the pureblood names.

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    Sorry, I don't think Uncle Algie could be the same Rookwood as I'm fairly certain that that Rookwood went to prison. However, it could be that Algernon Rookwood was related to Augustus Rookwood. They could easily be brothers or cousins. It's possible the name Algernon was replaced with Augustus because there were two characters with that last name and the wrong one was mentioned in early editions of GoF.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Well we know that she wasn't a Slytherin, which means she can't have been born into a Slytherin family. Which rules out names like Black, Bulstrode, Flint, Malfoy, etc.

    She can't be Weasley, because as somebody stated above, Ginny was the first girl born into the family for several generations.

    I doubt she'd be Prewett, because if Molly was her sister, how come Ron and Neville aren't better friends? How come there's no mention of being a cousin?

    Judging by how her son Frank was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, it is relatively safe to assume that he was in Gryffindor (since the majority of members are indeed Gryffindor)

    If he was in Gryffindor there's no reason to assume why she couldn't be Gryffindor. Things like that do pass down through the families.

    It's safe to assume that the whole Black family tree, save for those burnt off, is excluded from this. All members who remain are Slytherins because if they were any other house, Sirius' mother would've burnt them off straight away.

    I know there is one oddball in each generation, take a look at Sirius. But if you comply with canon, those are the facts.

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