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Thread: The Epistolary Birthday Challenge

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    The Epistolary Birthday Challenge

    The Birthday BiWeekly Epistolary Challenge

    Ah, September, scene of lovely children rushing to Platform nine-and-three-quarters, tripping over owls in cages in their haste to get onto the train. What more fitting subject could there be for a September Challenge?

    Well, actually there's this one. Every year a certain birthday gets lost in the excitement of the new year at Hogwarts. I'm talking about Hermione. Dagnabbit, we NEVER see her birthday celebrated in the books. We see Harry's frequently, and Ron's (mind you he's whacked out on Love Potion, but still ...) so let us all get our typing fingers flexed and write some birthday love for Hermione.

    This should be in the form of a letter (or several), with someone sending Hermione birthday wishes. It can be anyone, and I mean anyone. Don't let the fact of Voldemort's death put you off his declaration beyond the grave that he loves her. Obviously, your writer might have other things he/she wishes to say, so don't restrict it to 'Happy Birthday, Mione!' because that would be boring.

    This competition will close on September 24th at 10pm BST.

    Five points will be awarded for participation, and points will be awarded in the usual manner for first, second and third place, providing that there are enough entries, you have met the MNFF guidelines, and they are of sufficient quality.

    All drabbles should be between 250-500 words.

    Use this form:

    PHP Code:
    B]Ratings and warnings:[/B]
    Have fun.

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    Name: Oregonian
    House: Slytherin
    Title: For a Very Special Daughter
    Ratings and Warnings: 1st-2nd years, none

    The front of the card says:

    For a Very Special Daughter

    If you could see all the flowers in the world

    If you could hear all the laughter in the universe

    If you could make all the dreams that were ever wished come true

    The interior of the card says:

    Then you would know a little part of the joy
    of having and loving a daughter like you.

    Happy Birthday With Love

    Happy birthday, sweetheart. Who would have ever thought you'd be away from home for your twelfth birthday? The owl that brought your last letter is waiting for me to finish writing this card to take it back to you. That is why you will be receiving it a few days early. Your father and I will have to get our own owl so that we can write whenever we want to, instead of waiting for an owl to come from you. I don't know how much weight they can carry, so I am enclosing a lightweight gift. You won't be wearing it with your school uniform, of course, but if you ever have a dress-up occasion, it will be nice.

    The house seems so empty without you. Here we are, getting used to fewer people in the house, while there you are, getting used to sharing a room with four other girls. I hope they will come to be like sisters for you.

    Your father wants to write, so I will give this card to him now.

    Hi there, Princess. I think about you every day. I have been digging the invasive bindweed out of the back garden during the weekend. I use that long metal tool, but now you have a long wooden tool that will do the job much easier. Your mum just reminded me that you will not be allowed to use it to eradicate the weeds at home until you are 17 years old, so I guess I'm stuck with digging for five more years! But when you come home for the summer in 1997, you can destroy our arch-nemesis, the bindweed, with one word!

    Be sure your plant culture professor teaches you how to do this. Tell her that if she does, I will show my extreme gratitude with a handsome gift.

    No more space on this card, so must say good-bye. Love you more than words can say. Mum and Dad
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    Name: the opaleye
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Thank You
    Ratings and warnings: Mild profanity
    A/N: Yet another Ginny drabble from the writer who supposedly doesn't like her. I think it's safe to say I'm not averse to her anymore.

    Dear Hermione,

    Before you say anything, I just want you to know why Iím writing this down in a letter rather than saying it to your face. We share a dormitory after all and I donít want it to seem weird. I just want you to be able to go back and read this whenever you feel down. I know it helps me to reread Harryís letters when Iím feeling down, and I doubt Ron has anything interesting or sensitive to say in the letters he sends you so this can at least be a decent substitute.

    Saying that, this will be a little weird no matter what as Iím probably sitting on my bed watching you read it right now. Whatever you do, donít cry, because that will get me going, too, and I donít want to spoil your day with anything as unnecessary as tears.

    Weíve known each other a long time now, Hermione, and it hasnít always been under the best circumstances. I can be a b****. So can you. Iím sure that weíve got many more days, weeks, months and years ahead of us to rub each other up the wrong way. I hope we do, but if the past few years have taught us anything, itís that nothing is certain except the love of family and friends. And that is why Iím writing you this letter instead of signing a sappy birthday card from Flourish and Blotts.

    The past few weeks have been just as hard as we knew they would be. Some days I wonder what is the point of returning here for something as mundane as getting our NEWTS. Havenít we learnt enough in the last year alone? Havenít we already lived a hundred lifetimes? It feels that way. And I know you feel it too, because when we walk down a certain corridor, or enter a particular classroom, or walk alongside the forest where Harry went to dieÖ you know what I mean. We are the same.

    And then there are the other days when I walk past the swamp and remember my beautiful brothers, and my breath catches in my throat, and I have to fight back the tears, but itís okay because I want to feel it. Itís comforting to be reminded of Fred as much as it is painful because it would be even more painful to forget.

    What I really need to say, though, is thank you. Thank you, Hermione, for keeping my brother and Harry alive last year. You donít talk about it much, none of you do, and I donít want to push you until you are ready, but just know how grateful I am that you brought them home safe. We both know how hopeless they are in the grand scheme of all that is Ron and Harry, and I know they would not have survived if it werenít for your brilliant mind and, more importantly, your giant heart.

    Happy Birthday, Hermione.

    Love Ginny.

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    I am going to extend the deadline for this until 30th September, partly down to the meagre amount of entries, but also because I cannot see a reason not to. Here's hoping an extra six days will inspire you all.

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    Name: Liandrin
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Never Quit
    Ratings and warnings: 1st Year; none

    Dear Mum,

    Iím writing a few things Iíd meant to say to you when we took our last walk together, the day before I left for Hogwarts. l had intended to say them then but somehow I couldnít seem to begin. But maybe itís easier this way. Here I can write whatís on my mind more freely and plainly than l could have spoken aloud.

    These past six years at Hogwarts have been some of the best of my life. Iíve made such great friends and have had so many wonderful experiences. But at the same time itís been hard living up to a legend like you. Because Iím your daughter Iím expected to be the best and the brightest, and sometimes this annoys me. Why isnít it good enough for me to just be Rose and not Hermione Weasleyís daughter?

    But when Iím at my lowest and really feeling sorry for myself, I remember what you and Dad and Uncle Harry had to go through. I remember that I have my friends and my family who love me for me and that I donít have to live up to anyoneís standards of excellence but my own.

    I know youíve been worried for me lately. I know you donít want me to be alienated or focus too much on my studies and try to be exactly like you. Youíve always stressed that I should do what I want to do, be who I want to be, and not be . . . you. But the thing is, Mum, I do want to be like you.

    Youíre my hero.

    Iíll always remember what you said to me when I first boarded the Hogwarts Express all those years ago:

    ĎRose, never quit. Thatís the true key to success in life. Work, sports, academicsóalways try your best and donít give up. But most importantly, never quit on your friends and never quit on yourself. Be who you want to be, not what others think you should be. And if youíre ever unsure about anything, come to me. Iíll never quit on you.í

    Those words have carried me all these years and have helped me strive to be the best I can be. Quitting, Iíd like to believe, has never been a striking characteristic of our family. Like Dad always says, ĎIf you canít win your race, at least finishósomewhereí. So I intend to finish this race and hope that I can turn out half as awesome as you, Mum. I just want you to know that you are my inspiration and always will be.

    Happy Birthday, Mum! <3



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    Name: WeasleyMom
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    Title: Love, Harry
    Ratings and warnings: 3-5th, mild language
    A/N: I don't imagine Auror training was typical for those coming in right after the battle. With their ranks lowered by the losses of the war, and the urgent need to round up remaining Death Eaters, I imagine Harry, Ron, and others being trained sort of on-the-job. The orginal drabble contained some of that info, but I had to cut it. Hope that makes sense. Writing this got me thinking of the rest of Hermione's birthday, complete with a surprise visit from Ron in one of the secret tunnels to Hogsmeade. *sigh*

    Dear Hermione,

    Sorry I haven’t written until now. When your letters came to Privet Drive, I always wrote back immediately, but now, with the demands of training and field work, there's hardly a moment to think. It’s probably for the best. Guess I’d rather be exhausted from work and long hours than sit around thinking about everything. After rereading your last letter, I think you must feel the same way.

    It’s strange not seeing you on your birthday. I hope you like your gift. It looked like something you’d enjoy, but with books, there’s always the chance you’ve already read it. Then again, as many times as you’ve read Hogwarts, a History, perhaps you won’t mind getting something familiar.

    You're spending a lot of time on your own. Don’t get mad—Ginny only told me because I asked her specifically. Anyway, she’s worried about you, and so am I. If my guess is right, you’re trying to get ahead and make up for last year while balancing your schedule, homework and Head Girl responsibilities. I know it’s a lot, but I hate the idea of you sitting by yourself in the library night after night. You’ll get lonely. And you won’t tell anyone because that’s not what you do. (I know, because we're the same that way.)

    I’m sure it’s not easy. In some ways, I don’t want it to be easy for you to get on at school without us. I hope that doesn’t sound too awful, but you probably understand what I mean. It’s strange for us, too—not having you around—though I hope I’m faring better than Ron. He’s a bloody mess without you, moping about the office and complaining about how long it is until the first Hogsmeade weekend. (Five weeks, he mentioned this morning.)

    You should try spending more time with Ginny. I know you're different, and you don’t always see eye-to-eye, but if you could just see how much like Ron she is… You didn’t agree with him very much either, as I remember, but he was certainly worth the effort, wasn't he? Just think about it. It’s hard for her, too, you know, without Neville there.

    Dean and Seamus are good for a laugh, too, and they don’t talk about Quidditch nearly as much as Ron and me. And there’s always Luna. You’ve got loads of friends. Even though Hogwarts can never be the same, it doesn’t have to be lonely. Not for you, anyway. Remember: you promised me on the platform that you wouldn’t keep to yourself all the time. And I know better than anyone that Hermione Granger always does what she says she’s going to do. That’s what makes her such a great friend.

    Happy 19th, Hermione. Make it a good one.

    Love, Harry

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    Okay, I cannot put this off any longer. I thought all four were absolutely excellent and I enjoyed reading them all. Four very different takes on love for Hermione.

    So here's what I'm going to do. There were, sadly, only four entries, but yet it wasn't sad because I liked them all. But there was one I liked slightly above the others mainly because I loved the characterisation and the way it harked back to her time at Hogwarts with Harry and Ron.

    SO ....

    First place (and 10 points because there weren't many entries)

    Weasley Mom - Hufflepuff - Love, Harry .... 10 points

    And the rest of you get an extra three points for not only participating but making me think.


    Gryffindor - 0.o (sigh, this is clearly pre-Harry era)
    Hufflepuff -15
    Ravenclaw - 8
    Slytherin - 16


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