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Thread: Different Sorts of Detention

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    Different Sorts of Detention

    I know that detention assignments vary with each teacher, but would would some of the detentions be? Let's stray away from the obvious "Write lines for Umbridge" and "Disect toads for Snape" and instead to some detentions that could be given.

    i.e. In my story, my character has given Zabini and Malfoy detention and under her supervision, they have to alphabetize(sp?) books in the Historical Herbology Handbooks section of the library for Madam Pince.

    I am planning on having more detentions given in my story, so some unique ones would be good.

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    Scrub out the bedpans in the hospital wing.
    Untransfigure an object first years work working with. (tedious, but necessary)
    Clean out the bathrooms.
    Degnome the Hogwarts garden.

    I'll try and think of more. this is quite fun.

    Oh and which teachers are you thinking of having punish your characters?

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    More detention choices...

    Categorize/Alphabetize Runes
    Translate some Runes-if necessary this could relate to Potions if that was what they were translating....
    Since it's Malfoy, who hates hard labor, they could be transporting something to or from the Potions classroom

    Sorry, I really can't think of anything that would cause the detention to be both with Snape and Audrey. I'll post again if i think of anything else!

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    Oh, my character. She's the new Ancient Runes teacher and she likes her detentions to be mind-boggling and rather confusing.

    EDIT - I would also maybe like an example of a detention that maybe her and Snape would supervise.

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    Maybe some sort of obstacle course or gauntlet run, kind of like getting past the defences for the Sorceror's Stone. A detention that you have to escape from would probably be interesting. I don't know what exactly the obstacles could be, would depend on what the student did to get the detention.
    For Snape there could be a room the has poison gas in it and he's on-hand if anyone needs an antidote.

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    I have an idea!

    "You will be taken to the dungeons where a drunken Filch will be waiting for you holding a cactus and a crochet mallet" ~Potterpupetpals

    I lurve that one!

    Or if not:

    Give Filtch a sponge bath

    Clean Snape's undies

    Be Draco Malfoy's servant for a week

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Scrub out the Prefect bathrooms.
    Dispose of the year's worth of objects in the Room of Hidden Things (Room of Requirement)
    Clean the tables in the Great Hall after dinner.
    Perform a poem in class. Must be written by yourself.

    These are quite amusing to think of.

    OOH! I've got it.

    Think of new ways to have detention.

    That should have Malfoy thinking hard!

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    ~scrub cauldrons
    ~feed Flobberworms or any other magical creature. Maybe they could pick up dung?
    ~de-algae the Giant Squid (this one makes me giggle )
    ~polish suits of armour that keep running away from them
    ~polish flatware for the house elves

    just some ideas off the top of my head!

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    Pepper Imp
    For general detentions:

    ... Clean classrooms/common room/kitchens
    ... Preparing potions ingredients

    For detentions that Snape would supervise:

    ... Preparing potions ingredients
    ... Collecting ingredients from the Hogwarts Grounds

    For detentions that Audrey would supervise:

    ... Doing some translations (like for use as examples during the next lesson)
    ... Translating a page of runes

    (I'll DEFINATLEY be editing this post when I come up with more ideas, hehe)

    I think what important is that no matter what detention you assign someone, a different teacher could supervise it. Like when Snape told Ron that he had to scrub bedpans in the Hospital Wing, I'm guessing that he didn't supervise (but Madam Pomfrey did).

    You could have any teacher watch over any detention, in my view. So take liberties - Audrey could assign a detention, have Snape watch over it, and then go to check on the students and stay. Have fun with your imagination, heheh!

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