Every year the winners of the QSQ awards are awarded a banner to celebrate their achievements. The QSQs mean a huge amount to the winning authors and many of them display their banners for months afterwards, so obviously we want to make sure they are something special.

Each year, we run a competition to find a bannermaker to make the banner for the winners. The past banners have been stunning and really are the perfect way to celebrate the achievements of the QSQs. The time has come to open the annual competition once again (perhaps a little later than usual which means there's a slightly shorter time scale than I would have hoped).

Last year, I asked for bannermakers to provide a collection of banners, to celebrate the winners of the QSQs, the FQSQs and the judges. Unfortunately this year we will not be running the FQSQs but I would still like to have a banner for the winners and one for the judges. These banners can be identical or different but should follow a similar theme and contain different information.

The QSQ banner should include the following information:
- 2013 Quicksilver Quills
- Category
- Author
- Title (please remember that the title and author name of fics can be quite long so make sure leave plenty of space)

The judging banner should include
- 2013 Quicksilver Quills
- The word Judge
- Username

They should all be within the allowable size limits of the forum. Other than including the above information there are no other restrictions be as creative as possible. Remember that the QSQs celebrate the best of the best on MNFF and we want something really special to reward the winners. If you have submitted an entry in a previous year that hasn't won and would like to jazz it up and try again then go for it. There are no limits on the number of entries you can submit.

Examples of previous banners can be seen below:

(credit to Hokey for the first three, the opaleye for the fourth but huge apologies, I cant remember the maker of the fifth possibly luinrina PM if you can correct me!)

The bannermaker will receive credit for their work when it is displayed by the winners.

You have until the 8pm GMT on the 16th September to create your banners. Please do not post them here or anywhere else on the forums they should be PMd to me. We try and keep the banner secret until the great reveal on the day of the results.

Please also note that banners will need to be edited with the details of the winners. You can either choose to do this yourself (but must be available to do so almost immediately after results on the 30th September and before the 2nd October) or email me an editable copy of your banner for someone else to edit. If you will require someone else to edit the banner then please keep a note of any custom fonts you use and where they can be downloaded from, and please avoid using paid for fonts.

If you have any questions, please PM or post here.