No, you didn't read the title incorrectly, and you didn't miss the other threads. Because there aren't any.

This month will be different for all of us. A growth period, perhaps, for both your leadership and yourselves. While there are only a few of you at the moment, this actually provides a great chance to engage in a wonderful teaching tool recently developed by Soraya and myself.

While the recently hosted Reviewing class was only meant to lay the foundations for proficient and comprehensive reviewing, I thought (and my partner in crime agreed) that there isn't a single member of SPEW that wouldn't benefit from engaging in a bit of self-improvement. We're just going to make it mandatory.

With that, welcome to boot camp!

Below, you'll find every lesson we posted in the Reviewing Class, if you've not read them already, and your requirements for August/September, SPEW, is to complete all of the assignments. Difficulty-wise, it requires about the same amount of effort. However, in terms of leaving room to procrastinate to the last minute, I hope you'll take my word for it that this will NOT be a good idea. Nor would it be a good idea to rush right through it. This will take work throughout the month, little bits at a time.

However, I am confident that, with pointed and comprehensive groundwork laid for you, most of you will see a spike in your RAC scores in the very near future. In fact, I'm certain of it.

You'll find that the Vault 713 forum is freshly cleaned out. Here, you will make a thread for yourself in which you will post your completed assignments. Failure to do so or to complete all the assignments by the regular SPEW deadline (September 15th, 11:59 US Pacific Time), as you may guess, will result in a penalty review and a 'strike' against your SPEW membership, just as a regular month would earn.

I look forward to seeing all of you get something out of this, and hopefully, we can make boot camp (or back to school, considering the timing of this) something we do once a year or so.

Now, let the games begin!