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Thread: Ginny Weasley

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    Good point. I had forgotten about that.

    But what happens when someone as independant as Ginny considers herself her own protector? I don't really see her as someone looking to be saved, whereas Harry obviously does feel this way much of the time. True, he HAS saved her...but if we look at it outside the realm of 'we-planned-this-in-the-plot', that was a circumstantial thing- she didn't wish it.

    Is it possible for an animagus to also be a patronus? What if someone's strongest protector is the animal within?

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    I'm personally of the opinion that the Animagus represents the person, and the Patronus represents someone/something close to them that behaves as their protector. Even if that's not the JKR-Sanctioned Rule, I think it makes sense, and it's... nice and symbolic

    And, while I'm not a H/G shipper, they are canon. And even if you remove Harry as Ginny's love interest, he has protected her. So, I would choose something that would represent him. The obvious choice would be lion? But, what about something very fierce, passionate and ... rash? *can't think of any impulsive animals* Aren't all animals impulsive.

    Ah well, hopefully I've thrown in an idea and won't be held accountable for not finding a solution

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    It's a thought- (and if you decide to use the self-as-a-patronus bit, I will love to read it).

    However, *sigh*, if we absolutely must consider someone outside of one's self to be a patronus, my mind actually jumps to Fred and George. Naturally, older brothers are protective. Those two actually admire her, and while Ron is also an older brother- he's a bit of a lame duck in this case. So what animal do I think represents them? The monkey. I'm not sure how it would seem, seeing a monkey fending off dementors. Which one would it be? I'm not entirely sure. I haven't really seen much difference between them- personality-wise - so you'd need to develop a difference. Unless it's possible to have a duopatroni. That could be very fun.

    All right, I'll stop suggesting different ideas about patroni.

    If you really wanted to develop a minor character, you could choose Bill, whom I see as a falcon.

    More options among many.

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    Just a quick question, what colour are Ginny's eyes? It seems i have forgotten momentarily.


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    Just Beyond the Veil
    Ginny's eyes are brown.

    I really like your idea about Fred and George, AlexisTaylor. I think a monkey would definitely represent them well.


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    In a recent fan fic I read. Harry's animagus was a phoenix.
    And if Ginny's patronus would be her protectors animagus form.Then she would have a phoenix.
    But then there is the "problem" that she has the same patronus as dumbledore.
    Then again, there is no problem because, (however unfortunate) dumbledore is no more.

    Also remember from HbP, that a patronus can change. Remember how Tonks her patronus changed because she was so lovesick. So even if a same patronus is rare, it still is possible.
    Because a change of heart, can change a patronus.

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    Dropping in here way late to go back to the idea that Fred and George have protected Ginny, and some representation of them might make a good patronus.

    Something with a bit more seriousness might be tiger cubs, or bear cubs. They wrestle and play and generally bop each other around, but beware the claws and teeth. You know, older cubs, big enough to be dangerous.

    It's too bad Hermione already has the otter. An otter could be an excellent Fred and George type patronus. They slide on the snow even just going from one place to another.

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    How do you think Ginny would react to Harry saying Voldemort's name in front of her? Would it make her nervous like it does to Ron and Hagrid or would she be okay with it?

    EDIT: Thanks hogwartsduchess, that has helped a lot. I figured that might be the case given Ginny's general manner, but I wasn't sure if it was something we had ever seen in canon or not.

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    Ginny's heard Harry say Voldemort's name before, and it doesn't phase her. She's a strong young woman. She's far more likely to say it herself than to shirk it. But, it might depend on WHEN your fic is set. If it is in her first two or three years at Hogwarts, then it is possible that she might gasp in amazement, but she would probably admire Harry's bravery for saying it.

    Hope that helped!

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    I've got more of a ship question about Ginny. Does anyone think it is likely that she and Harry would grow apart after the war? Not really grow apart, but not grow closer either. I know this would depend on many different things, but I would just like to hear a few different opinions Thanks!

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