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Thread: Ginny Weasley

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    I agree with Blackhairedweasley when he said it was unlikley for Ginny to assume the position of a Hogwarts proffessor, but I disagree with his reasoning. i highly doubt that the Bat-bogey hex is the most complex and harmful magic that she is able to do. JKR merely implemented that she was good at that particular hex. She is after all the seventh child in the Weasley family and JKR stated that the seventh child in a family is special and well powerful for a lack of a better word. Shes smart and whitty and can take care of herself. The reason I think Ginny wouldn't take the job of a Hogwarts proffessor is not because she isnt capable but because she would want o do somthing more exciting and I personally think that I wouldnt be surprised if she held a high ranking job in the Ministry of Magic.

    5 points to SLytherin

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    I have a question about Ginny. Do you guys think she has any interesting Powers? I mean for example:

    Harry: He can speak Parsoltouge (Sp?)
    Hermione: She can basiclly read any book and she is super smart.
    Ron: Uhh... well.... I'll get back to him.

    Can she do something that the others can't?

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Do you guys think she has any interesting Powers?
    I don't think she has any 'super-powers' as such, but she does have some unusual yet not unheard-of abilities (according to canon):

    • She performs an excellent Bat-Bogey Hex. Judging from other people's surprised reactions, this ability is rather unusual for a witch or wizard of her age.
    • Ginny is a good Quidditch player; she's a better Chaser than a Seeker.

    I know my next tip might be more suited for the SGPP, but I would strongly advise you against giving her any cliched powers like an Animagus form, natural Legilimency, etc. If you want to characterise her well, make sure that you portray her as a somewhat stubborn witch - especially when it comes to things that Ron doesn't want his little sister to do *cough*snogging boys other than Harry*cough*.

    By the way, instead of seeking quick character facts, either here or in the RD, it would be better to search for the relevant character pages at the HP Lexicon. The facts are readily available over there.

    HPL: Ginny Weasley

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    I agree with Dumbledore Prince that Ginny probably doesn't have any 'super-powers.' Then again, Hermioine's ability to read and understand practically any book isn't really a 'super-power' either. For Ginny, there's always the fact that she's the seventh child and the first girl in several generations, which supposedly means she's exceptionally powerful or talented. Her Bat-Bogey Hex may be one bit of evidence for this, but I think the simple fact that she survived her whole ordeal with Tom Riddle's diary may reflect on her natural strength, as well. True, she was a rather foolish little girl to get herself into that mess to begin with, but I've always thought a lesser witch would have lost her entire "life force" to Riddle much sooner.

    Specifically, she's a good flyer, an excellent actress (in other words, a good liar - think of her blaming the dungbombs at Grimmauld Place on Crookshanks, or keeping the hallway clear by telling everyone there was Garroting Gas), and may have even more nerve than Harry. After all, Ginny is the one who got Harry to use Umbridge's Floo to talk to Sirius ("The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.").

    In the end, though, I really think that Ginny's most important talent is her ability to understand and calm Harry. For whatever reason, when Harry is in one of his dark moods, Hermione and Ron only seem to make things worse. Perhaps it's because her life has been deeply touched by Voldemort, perhaps it's because she's the only one more stubborn than Harry (I know, that's debatable), or perhaps it's something else. The point is, though, that Ginny seems to be the only one who can get through to Harry when he's being all fatalistic. This isn't really a "power" necessarily, but it could very well be the one thing that turns the tide of the war.

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    What kind of animal would you associate with Ginny? I looked through OotP for an idea of what her patronus looked like but could find no mention of it. Any thoughts?

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    Winged Artemis

    My two cents

    What kind of animal would you associate with Ginny? I looked through OotP for an idea of what her patronus looked like but could find no mention of it. Any thoughts?
    Hmmm. Hermione's Patronus was an otter, and Cho's was a swan. I'm not sure, but in some ways, they both seem like 'feminine' creatures to me, if that makes sense.

    Personally, I've always imagined Ginny's Patronus to be one of these:
    - a fox
    - a leopard
    - a stag (resembling Harry, possibly)
    - an owl

    Hope that's what you mean.

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    Not sure why, but I always pictured Ginny's Patronus as some type of a bird - maybe an eagle or a hawk.

    The only real explanation I have is that she always seems to know what's going on - an eagle eye type thing, I suppose. I really don't have anything to back it up, it just always seemed to fit.

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    I imagine Ginny's patronus would be a cat of some sort. In OotP there were a few descriptions of her curling up like a cat or making an angry noise like a cat. Plus, she seems to have a catlike personality: sometimes nice, sometimes feisty, and capable of being dangerous.

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    I imagine Ginny's patronus as a raccoon.

    It's mischevious, intelligent, and have been known to attack fiercely when provoked or cornered. I haven't seen any evidence that patroni need to be of a british ancestry, so that should be no problem at all. Plus, cats, birds...those are all very common animals, and isn't Ginny supposed to be something special? There's that whole bit about being the first female Weasley to be born in a very long time, and if Harry's sticking with prophecies and foretelling, it would seem she was meant to be the great love of the great Harry Potter.

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    See, I think we're a bit confused. I think, with all the feline references, that Ginny's ANIMAGUS would be a cat (which is a reflection of personality - which, by the way, NICE picking up on references that way - most people don't!), but her Patronus is more likely to be something that reflects who she considers her protectors - ie, an animal that represents either family or friends. Like Harry's, hers could be a stag (representing Harry, whose represents his father), but I doubt it, for he would have mentioned how odd it was that they had the same Patronus. I think if you want to go along the lines of Harry being her protector, you need to think about Harry's possible Animagus form. However, if you're going to go with a family member, then think about the particular family member's possible Animagus. The Animagus form is the animal you turn into that represents your inner self - the Patronus is what you feel represents your protector. The way I do it is to think of who the protector is and what their inner animal might be...I hope this helps!

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