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Thread: Ginny Weasley

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    Hmmm...that is a tough question. I've got to write a similar scene soon, so I have to think about it too. First thing is that during DH she did cry for Fred when she intially found out. This also depends partially on her relationship with Harry--have they made up yet or are they still apart? Also, though Harry says Ginny is "rarely tearful" that doesn't necessarily anything in this situation. Keeping that in mind, we've got two options:

    Main Option 1: Crying
    Things to Keep in Mind: She probably wouldn't make a huge deal over it. She's not really the kind to be public and snivel all over the place for sympathy, though depending on her situation, I think she would allow Harry to comfort her. Another thing to keep in mind is her general feelings about the situation and to keep them constant. For example, different people react different ways to grief. If she's just totally given over to it, I suspect she'd just sit there and cry quietly. However, she might be some degree of angry. Perhaps angry at the world in generall, mad at herself for seeming weak, and even mad at Fred for dying. In this case, she'd have a whole lot of other stuff going through her head, and may not let anyone comfort her. Some people get physically sick with grief, and some people lock off, keeping themselves from even speaking ot others, though I don't think necessarily she'd do that. Just something to think about (perhaps she's angry and crying) Yet another thing to think about is guilt. Does she feel guilty over his death? That would also alter the situation.

    Main Option 2: Holding Strong
    Things to Keep in Mind: Ginny has always been a strong girl, no doubt about it. This is also the kind of more martyr route, giving it all up for others. The thing to keep in mind is not to completely overdo it. Another path you could take with this (a path I've considered) is that she may put her own sort of "blockers" up from reality, forcing herself to keep functioning normally in an attempt to keep both herself and others from hurting. Remember also that she, too, has had a hard year. She's been tortured by the Carrows, no doubt tossed around etc. That could have some impact on her reaction as well. Your third question was if she'd break down after a while of holding strong. I do think that would be her reaction. She'd spend so much energy not crying, forcing herself to take care of others that she'd be sort of denying her own grief. In the end, I think she'll have a massive grief-ridden explosion after so long of holding it in (especially if she feels guilty for Fred's death), though she'd try not to do it publicly.

    So, all in all, I think this depends on the kind of Ginny you're trying to depict and the exact situation she's in in terms of guilt, previous hurting (you know, were any of her friends killed? how badly off was she during DH at Hogwarts with the Carrows?), and possibly the situation with Harry. You have to remeber though, pre-war Ginny was spunky, animated, and brave.

    Anyway, this is quite the long post and I hope I've helped!

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    nice writing... but.. leaves something to be desired.

    okay, i have to admit that the writing was fantastic but i need to point outa few things. if ginny doesn't pine over dean when he dumps her, then why should she pine over harry? in the books, she is fiery, independent. if a boy dumped her, she should have thought, "he doesnt know what he just threw away! forget him!" but instead she dwells endlessly over harry. it makes me a bit depressed about the whole outloook of the reast of the story.

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    I completely agree! I was furious that in all these fanfics during Hogwarts, they have Ginny as heartbroken and depressed and that is why she defied Snape. I think she defied Snape because SHE DIDN'T LIKE SNAPE OR VOLDY! Hello! And JK didn't portray her well with that lame "giving myself to you" present. Ginny would have tried to come!

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    using rare and complicated words
    if ginny doesn't pine over dean when he dumps her, then why should she pine over harry?
    She wouldn't pine over Dean because he didn't dump her - she dumped him. Plus she 'loves' Harry and doesn't really love Dean. She's attracted to him but that's it.

    Having said that, I don't think she'd pine over Harry, particularly. She reformed Dumbledore's Army because they felt it neccessary to continue the fight inside Hogwarts. Ginny, Neville and Luna have a strong sense of justice so of course they're going to fight Snape and the Carrows. It isn't just about her feelings for Harry although they do think that by forming the army, they will be there for him when he returns to Hogwarts (Neville says as much in Deathly Hallows.)


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    Ginny at the Yule Ball...

    Who did Ginny go to the Yule Ball with? I know in the movie she went with Neville, but I didn't see anywhere in the forth book who she went with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo
    Who did Ginny go to the Yule Ball with? I know in the movie she went with Neville, but I didn't see anywhere in the forth book who she went with.
    She went with Neville. She says that when Ron asks her to go with Harry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elf
    She went with Neville. She says that when Ron asks her to go with Harry.
    Depending on what you're writing, you might also want to consider that she met Michael Corner there.

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    Is Ginny's signature ever shown in the books, or is it ever described? What do you see her handwriting as being like?

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    Hm. That's an interesting question. I don't see it being overly cursive-y because she's not a very frilly girl. I know this is of no help, but I see it sort of being like mine. Neat enough to read, and people compliment me on my handwriting, but still a little messy, like rough around the edges. If you have Microsoft Word, I'd say it would be a bit like Bradley Hand ITC...or maybe the name "Bella" in my signature. (look down! ). Sort of script like, but not loopy and frilly.


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    I pictured her handwriting more like Mistral, again in Microsoft Word. A little darker and more cramped. Bradley seems too loose and light and airy.

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