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Thread: Ginny Weasley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemma Hawk
    Is it possible Ginny behaviour for her to strike up a friendship with Draco out of boredom, grief, anger towards her family and extreme lonliness?
    After the Sixth year Draco just lived through, he'd have a lot of the wind knocked out his sails, though, too. He may be at a point where he doubts (however personally and out of the public eye) everything he always believed.

    Ginny, with the loss of Ron might very well wonder what price they were expected to pay. Plus, Harry does shut her out a lot, which would be very aggravating.

    Two deeply wounded, puzzled, rebellious teenagers, why not?

    Edit: Ron's death, in my humble opinion was the only reason the Weasley's wouldn't have sent Ginny into what was, for all intents and purposes, a hostage situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by leahsm2
    Two deeply wounded, puzzled, rebellious teenagers, why not?
    On the other hand, two such wounded teens would likely be disinclined to show any romantic connections to each other. I would think they would both be reluctant to confide in someone who had torn them apart in the past. Each of them would be nervous that the other would taunt them and have special access to their insecurities.

    They would also take any comments more seriously than they ought, or in a different way than they were originally meant. For example, Cho and Harry were both wounded by the events of GoF; when they tried to get together in OotP, they were oversensitive to comments that were meant to be off-hand.

    In short, I doubt that Ginny and Draco would get together, even in those circumstances.

    However, if they did somehow get together, I do not think it would last long. Each of them would be on a rebound of sorts (whether from another relationship or from a huge emotional upheaval), and their rebellion together might only last as long as they were both still recovering.

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    Kate Skeffington
    Hi! I was reading through the first pages (until about page ten, so if this was discussed after that I'm sorry) of this thread, and couldn't help to wonder what are Ginny's flaws? I mean, she's described as: strong-minded, independent, mature (being able to understand and accept Harry's reasons to break up with her)very gifted, confident young witch, who is good-looking and popular too. Sure, she's stubborn and feisty which could bee seen as flaws..but they're not really flaws, are they? I mean, they could be regarded as "adorable flaws"...they're not really grave character flaws.

    If Ginny was an OC she would be leaning towards the Mary-Sue side of OCs. Don't get me wrong, I love Ginny to bits, in the books, she's an amazing character. I feel though that if I were to write a Ginny centered fic I wouldn't know how to make a well-rounded characterisation of her...I know about things that are great about Ginny, but is there anything in the books about her flaws? Or what do you think Ginny's flaws would be?

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    I think she does have her flaws. In DH, when Harry gives her a kiss, he wonders something along the lines of "did growing up with loads of brothers harden her" (not exact quote, leant DH to my sister). So I think that one of her flaws would be the fact that's she has had to harden herself emotionally, and would have trouble showing Harry her true emotions. Like, she would be straight with him if he asked her a question, but I don't think she's be able to do full-on-romance with him at first.

    Another one of her flaws, mentioned in HBP, is that she doesn't seem to keep boyfriends for a long time. Now, before Ginny lovers start screaming at me, she obviously grows out of it, but she gets confused by things like that.

    I also think she would be short tempered.

    Hope this helps!

    Lola x

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    I think we can add 'has temper', 'can be sarcastic and mean' and 'stubborn' to Ginny's list of flaws.

    As far as her 'not keeping boyfriends for a very long period of time' that is something that bothers me. If she and Michael Corner got together shortly after the Yule Ball (I can't recall exactly when, as I'm at work without my books), and she didn't break up with him until after the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Quidditch Match in OotP, she kept him around for over a year. The fact that she moved on to Dean Thomas rather quickly (perhaps a month or two) is not unusual for most girls of fourteen/fifteen (while keeping a boyfriend for over a year is rather unusual at that age). Dean Thomas was her boyfriend from the end of her fourth year until the mid-end of her fifth year - again, nearly a year (perhaps closer to six months). I've never understood how this constitutes as 'going through them quickly' or 'not keeping them around for long'.

    It's one of the few characterisations of Ginny that I cannot abide. She can be mean (though, if your brother threw a temper tantrum when he caught you making out with your boyfriend in a deserted hallway, you'd probably be less than nice, too), she has a ferocious temper when crossed, she's stubborn as a mule, but she is not guilty of boyfriend-hopping. The fact that loads of boys find her pretty is not a flaw, as she's not dating loads of boys. For a girl to have three boyfriends, one of whom she eventually marries, by the time she is sixteen, and to have started 'dating' at thirteen or so isn't as dire a situation as everyone seems to make it out to be.

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    I agree with hogwartsduchess on Ginny's boyfriends. She obviously had genuine affection for them, as she was kissing Dean as though they were "glued together" and as hogwartsduchess said, she kept both for a long time.

    Another flaw we could add to the list is that Ginny can be a bit rash when she gets angry. For example, she nearly curses Ron when he is angry with her over Dean, she Bat-Bogey Hexed someone in the compartment in HBP, and she ran into the commentators podium when she was mad at Smith. ("Forgot to brake Professor, sorry"- love that line! )

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    Well, on the boyfriend thing, part of the time that she was dating Dean and Micheal was in the summer, and we never saw them around. So you have to take out 2 1/2 months of that time.

    She's definetly not a sit-down-and-think-it-through kind of girl, more of a let's-rush-into-a-situation-and-think-of-consequences-later kind of girl. She's like Harry in that way. She also holds grudges, I think, because she was pissed off at Harry for breaking up with her, and begrudges Ron and Hermione because they got to go off with Harry while she was stuck at school.

    I think she's an amalgamation of all of her brothers. She's like Ron because she acts first, thinks later, and assumes the worst before asking questions. She's similiar to Fred and George in her mischieviousness. And of course, she plays Quidditch like the rest of the family (excluding Percy).

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    She also holds grudges, I think, because she was pissed off at Harry for breaking up with her, and begrudges Ron and Hermione because they got to go off with Harry while she was stuck at school.
    I disagree. She was resigned to it. She understood that she couldn't go, and while she wasn't happy about, she never once showed anger at Harry for breaking up with her. Nor did she display any hard feelings against Ron and Hermione. She was upset with her mother when Molly refused to let her fight, and she was pouty when Harry backed Molly up, but that was the only display of anger against any of those three she displayed.

    I do think she can hold a grudge - Zacharias Smith is certainly proof of that. But as for her holding a grudge against Harry, Ron or Hermione for the events in Deathly Hallows, I think you're mistaken.

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    Do you think that Ginny is the type of person to doubt herself? I'm writing a fic that centers on Ginny during her sixth year (in the middle of the war when Harry looks for Horcruxes) and I have part of a chapter written where she sits there and internally doubts her idea for the D.A. and generally doesn't look optimistically on the outcome of the war and everything. Do you think she'd do that? She doesn't admit it to anyone else, but she's dead scared (as anyone would be when youre doing something illegal with the Cruciatus curse as a threat). She's not one to lie to herself, but I'm just not sure if she'd react that way in such a pessimistic manner.
    Hope I was clear enough... any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Oh for sure.

    I think nearly everyone, no matter how strong minded and confidant someone is, would doubts themselves sometimes.

    Especially if you look at her when she was younger. Ginny really liked Harry and everytime she got around him she started doubting herself and getting nervous and embarassed. so it's not to hard to imagine Ginny, occasionally falling back into a younger version of herself.

    And your right to have her not telling anyone, I don't really think she would.

    So as long as you write it so the rest of her personality fits with it, I don't see why not.


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