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Yes, we know she held together very well when Harry told her they had to break up (one of my favourite scenes if you ask me ). However, I think it is probable that she broke down afterwards.
Ah. I do think Ginny would've been upset... but devastated? I think not. I think Ginny's feelings would tilt more toward anger than sadness. If you look deeply into Harry's words, you do find that they're quite reasonable, and I believe Ginny does have enough sense to see that reason, even if it involves her in more ways than one. I see her as a strong and brave girl. She would understand that Harry's break-up was due to his 'fore-sight' and his duty towards the wizarding world rather than his having anything against their relationship. I do think that Ginny would still believe that the break-up was only temporary, and they would be together once again after the war - she has enough bubbling confidence to support herself and Harry.
Hence the anger. She might be angry - even furious - at Harry for distancing himself, when they could have very well fought shoulder to shoulder. But, like you said, she mightn't be too harsh at him, though.

I know Ginny is very strong. I agree with that. But she is still a girl. She has gone through far too many things for her age, and yet, she still has to endure with her heart problems. I somehow know how it is to be in her situation, putting up a strong facade in order to hide the real tempest. It is not easy, and I think she probably did it through 5 years!
Exactly. She's distanced herself for five years. Why wouldn't she wait another year? I think that wait along would hold her up, and make her confident of Harry's victory.

So, what I mean to say here is, Ginny, having suffered losses from Voldemort as well, wouldn't ever break down because of what Harry said for the simple reason that it was never meant to be a "we're not meant to be" kind of break-up. I do think she would understand what it meant to save the wizarding world, and would, of course, be willing to sacrifice. It still looks to me like a temporary change, that's all. Why wouldn't it to Ginny? She would be sad, but wouldn't dwell on it. She might be upset, but wouldn't break down. She is a fierce and headstrong young girl, and it wouldn't fit to have her lose control.

There, you have my two cents...

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