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Thread: James and Quidditch

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    James and Quidditch

    This is just a quick question, but does anyone know *when* James Potter became part of Gryffindor's Quidditch team? I already looked on his page on the Lexicon, and I couldn't see anything about a beginning year or anything, just that he was a Chaser.

    So, does anyone know if he became a Chaser in his second year or later or what? (Or is it an unknown aspect of the story, and I can just make up whatever I want? )


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    I couldn't find anything on this anywhere. Besides for the fact that we know that he was on the team by the time he was in his fifth year, I think that you can have a little creative freedom here.

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    Additionally, it wasn't in his first year - Wood kept telling Harry he was the youngest player in a centuary. It seems from what we know that it's fourth years and higher that seem to have the athletic ability and skill to make the team in tryouts. Of course, there's always exceptions, and there's always reserve teams.

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    I'd say you have free reign with this . I personally always imagined James joining the team asap seeing as Quidditch is his passion. So him joining in his second year is a very appealing idea to me.

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    I'd have to say in 2nd year. James had a big ego back then so being a Quiddich player who be his dream.

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    Probably 1st-2cond year, but it is never said. I think 1st year, because he obviously liked Quidditch too much not to try out at once and was too good not to make the team.

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    I think you can choose anything but first year because no one was on a Quidditch team that early except Harry. Second year sounds like a good idea.


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    Actually, wasn't Harry the youngest seeker in a century? So technically James could have been a chaser in first year, though I would still have thought it unlikely.

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    Thanks for all the help everyone. I didn't *think* that there was specific canon knowledge about the year, but I just wanted to make sure before I wrote it.

    I knew First Year wouldn't work, as they don't make the team/are allowed brooms in their First Year, but Second Year seems to be a general consensus, so I think I'll go with him trying out and making the team in his Second Year.

    Once again, thank you all for the help.


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