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Thread: Snape's friends

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    Snape's friends

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any canon descriptions for the appearance of Snape's asscociates at Hogwarts? Namely Wilkes, Rosier, Avery and Mulciber.

    I can't find any myself and was wondering if I have free reign with this?

    Also if anyone has any suggestions for what they might look like feel free to chip in.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Also out of these four and Snape who do you think is the most likely to have been made Slytherin Prefect?

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    I've always pictured Wilkes with dark hair, tall, and very skinny.

    Avery - brown hair, blue eyes, medium height and size, not altogether horrible to look at.

    Mulciber - Thicker, tall, black hair and dark brown eyes. Pale.

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    I think you really have fairly free reign. (I'm not completely sure we didn't get more information on them in DH, since I've only read it once and don't remember. )

    Personally, I have made Rosier the best looking of the group in my own fic, (athletic type--tall, fit). I think his name probably influenced me, but after reading the reference on him at the Lexicon, I was really convinced he would be attractive. According to the Lexicon,
    Rosier, according to medieval demonology texts, is the patron devil of seduction. He tempts humans to fall in love and causes them to act foolishly.
    and also:
    is a kind of patron devil of tainted love and seduction, especially noted for assuming a human form of great physical beauty.
    Also, since so many of the Death Eaters who do get described have rather unattractive descriptions, I figure they couldn't all be ugly.

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    Hahahha I've got Rosier as being devilishly handsome!

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    I always picture Muliber as being thick, tall, harsh, and strong.

    Wilkes sounds a bit nosy to me- middling hight, lighter brown hair, with shifty eves and a narrow, pointy face.

    Avery sounds like he's Rosier's "best" friend- like Sirius to James, favored above his other best friends. Shorter, with dark brown hair, not terrible looking-

    but not as handsome as Rosier!

    I think Avery, Wilkes, or Rosier have better chances at becoming prefect. Especially Rosier, and, to some extension, Avery.

    It's really your decision, as there isn't actually anything in canon- have fun with it!

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    Thanks a lot everyone! You all helped loads! Eventually I went for:

    Wilkes: Tall, burly, dirty blonde hair and not very nice to look at.

    Avery: Medium height and build, short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and moderately good looking.

    Rosier: Tall and athletic with very dark hair and eyes. Can look handsome with very little effort.

    Mulciber: Tall, pall and thickset with dark hair and sharp features.

    Oh, and I also made Rosier the the Slytherin Prefect.

    Thanks so much everyone!

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