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Thread: It's the Summer of Love - August Challenge

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    It's the Summer of Love - August Challenge

    Look behind the Chalet
    My holiday's complete
    And I feel like William Tell
    Maid Marian on her, tiptoed feet
    Pulling mussels from a shell
    Pulling mussels from a shell

    Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) ~Squeeze

    Madam Carmerta is currently on holiday and enjoying the sunshine (along with the pool and the wonderful Majorcan cuisine) and whilst relaxing on her sun lounger, she's been pondering Harry Potter characters, and what they do for holidays.

    How do they get there? Where would they go? Would Molly drag all her kids off to Muriel's for a week? Does Narcissa book herself into a witch spa leaving Lucius and Draco to discover the joys of an adventure/orienteering holiday? (Probably not ) Would Percy ever leave his desk for long enough to enjoy even a weekend away with his family?

    Enough speculation! Your task for August is to write a Potterverse character on holiday . . . somewhere . . . anywhere that is out of their normal comfort zone. Forget the title of the challenge; this doesn't have to end in love, or be in the slightest romantic. Just write a drabble between 300-500 words.


    And let's add a catch.

    Your character has to hear a Summer song on a Muggle radio. You know the sort of thing, they're infuriatingly catchy to the point of nausea, and yet we can't stop singing along ('Call Me, Maybe' anyone?) The song s/he hears will inspire them to do something that changes their holiday.


    Depending on how many entries received, and their quality, points will be awarded thusly
    1st place - 15 points
    2nd place - 10 points
    3rd place - 5 points

    Participation - 5 points for first entry, 2 points for any subsequent entries (ever the optimist, aren't I?).

    Use this form for entries:

    PHP Code:
    B]Song used:[/B]
    B]Ratings and Warnings:[/B]

    This competition will close on 31st August at 10PM BST. All MNFF guidelines must be followed.

    Good Luck

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    Name: Oregonian
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Never Forget
    Song Used: Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas
    Rating and Warnings: 1st-2nd Years, None
    A/N: I saw the Live Aid concert. Did you?

    Carole Edit: Yes, I did.

    James stopped licking his ice cream cone and strained his ears to hear the song playing on the Muggle radio at the London Zoo snack bar. "Shh," he whispered to his brother and sister, "I'm trying to listen to the words." It was a lively tune, something about dancing in the street.

    Soon the song was over, and a middle-aged man sitting at the adjacent table looked over and said, smiling, "That song is one of my favorites too."

    "You know that song, mister?" James asked.

    "It's called Dancing in the Street," the man answered, "and it's very special."


    "Back in the 1980's there was a terrible famine in Ethiopia -- you know where that is? in Africa? -- and lots of people were starving to death. So a rock musician -- his name was Bob Geldof -- put together a huge concert, in both England and America simultaneously, to raise money to save those people. It was the biggest concert the world has ever seen, and all the famous rock musicians performed for free. It went all day, from early morning to late at night. In between the acts, they showed videos of Ethiopia, just brown and dusty as far as the eye could see, and the people like walking skeletons.

    "There were two big rock stars, Mick Jagger and David Bowie -- you know who they are? no? -- well, they wanted to perform together, but Mick was in America on concert day and David was in England, so they made a video of themselves singing and dancing together, and it was shown at the concert, and the song they performed was Dancing in the Street.

    "Were you at the concert?"

    "You bet I was, the whole time. They called it 'The Day The Music Changed The World,' and we did. We raised hundreds of millions of pounds and saved tens of thousands of people, maybe more."

    Lily spoke up. "My daddy saved the world. There was a bad man that was killing people and my daddy stopped him."

    The man glanced quizzically at Harry and Ginny, then addressed the children again. "There are always villains we have to fight against. Sometimes they're bad people, and sometimes they're bad things, like famine, sickness, war, natural disasters..."

    "I wish I could have been there."

    "You know, the next best thing would be to watch the video. You can buy it. Of course it doesn't show all sixteen hours, but it gives you the idea."

    He took a pen from his pocket and sketched something on a napkin: an outline map of Africa with a guitar neck attached to the top, and the words "Live Aid. July 13, 1985."

    "There, that's what you want."

    "You remember the exact date?" Harry asked.

    "Never forgot it," the man replied. "It changed my life."

    "Dad, we gotta buy this," James pleaded, picking up the napkin. "I'll pay for it."

    "Is he a lover of music, or social justice?" the man asked Harry.

    "A little of each, I think."
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    Name: the opaleye
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Lake Taupo
    Song used: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
    Ratings and Warnings: 3rd-5th years; sexual situations, mild profanity.
    A/N: I paraphrase some lyrics from the song into Ginny's thoughts: There is no need to complicate, our time is short, this is our fate, I'm yours. I'd also like to mention that I actually really love this song and don't find it annoying because it brings back beautiful memories of a summer on Lake Taupo four years ago

    The day starts with an argument. I suppose it’s because the kids are screaming, and the sandwiches aren’t made, and the sun is already high and hot through the kitchenette window, and the motel room next to us has their radio turned up too loud with some earworm of a song. But when I really stop to think about it, even though I don’t have time to stop, it’s because Harry hasn’t said one nice word to me since we got up. Not out of malice, but just because he forgot, even after we spent last night making quiet love, even though I have sunburn in awkward places, even though I am tired from the hot and high sun and screaming kids from the day before.

    I tell him to bugger off when he asks what’s wrong. He does. He makes the sandwiches and tells the kids to be quiet and casts a charm to stop the bass from the music thumping through my head like a Bludger. It only annoys me more because he’s spent most of our holiday doing nothing to help.

    Today we are driving around the lake and having a picnic on the beach. A woman and her husband are frying sausages on a barbecue. I buy four. Lily and I can share one because she’s too small to finish one on her own. Harry grumbles when we sit down because he’s made sandwiches, and now the kids aren’t going to want to eat them, and he went to all that trouble even though I make the sandwiches every other day, and I’m being thoughtless.

    James and Albus run into the water before we have time to stop them, and Lily sets herself up to bury her dad’s feet with the shaly sand, and I lie back and forget to put on more sunblock.

    After a while, Harry leans over and begins to rub sunblock onto my arms, and he whispers that he’s sorry for whatever he did, and that I’m beautiful, and then that bloody song starts blasting from the radio by the barbecue and I’m too tired to not listen so I listen.

    All holiday I’ve been watching our days pass by charged hot with the sun and my frustration. But the song is right. There is no need to complicate our lives with what Harry and I’ve been complicating them with, because our time is short, and we have a beautiful family and that is more than what can be said for those who can’t watch their days pass by charged with anything. Like my brother, like Harry’s parents, like Remus and Tonks.

    I give Harry a brief kiss and go back to listening to the song, and then I eat a sandwich.

    One day, this holiday will be more than a holiday when we’re lying in bed and leaning over to whisper remember that time on Lake Taupo, and then it will be a really good memory with an argument in between.

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    Name: luinrina
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Sweet Love
    Song used: Sweet Love by Liviu Hodor feat. Mona
    Ratings and Warnings: 1st-2nd years, none
    Word count: (with lyrics) 499

    ‘I want to come along!’ Scorpius whined and grabbed his mother’s robes. Astoria tried freeing herself but the six-year-old clung only tighter.

    Draco stepped in and pried his son off. ‘It was you who was all for staying with Grandfather and Grandmother so that you can go to the Quidditch World Cup game between England and Ireland.’

    ‘But –’

    Astoria knelt down to be on eye-level with her son. ‘We won’t be long. Only a couple of days. We’ll be back before you know it.’

    Scorpius sniffed and dubbed at his teary eyes. ‘You’ll bring me presents.’

    ‘Of course,’ Astoria promised.

    Draco put his hand between his shoulder blades and gently steered him toward his parents who had come to fetch their grandson. ‘Now, remember what I told you about behaving.’

    ‘Yes, father.’ Scorpius swiftly turned around, gave Draco’s legs a tight hug, then ran over to his grandmother who reached down to take the young boy’s hand.

    Draco nodded towards his parents. ‘We’ll be back in a week.’

    ‘Don’t worry, Scorpius will be fine with us,’ his father declared. He gestured at his wife, and a moment later, all three had Disapparated.

    Turning towards his wife, Draco took her arm and said, ‘Let’s go.’

    It was the first time since Scorpius’ birth that Draco went on holidays alone with his wife. He had never before been to Majorca and was looking forward to it. They were staying at a friend’s finca at the foot of the Serres de Llevant near Colònia de Sant Pere. Upon arrival, Draco immediately noted the quietness of the location. They were surrounded by nothing but nature, yet the next town wasn’t too far away in case they needed something.

    They spent most of their time relaxing at the finca’s swimming pool or taking long walks. Sometimes they went into town shopping or visited the beach. One day Draco lent a small yacht and they drove out onto the sea. He was just checking the compass when Astoria pulled out a weird-looking device and started fiddling with it.

    He stopped the motor, letting the yacht idle on the waves, and curiously asked, ‘What are you doing?’

    She sent him a wide smile. ‘It’s a portable radio. The Muggles use it.’

    He frowned. ‘What do we want with a Muggle contraption?’

    Suddenly, music started drifting out of the devise and Astoria stood. ‘I heard this song yesterday and can’t lose the tune anymore,’ she explained. She came to stand really close and slung her arms around his neck. ‘Let’s dance,’ she whispered before starting to hum the melody.

    Unable to resist her charm, he put his hands around her and started moving to the tune. She smiled up at him before leaning her head against his chest. He kissed her hair and, while listening to the lyrics, thought that sometimes, Muggles did get things right.

    Let’s fly together,
    Let’s get this dream forever,
    Let’s dance like we’re in heaven,
    Just give me your sweet love
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    Oh my god. I had a mini heart attack when I realized I had forgotten something REALLY IMPORTANT in the drabble. It's fixed now.

    Name: melody93
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Forward
    Song used: Summer Nights – Grease
    Ratings and warnings: 1st-2nd years, no warnings
    A/N: This wasn’t the song I originally wanted to use – I actually wanted ‘On Top of the World’ by Imagine Dragons, but in the end I suddenly started to think about this one and the story just came to me.
    Also, I assumed that Ottery St. Catchpole is named after Ottery St. Mary, a real town located in Devon, England. I looked it up and every year, around November, there is a fair behind River Otter. For the purposes of this drabble, that fair happens in August
    Word count: 496 (I had to cut a lot ;_; )


    Ron Weasley was frustrated. Ever since he and Hermione had kissed during the Final Battle, they hadn’t really done it anymore. Hermione had gone to Australia to retrieve her parents, Ron had been mourning Fred’s loss, everyone had been trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on, and during all of that, the romance had seemed to vanish. You would think that a near-death experience would serve to bring people closer but, in this particular case, it hadn’t.

    So, when Ron heard that the local fair was arriving in town, he wasted no time in telling Hermione to be ready in ten minutes, and set to making himself look as presentable as possible. Confused, Hermione had gone to the room she’d been sharing with Ginny and had tried to do the same, even though she had no idea what she was getting ready for.

    Fifteen minutes later they were both on their way to the fair.


    The next day, two very similar – yet quite different – conversations were happening in opposite places of the Burrow.

    “So?” Ginny asked, while folding the clean laundry along with Hermione, “How was last night? You only arrived at 2!”

    Hermione blushed before turning her head away. “W-Well, it was a pleasant night. Ron took to me to the fair.”

    “Really? The fair?” Ginny asked, surprised. “I haven’t been there in a while! What did you do?”


    “We rode the Ferris Wheel.” Out in the garden, Ron was also telling Harry about his date with Hermione. “And then, I bought her some cotton candy and we took a stroll around the fair. There was Muggle music playing from an old radio at the cotton candy stand, and she suddenly giggled and said ‘Oh, I know this song – I think it’s quite appropriate for tonight.’”

    “What song was it?”

    “Some song about summer nights from some Muggle moo-vie.”

    “It’s movie,” Harry corrected. “That seems like a nice date. Did you, well … did you kiss again?”

    “Harry!” Ron blushed, his face becoming as red as the apples hanging from the trees.

    “What? Isn’t that what you’ve wanted to do ever since the Final Battle?”

    “Well yeah, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about it!”


    “And after we were done with the cotton candy, he kept complaining that his fingers were sticky until we were back home, so to shut him up, I kissed him.”

    “Well, well, well,” Ginny said, smirking a bit, “seems like Hermione Granger is not as innocent as we all thought.”

    Hermione giggled, taking a break from folding the laundry and sitting on the bed. “It was the best night I’ve had in a long time, Ginny!”


    Ron sighed, looking up at the sun glittering all by itself in the sky. “I really hope we can just move forward and do it again.”

    Harry clapped his shoulder and smiled sympathetically. “Mate, she kissed you – I’d say that’s a pretty good sign.”

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    House: Slytherin
    Title: Old Dirt Roads
    Song used: Wildflower by the Janedear girls
    Ratings and Warnings: firsties, none
    /N: so, it's exactly 500 without the lyrics. I hope that's all right? and a brilliant title, I know.

    "We're here!" Ginny said, jumping off her broom and helping Lily to the ground.

    "Thank Godric! That trip took forever." James collapsed on the ground,panting.

    Harry grinned at his exhausted children. "It wasn't like we didn't stop in Greenland. If we hadn't, you'd have fallen asleep flying."

    Ginny clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Does anyone remember what the guidebook to the Grand Canyon said?"

    "Yes, Mum," James sighed. "It isn't considered normal to try to fly across the canyon."

    "Very good," Ginny said. "Let's find our ride."


    Ginny was trying hard to stay awake as they drove down the highway. She couldn't understand how Muggles could ride like this all the time. Dad said that it was comfortable, but sitting on a plastic seat for eight hours was not her idea of leisure. She supposed that a very nice Muggle car could be comfortable and hoped that whatever car Harry had rented for their trip wasn't like this bus.

    One Muggle invention she wished she had were earplugs. She'd used them when they were in Egypt to drown out the twins' snoring and they had been wonderful. Ginny wished she had a pair now to drown out the overly loud radio that was blasting from the front of the bus.


    Five hours later, the family was driving in a rusted old truck. Despite having searched for forty-five minutes, this was the best vehicle Harry had been able to find. Ginny was disappointed, but at least it had wheels. She sighed and leaned back in the seat, thankful that the enlargement spell had worked. At least they weren't cramped.

    A few minutes later, music began blaring.

    ...I was born off an old dirt road 40 acre farm no highway no interstate
    & I drive an old rusted out Chevrolet, the boys all rubber neck while their out makin' hay...

    Ginny laughed at the words. It was ironic how it fit their current situation, except for the bit at the end. The windows were rolled up, so no one could see that the inside of the truck was larger than normal.

    Soon, Lily was beginning to sing along. James and Al reluctantly joined in.

    I'm a wildflower, growin' in the sunshine, soakin' up the way of life I was raised in,
    runnin' barefoot bloomin' in a summer shower, ponytail dancin' I can't help it. I-I'm a wildflower.

    Ginny smiled. It was a rare occasion that her three children were not arguing over something. The boys didn't like singing, but being in a new place seemed to have made them less uptight.

    Theres a little cotton dress hangin' in my sisters closet,
    I think I'm gonna borrow it, and wear it this weekend.
    Painted my toes, bought some cherry lip gloss.
    No rose, No daisy, can touch what I got

    Ginny was glad that the boys had a sister to civilize them. They needed someone to teach to them social manners and help them not look like ragamuffins. She'd never had a sister to go shopping with, or a sister to steal clothes from. One thing that she'd vowed to do for Lily was to teach her to be a lady.

    Ginny smiled at Harry, who was carefully maneuvering the bumpy road. He deserved something special for taking them this trip. It had been a lot of work to get ready for and been difficult to get the children to cooperate. She decided that perhaps, that very evening, he would really understand how much he meant to her. Maybe they could go flying over the canyon at night. Without the children. Alone.
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    using rare and complicated words
    Very impressive, Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnakessssssssssssssssss sssssssssss.

    Comp now closed. I shall judge very soon and award points in the Summer term hourglass.

    Thank you!
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    using rare and complicated words
    Thank you very much for the entries - especially you lovely Slytherins!

    Okay, as there weren't that many entries, I am only awarding a first place, although you all get participation points, of course.

    The winner of this challenge is

    Lake Taupo - Julia the opaleye - SSSSLYTHERINNNNNNN

    Well done. This summed up the challenge perfectly and the frustrations of parenthood and marriage beautifully. (Are you sure you don't have a secret husband and family somewhere?)


    Gryffindor -0.o
    Hufflepuff - 5
    Ravenclaw - 0.o
    Slytherin - 35

    Thank you very much for your entries; they were fun to read and I loved listening to the music.

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