Look behind the Chalet
My holiday's complete
And I feel like William Tell
Maid Marian on her, tiptoed feet
Pulling mussels from a shell
Pulling mussels from a shell

Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) ~Squeeze

Madam Carmerta is currently on holiday and enjoying the sunshine (along with the pool and the wonderful Majorcan cuisine) and whilst relaxing on her sun lounger, she's been pondering Harry Potter characters, and what they do for holidays.

How do they get there? Where would they go? Would Molly drag all her kids off to Muriel's for a week? Does Narcissa book herself into a witch spa leaving Lucius and Draco to discover the joys of an adventure/orienteering holiday? (Probably not ) Would Percy ever leave his desk for long enough to enjoy even a weekend away with his family?

Enough speculation! Your task for August is to write a Potterverse character on holiday . . . somewhere . . . anywhere that is out of their normal comfort zone. Forget the title of the challenge; this doesn't have to end in love, or be in the slightest romantic. Just write a drabble between 300-500 words.


And let's add a catch.

Your character has to hear a Summer song on a Muggle radio. You know the sort of thing, they're infuriatingly catchy to the point of nausea, and yet we can't stop singing along ('Call Me, Maybe' anyone?) The song s/he hears will inspire them to do something that changes their holiday.


Depending on how many entries received, and their quality, points will be awarded thusly
1st place - 15 points
2nd place - 10 points
3rd place - 5 points

Participation - 5 points for first entry, 2 points for any subsequent entries (ever the optimist, aren't I?).

Use this form for entries:

PHP Code:
B]Song used:[/B]
B]Ratings and Warnings:[/B]

This competition will close on 31st August at 10PM BST. All MNFF guidelines must be followed.

Good Luck