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Thread: Weather at Hogwarts

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    Weather at Hogwarts

    This may be more apart of the Being British threads, but I was wondering, in the Harry Potter series, what is the weather usually like around Autumn? I remember that it usually rains on the way to Hogwarts on the Express, but as soon as they get there, does it start to feel a bit cold?

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    Mollie Black
    I actually did some research for this one. Starting in September, the temperatures vary any where from 65 degrees F, to 45 degrees F. So yes, it starts getting cooler quickly. By October, the average high is 59 degrees F, while the average low is 41 degrees F. It's still between 50 degrees F and 35 degrees F in November, so it probably wouldn't start snowing until sometime in late December or early January, because that's when the averages start dropping below 32 degrees F, although in some cases, snow has been seen as early as the first of November.

    Hope I helped,

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