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Thread: Marauder Knowledge?

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    Marauder Knowledge?

    Hi! Was Sirius, James, Remus and Peter's pet name for themselves (The Marauders), known throughout the school? For example would the Slytherins have referred to them as this when talking about them collectively? Did the Marauders make their name known throughout the entirety of the school?

    Any help highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think the Marauders was more of a name they used to refer to themselves. It just doesn't seem fit for people to be calling them The Marauders while in school.

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    Mollie Black
    I don't think the students would have talked about them as the Marauders in school. But since marauder is more of a pirate term that means someone who causes trouble, there's a good chance that one of the teachers actually started refering to them as such, and they just began calling themselves the Marauders.

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    All that we know for a fact on this point is the Marauders referred to themselves as "The Marauders." It's unknown whether or not others outside of MWPP used the name.

    Personally, I've never been very fond of others using it -- except perhaps Lily, once she and James have officially gotten together (like, perhaps around engagement time or something).

    Just my personal preference, though. I'd prefer, when reading, to see others refer to them in other ways -- If a Slytherin happened to say something like how he was going to get back at "Those four" or whatnot, then I think just about everyone would know *who* he was referring to, especially if MWPP have already started building a name for themselves.


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    I agree. I dont think that the marauders would have even made their name for themselves a school-wide thing. I think that was an in-group name.

    and maybe lily, seeing as she knew their nicknames,


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    Well, I'm going to go the other way and say I think it might have been a pretty well known thing. They were so cocky and full of themselves that I can see them wanting to be known by the name they chose for themselves. Like most of the young arrogant teenage cliques I have ever known, I think they would think having a special title would add to their mystique, but only if it was known. I don't think they would have tried to keep it a secret at any rate. They didn't even keep their personal Animagi nicknames a secret, as we see in Snape's Worst Memory.

    I also got the feeling that Snape knew who the Marauders were when he caught Harry with the Map. I think that's why he calls for Remus, not because he can't figure out if it is a Dark Magic item. When he tells Lupin something to the effect of it being likely that Harry got it "straight from the manufacturers", I felt it was an accusation. I think he thought Remus had given it to Harry in order for him to find a way out so that Sirius could get him. Now, if I remember properly, the map didn't say Marauders when Snape tapped it, but it did have MWPP's nicknames, so I think he knew them.

    Anyway, I think people did know. The Marauders were just too cocky to keep it quiet.

    *loves arrogant berk Marauders*

    Now, I don't know that the Slytherins would refer to them as the Marauders. Maybe those bloody Marauder gits or something, but the people who thought they were the height of cool might.

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