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Thread: Engagement Rings? *DH SPOILERS*

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    Engagement Rings? *DH SPOILERS*

    Hi all.

    I was wondering what we know of the engagement ring tradition in the wizarding world? I don't remember the wedding band part of Bill and Fleurs wedding, but Tonks waggled her beringed finger at Harry in the kitchen at Privet Drive. So, I know there can be wedding bands, but no big deal was made about the enagement rings.

    Oh, and for something completely different; what were Hermione's parents names and where did they live?


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    Hmmm. Well, I'm pretty sure most people would use wedding bands, but, just as in the muggle world, there's nothing to say that they have to use them. Again, most people would probably tend to, but perhaps Fleur didn't want to wear a ring. Or it could be part of her tradition to not wear one.

    However, since we've seen both sides represented in the Potter books, you have pretty much free regin with it in your story. You could have your character not wear one, but you could have them wear one as well.

    As for Hermione's parents, I don't think we know anything about them except that they're muggles and dentists. But, during the seventh book, they think they are called Wendell and Monica Wilkins and they live in Australia.

    I hope I helped you some!


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    Thanks Morgan!

    I guess I can do whatever I want with the ring thing, which is what I thought.

    As to the Grangers, I think I'll assume Hermione would have wanted to do the least amount damage to them as possible with that memory altering spell and therfore she would have used their real first names. So, unless I hear differently in the mean time, it will be Monica and Wendell.

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    I don't think their names could be Wendell and Monica, because the way she says it makes me think that she changed their names, and she says something like "Wendell and Monica don't know they have a daughter" but obviously, her parents do know they have a daughter. So if her parents know and Wendell and Monica don't, that implies that they are not her parents real names. In the books they are always refered to as Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

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    Thanks Clara.

    I don't know if I follow the logic, because they don't know they have a daughter they can't have the same first names....but, I agree with you about the way she says their names. She tosses them out like they were totally randomly selected. It's just an impression, but I don't think it's their real names either.

    So, I guess I need to write the dialog without first names...

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