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Thread: Neville Longbottom and the rememberall

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    Lobena Bricatta

    Neville Longbottom and the remembrall

    I was thinking of Neville Passing on his remembrall as a gift, in a next generation story. But I could not remember whether or not he had lost it? I believe this is the spot to ask such questions right?

    If it isn't if you would please redirect me
    Thank you

    Continuous motion isn't really first .
    Lobena Bricatta

    Thank you, pout, pout, pout,
    I really wanted to pass that on!
    Oh well I'll just have to think of something else

    Actually that is a grand idea. I will have it so that he has found it and then passes it on
    Thank you

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    Yes, sadly, he did lose it. It says in OotP when Neville shows his Mimbulous (Mimbulus?) Mimbletonia to Harry, Ginny, and Luna. But i really love the idea!

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    Perhaps after the war is over, he could always remember where he left it, or someone could find it and give it to him, or he could get another one?

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