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    August Activities 2013

    Sometimes, the fic you really, really want to win a QSQ goes unnoticed, or perhaps you've read a story from a couple of years ago that is no longer eligible for QSQ judging. Or, maybe, the award you want to give the fic you adore isn't "Best Non-Canon Romance" and is actually bears the more inappropriate title "Hottest UST/Unresolved Sexual Tension" (). Whatever it is, your activity this month will give you the liberty to award whichever fic you like whatever award you please.

    This is definitely my favourite ever SPEW activity. The purpose of this activity is for you to show some love to fics that you think deserve recognition -- not necessarily for a QSQ (though it can be if you want). You can use the QSQs as a guide, if you like, or you can make up your own awards, like Best Tear-Jerker or Best Smut, and then award them to stories or authors on the archives. There is no limit on when the stories were published, either, so go nuts.

    You can also see this activity being done before here and here. Please use the following form for your awards.

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    This activity is due to be completed by 15th August at 11:59pm US Pacific Time / 16th August at 7:59am British Summer Time.
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    Award: Should Have Been Canon
    Author/Story: There's an Answer by xxbabewithbrainsxx
    Link: voila
    Reason: Because, happy as I was to get some canon on Remus and Tonks from Pottermore, I like this version of events so much better. It feels like they properly have their own story, instead of their relationship just being a by-product of someone else's story, and my goodness this couple deserve to get their own story. The plot is so interesting and fresh, especially when compared to the obviousness of what is now canon. And it doesn't hurt that it was written with me in mind

    Award: Most Missed Author
    Author/Story: welshdevondragon
    Link: voila
    Reason: When I first found MNFF, Alex's fics were some of my absolute favourites, but now she's no longer active and a huge number of them have been taken down. I really miss the days when I could squee over new Alex!fics and reread things like her Thin Red Lines series or The Winged Lion

    Award: Most Unexpectedly Fabulous Songfic
    Author/Story: Lovely Rita by Equinox Chick
    Link: voila
    Reason: I prompted Carole to write about this song, half-jokingly because I didn't see how anyone could really make it work. And then she wrote this and I adored it and I am still stunned by her genius. To make *that* song make sense in the Potterverse and to have it turn out as such a lovely little story is a stunning achievement, imo.
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    Award: Most Unexpected Fic from an Author
    Author/Story: Thin Red Lines by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Link: link
    Reason: I didn't know what I expected Maple to write for Jess (for SPEW Swap),but it certainly wasn't this. Thin Red Lines covers some heavily sensitive topics, and I think she may have swore more than me. It was simply completely different for her, and amazingly dark without romanticizing any issues.

    Award: If I Could Take Credit for any Fic it would Be:
    Author/Story: Hungry Shadows by Padfoot11333
    Link?: link
    Reason: This is some of, if not the, best work by Lily. Once again, it covers such a dark and sensitive topic, but Lily honestly hit a home run. It was so raw, and so unbelievably dark, and I remember talking to Lily during every stage: the idea, the research, and the actual writing. If there was one fic this year I wish I could have my author name on, it'd be this one.
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    Award: The Most Unusual Fic in the History of Unusual Fics
    Author/Story: Turn to Stone by iLuna17
    Link: here!
    Reason: I mean the good kind of unusual, of course, because when have we ever seen a story about statues? This was a unique, beautifully written fic and I enjoyed every moment of it. It explored a premise beyond characters and canon and everything and concentrated on one topic: magic, which is central to the entire Potter series. Also, the fic has a good moral, and gives you a lot to think about.

    Award: @$$butt Pairing
    Author/Story: Patchwork by majestic_ginny
    Link?: here!
    Reason: Well, I know I've used a SPN name for the award, but when I think of the word in terms of the Potter couples I've read about, it would be Albus and Andrea. The story was funny and emotional, and the romantic plot between the characters made me giggle quite a bit. Had I been introduced to SPN at the time of reading this story, I would have definitely used the word for these two, because it is fitting. Adorable, adorable story.
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    This is freebie!late. Don't mind me

    Award: The “Best Woman (Barring Tonks) to Pair Remus With” Award
    Author/Story: The First by The owl
    Link: yo
    Reason: Remus gets shipped with a lot of people. And I love reading Remus romance fics in general, but never in a million years did I think of Poppy Pomfrey. And yet it works beautifully. Poppy is fully aware of Remus’s condition, and so he has less to hide with her, and that in itself is enough for me to love this fic.

    Award: The “Pass the Kleenex” Award
    Author/Story: Still by 1000timesingoldenink
    Link: yup
    Reason: Wow. This poem just totally took my breath away while also succeeding in making me cry. I sometimes forget how tough Luna has had it as a child, losing her mother so young, and seeing it written in such a gorgeous way made it doubly heartbreaking. This is prose poetry at its best.

    Award: The “This Should Have Been in the Books” Award
    Author/Story: Scenes From Shell Cottage by WeasleyMom
    Link: flail
    Reason: I don’t read a lot of Romione these days, but when I do, this story is always the first one to come to mind. It was so well-written and Ron and Hermione were both so perfect that if I didn’t know any better, I would have been convinced it was canon.

    Award: The Mysterious Maverick Award
    Author/Story: Pulling the Strings by Acacia Carter
    Link: right here
    Reason: This story was so tensely written and incredibly tightly plotted. Honestly, I was waiting with bated breath for the next chapters, and I was so glad I got to read them before anyone else, being Jamie’s beta. This was such an adventurous and gripping mystery that literally had me at the edge of my seat (well, bed).

    Award: Hottest Smut
    Author/Story: Lavender, Blue — A Gryffindor True by Equinox Chick AND In The Ashes by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    Link: Lavender Blue and In the Ashes
    Reason: Well, I read Lavender in two sittings, and it’s nearly novel-length, and I actually missed by bus stop reading In the Ashes because Oliver was so distracting. :3 No, honestly, I think these two authors have a fabulous handle on smut scenes that I envy greatly, because it’s never gratuitous and yet still fulfils my occasional indulgence (mmmm, Pourable Paradise…) in a bit of fun. And, to be perfectly honest, Blaise and Oliver are just hot. So there.

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