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    August Activities 2013

    Sometimes, the fic you really, really want to win a QSQ goes unnoticed, or perhaps you've read a story from a couple of years ago that is no longer eligible for QSQ judging. Or, maybe, the award you want to give the fic you adore isn't "Best Non-Canon Romance" and is actually bears the more inappropriate title "Hottest UST/Unresolved Sexual Tension" (). Whatever it is, your activity this month will give you the liberty to award whichever fic you like whatever award you please.

    This is definitely my favourite ever SPEW activity. The purpose of this activity is for you to show some love to fics that you think deserve recognition -- not necessarily for a QSQ (though it can be if you want). You can use the QSQs as a guide, if you like, or you can make up your own awards, like Best Tear-Jerker or Best Smut, and then award them to stories or authors on the archives. There is no limit on when the stories were published, either, so go nuts.

    You can also see this activity being done before here and here. Please use the following form for your awards.

    PHP Code:
    This activity is due to be completed by 15th August at 11:59pm US Pacific Time / 16th August at 7:59am British Summer Time.
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