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    Hi! I'm just about to write a Transfiguration lesson, and wanted to know if my idea is okay.
    It is a seventh year lesson, and I wanted them to learn how to make objects 'come to life'. Does this seem plausible? We know that both McGonagall and Dumbledore can do it, so they must have learnt it at some point.

    Also, would creating something similar to the moving Krum figure that Ron has in GoF be counted as an object which has been 'bought to life'?

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I always figured animating an object -- making it come to life -- would be more in a Charms lesson than a Transfiguration.

    I know Hermione mentions that one learns about Human Transfiguration in Sixth Year, I believe it is, but I'm not 100% positive on that.

    For a seventh-year Transfiguration lesson, I'd do something more along the lines of in-depth changing of human beings or other complicated mammals. Perhaps some very advanced conjuring of something, as well?


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    Hi! Thanks for replying. I've already checked the lexicon and animating objects comes under the heading of Transfiguration. I am also planning on having lessons which involve Conjuring Spells. But if possible I wanted lessons on animating objects to aid me in a plot point later on.

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