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    Storing Memories

    When a person stores a memory, can they control how much they take out? Can someone manipulate another person with a partial memory? I'm not saying to change a memory, I know from Half Blood Prince that you can't change a memory. Can a person take only a part of an incident so that another person can take it out of context?

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    I think so. Let me take a quick trip up to HP Lexicon...

    Q: Do the memories stored in a Pensieve reflect reality or the views of the person they belong to?
    A: It's reality. It's important that I have got that across, because Slughorn gave Dumbledore this pathetic cut-and-paste memory. He didn't want to give the real thing, and he very obviously patched it up and cobbled it together. So, what you remember is accurate in the Pensieve.

    Q: So there are things in there that you haven't noticed personally, but you can go and see yourself?
    A: Yes, and that's the magic of the Pensieve, that's what brings it alive.

    Dumbledore keeps his Pensieve in a black cabinet in his office. When he has too many thoughts and memories crowded into his head, he siphons the excess thoughts into the basin using his wand. He says that "(i)t becomes easier to spot patterns and links" in the memories when they're collected in the Pensieve (GF30).
    I am definantly sure that there is more info, but I was just there for a moment.
    I recommend going to and checking it out for yourself, it might do more for you than what I can.

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    Mollie Black
    I looked around, not very long mind you, and I haven't found anything that says that you can't take a partial memory. Because logically, all of your memories are one long stream of thoughts. So if you can take just a bit of that information, then you should be able to take any amount of it you want.


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    That's what I was thinking, Mollie Black. It would be rather difficult to just gather only certain parts of memories. So yes, I agree with above post.

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    I think you could take out a memory like in HBP: When Tom Riddle took the last part of his Uncle Morfin's memory and replaced it showing Morfin not Tom killing the Riddles. So it's possible that Tom wiped Morfin's mind without a memory charm.
    Also the same with Hepzibah Smith's house elf Hokey and the poisoned cocoa. Dark magic or not it's cool.

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