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Thread: Did Lily know that Lupin was a werewolf?

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    Did Lily know that Lupin was a werewolf?

    Well, the titles pretty much sums it up, but do we have any canonical evidence towards Lily's knowledge of Remus' condition?

    I've always assumed that most of the order knew about it, but do we have any evidence that Lily had prior knowledge? Like James and/or the gang told her in school, or once she and James got really serious? Or do you think she guessed it?

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer!


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    Hi Morgan!

    I'm pretty sure that Lily knew, although I don't think there's any evidence in the books to point that way. According to everyone she was a very bright witch; I assume that she would figure it out like Hermione did, only she obviously took much longer.

    And, if she didn't figure it out for herself, I personally think that when she and James got serious (as in, engaged) that they would tell her.

    *blinks* I'm not sure if that was much of a help, but... in any case, good luck!


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    Yes, I think so. The 3rd movie had Remus saying Harry's mom was an unually bright and kind witch and saw beauty in him when he saw none. She probaly knew.

    Warning: Always use book canon, rather than movie canon, in your posts.

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    Lily and Lupin

    Did she know that James was a Animagus? Because then she would probably know.

    Or (SLIGHT DH SPOILER WARNING HERE) she might not, at least not until they got engaded/married. Because in The Prince's Tale in DH, she said that James saved Snape from "whatever's down there", and before, when Snape and her are talking they have a thing about how Lupin is ill every month at the full moon, and Lily says "I know your theory". I would typ the whole thing out, but I'm lazy and it's long. Pages 673-674, if you're intrested.

    Hope this helps....

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    I've always felt that Lily was the first one to figure it out, but she didn't tell anyone. She had to lie afterwards, so as not to expose Remus to everyone.

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    Wow! Thanks for all of the help guys. I'm just going to make them tell her in my story, as it seems like we all think she knew at some point. (My story takes place after that excerpt from DH by the way).

    Thanks again!

    Mods, you can lock/grave or leave it up for future reference. I don't care!


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