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Thread: Pairing - Lily/Sirius

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    Quote Originally Posted by R_Ravenclaw
    I think they were alike in basic ways (i.e. arrogance and humour), but they were different in so many little ways. I think James knew what he wanted from life. He was a spoiled kid, and he had a good life. So one day he met this girl and knew that she was the one (not to sound cheesy or anything ). In that way, I think James knew his mind well. But Sirius obviously dated around a lot. He didn't even seem to be really looking for the right girl. I see Sirius as a bit more reckless. I don't think James would've lost his temper (or however the prank came about) and told Snape how to get into the tunnel, where he knew full well that there was a werewolf.
    I think that Sirius didn't really know what he wanted either. He had been living with his family that he couldnt' agree with and only knew he didn't want to become them. He hadn't yet figured out what else he valued or wanted. James knew his mind well because he had grown up agreeing with his family and could figure out what he valued in life rather than just know he agreed with his family.

    Sirius was more reckless because he knew his family wouldn't approve of it. He hated his family so much that he would actually do whatever they didn't approve of.

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    interesting...I think it is highly plausible...but there isnt much canon evidence for it.

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    I think the idea of a Sirius/ Lily relationship could be interesting.

    The way I see it, if Lily had it in her to put up with Snape (and maybe even like him a little bit) she definitely could do the same for Sirius.

    Consider it for a moment, Sirius and Severus are incredibly similar. They are both characters who are willing to do anything to get what they want and they both have shown a flagrant disregard for considering what the affects might be on innocent bystanders. Their similarities are what make them such great foil characters. They are different sides of the same coin.

    It makes sense that Lily might be attracted to a certain kind of guy and that Sirius, who puts little stock in the pureblood mania that turned Lily off of Severus, might stand a chance.

    I agree that you would have to do major work to get around the snafu of Sirius stealing James's girl, despite the fact that they are best friends.

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    Hmm, I feel the plot bunnies jumping up and down in my head! ;]

    I think that a Lily/Sirius relationship is deffinatley probable. If we take a look at their personalities, I think we can see some type of compatibility. Both were intelligent, but in different ways. Sirius was one of the brightest in his year, and I would presume had more of a natural talent. Lily I see as more of a book worm, but I beleive both of these to be up too your own interpretation.
    The thing that I love so much about Marauder pairings is you can take these characters and do whatever you please with them, and still make the outcome the same. It makes it so much more imaginative to write, because your still being Canon compliant but you can give the story your OWN twists and turns.
    So as for the Lily/Sirius pairing....why not?

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