*note: DH spoilers. Duh*

Inspired by a true Discussion - RULES! thread

Well, I got this idea from the rules thread under the OC forum, and I sincerely hope that this is in the right spot...

In short, what are the possibilities of Sirius/Lily? I know that some people find the ship possible, and some find it impossible (of course), though, like Remus/Lily, it's generally un-canon.

I don't think that it is possible simply because of Lily's personality. She values, among other things, sensitivity and kindness, which is why she refused to even consider dating James until she was 18. Sirius, as we have seen, lacks all forms of sensitivity everywhere. He doesn't care if he hurts/offends people that he hates, simply because I don't think Sirius sees those he hates as equals.

Besides that, I don't see any qualities in Sirius that Lily would admire. He is not *very* intelligent (he was helped along his Animagus journey, I'm sure, by James and Remus), he isn't sensetive or caring, he comes off as shallow most of the time, and doesn't think through his choices logically. Harry is almost like Sirius in that way, as he doesn't think through the consequences of his actions before he acts.

However, my point isn't so much to disprove this ship as it is to wonder how it would work. I only have a few points...

- Sirius would need to have a serious attitude change. I think that the only way this could be pulled off is if he changed enough *for* Lily, that when she died he went back to being old Sirius. I have yet to find a S/L fic on MNFF, but I've heard them discussed before.

- Lily would need to have an attitude change, also. I've always imagined Lily, out of all the Marauders, despising Sirius the most. The problem is that we don't know when this happened, whether it was after Lily and James became friends or after they got married.

- Sirius would probably be attracted to Lily before she was attracted to him. I've seen guys change for girls plenty of times, and, not to stereotype, but I've seen that the opposite isn't as common. Guys seem, to me, to be more motivated to change for a girl than girls seem to be willing to change for guys (clothes aside).

Anyway, if anyone has a point against my issues or has another idea, feel free to post. *grin*


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