Well, it depends on what kind of future you want Pansy to have. JK doesn't want her to have a good life at all, poor thing, even though apparently Draco is redeemable. *sigh.

I think she would've been really crushed when she and Draco broke up. On the other hand, the Parkinsons might be more concerned about their own situation and make sure that she is broken up with Draco so they face less problems.

If you're just looking for a likely candidate for Pansy to be married to, without having gone through a sea change in personality and circumstances, I would suggest a rich Slytherin.

Honestly, you're free to interpret Pansy how you like since she gets the short end of the stick so strongly in canon. Just about anyone is possible who isn't already paired off in JK's interviews. Most of the Slytherins are so badly or not at all portrayed that we have no idea about what they might be like when they're not in front of Gryffindors insulting them, particularly those who stay out of that kind of nonsense like Daphne Greengrass, Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini.