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    Pansy Parkinson

    I'm writing a new story, set after DH, about Draco and Pansy. In this story, I'm not sure about how Pansy would act after the defeat of Voldemort. Would she still be the kind of girl who hates Mudbloods and would she believe that Voldemort should have triumphed? Don't want to give to much away about the plotline, but I'm writing that Draco changes his ways and Pansy still is the same with her treatment of people with filthy blood.

    I don't believe that the woman that Draco is married to and has a child with in the last chapter, is Pansy, otherwise I reckon J.K would have just said it was her, so I'm writing that Pansy and Draco break up.

    Any help with this will be most helpful and loved by me, thanks people!


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    Madame Marauder
    I hate to sound bossy or anything, but shouldn't this thread be in "minor characters" as Pansy has never been a main player in Jo's story?

    If you want Draco and Pansy to break up, perhaps you can have Draco explain to her how hard his father had to work to keep his family out of Azkaban and that he doesn't want her to mess the clean-slate image he has with her predjudices. Maybe he tells her he needs some time to find himself and his place in this new world, but he's got to do it alone-- and then he never comes back for her.

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    You don't sound bossy at all, don't worry. After I started the thread I went, oops. Thanks for the advice!


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    Mollie Black
    I think that Pansy's hate for mudbloods runs too deep for it to stop just because Voldy's gone. I agree with what has been said, that Draco should use the whole, "clean slate" line. I think he should try to deal with it for a while, trying to get her to stop. You know, correcting her when she says mudblood and stuff like that. But after a while, I think that he needs to get fed-up with everything and leave.

    I know I wasn't much help, but I don't know what else to say.


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    Pansy has always struck me as a girl who would agree with anything that Draco says to be on his good side, just so that she could be with him.

    It reminds me of that scene in Eddie Murphy's movie "Coming To America". Eddie's character is first introduced to his "Queen-To-Be". And he takes her to a room off the side to ask her a few questions.

    He: What are your likes?
    She: Whatever his Highness likes?
    He: So what are your dislikes?
    She: Whatever his Highness dislikes?

    And then the scene has him making her do all sorts of things, that she obeys his every command. So he decided that he wanted to find a wife that could think for herself.

    So I think for Draco, after everything he's been through, would want a strong woman with a mind of her own to complement his nature. Pansy doesn't strike me as someone who could stand on her own.

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    Thanks you both to mrsmcclnt and Mollie Black for the help. I agree with mrsmcclnt about Pansy agreeing with Draco to get on his good side. She seems the follower type not the take the lead type. I'd better go and start writing now!


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    This is a bit of a silly question but I'd like to know what others think. I'm writing a story about Pansy's sister, whose age I keep changing my mind about. How many siblings (if any) do you think she'd have and where in the age order do you think Pansy would come? I'm the eldest and most people think I'm a middle child, so I know that you can't really tell. But from what you know of Pansy, what would be your guess?

    Any ideas much appreciated- thank you!

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    Uhm, well I'm not really a great believer in the eldest/middle/youngest child syndrome where each are assigned characteristics (eldest responsible, middle -ignored, youngest - spoiled) but that's possibly because I'm the youngest and don't want to admit I'm a brat.

    Pansy certainly seems to behave (from the little we know of her) like a queen bee. She surrounds herself with the other Slytherin girls and appears to rule the roost. She's also very imperious with the Slytherin boys. We don't hear anything about siblings, but that could be because they're much younger and thus annoying, or older and not at Hogwarts (as well as the fact that we really don't see much of her.) You could put a spin on her denouncement of Harry as the desire to protect herself and her family.

    Sorry, I'm not much help here. I would, on the whole, put her as the youngest by several years and thus not close to her siblings at school (maybe she gets closer to them later). Hmm, I'm thinking that perhaps she does have brothers because she seems to understand the male psyche very well. She certainly knows how to make Draco and Blaise bite.

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    Slytherin pureblood type families don't tend to have a lot of children - somewhere between one and three. I had pegged Pansy as an only child just from that, but like Daphne, I suppose it's possible she had a younger sibling by a few years that we never heard about... or an older one.

    As for assigned character traits for birth order, the last research I read on it said it reflects how we act around our siblings - but not necessarily anyone else. I'm the older sibling of me and my brother - and I'm definitely the bossier one.

    I see Pansy as either a daddy's girl or the younger child with an older brother who also dotes on her.

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