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Thread: Middle names

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    Lily's Middle Name

    Does anyone know Lily's middle name? or have any good middle names for Lily? But no cheesy flower names,
    Thank You

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    Well, judging by naming her and her sister both after flowers, maybe her parents went more a more contemporary, but nice middle name.

    My favourites are -
    Lily Michelle Evans
    Lily Theresa Evans
    Lily Susanne Evans
    Lily Elizabeth Evans

    To tell you the truth, it would be much easier if we knew if she was Irish or Scottish, or something like that. Though she has/had red hair, that still doesn't give us a clear direction of her cultural background. But I did look up the names Lily and Petunia and I got -

    Lily - English
    Simply means "lily" from the name of the flower, a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from Latin lilium.

    Petunia - English
    From the name of the flower, derived ultimately from a Tupi (South American) word.

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    On the Black Family Tree there's a Charlus Potter who married a Dorea Black. The Lexicon has speculated that it is unlikely that Charlus and Dorea are James' parents for two reasons; one being that Harry didn't note them on the tree in OotP, and the other being that Jo said that James' parents were "quite elderly" when they had him and has also said that witches and wizards live a great deal longer than Muggles, that the roughly forty five year old Charlus could not possibly be Harry's grandfather, and the forty year old Dorea not possibly his paternal grandmother, "because they weren't old enough".

    Mind, this is off the same tree that she had a thirteen year old boy fathering Bellatrix Lestrange.

    Fact: Jo is miserable at math.

    So. I think James' middle name was most likely Charlus.

    Lily, I think, may have had something more like British Royalty or a saintly name, such as Lily Anne, personally. (Like, Petunia Mary, Lily Anne, for example). Or possibly April/May/June, something along those lines. ("Lily May")

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