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Thread: Rehabilitation at St. Mungo's?

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    Rehabilitation at St. Mungo's?

    I was wondering if it would be plausible if St. Mungo's had a sort of rehab center or ward, for people with addictions, such as alcohol or something.

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    Well you could have it on the 3rd floor for potion and plant poisoning if you had them get alcoholic poisoning.

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    There doesn't appear to be one in the main hospital but that doesn't mean anything. It could be set up separately.

    However, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of addiction going on in the HP universe, and I don't think that's the type of thing that Jo would be likely to suppress, especially given that she broaches the topic of indulgence at the Tri-Wizard cup. You know, we see Hagrid drunk on more than one occasion but there's never any mention of it being an *addiction*, so I'd caution you on the use of this.

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    I agree with cmwinters, because as wizards seem to be resistant to injury, they might also be resistant to addictions.

    Not to say that it isn't possible, though.


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