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Thread: If you've read the 7th book please answer

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    Lobena Bricatta

    If you've read the 7th book please answer

    Now that my other idea has been shot down, I would like to know if anyone knows the date of young Teddy's birthday? I was looking through the novel but was unable to find it.

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    Lobena Bricatta

    Thank you all for your much needed help.

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    I looked at the calender and I've decided bouncing baby Tom will be born on Sunday April 5 1998, I think that'll work

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    I don't think it's mentioned, but it was sometime during or after that summer.

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    According to this lovely calendar provided by the Lexicon ( it would have been sometime in April.

    Assuming that Lupin & Tonks got married sometime after Harry, Ron & Hermione left school (which I think is a reasonable assumption as Lupin was still pushing her away as recently as the night Dumbledore died), and assuming a wizarding pregnancy is the same length as a Muggle one, and assuming she carried the baby to term, she would have to have gotten pregnant pretty well close to the day they got married, because for a 280 day pregnancy, she would have to have been pregnant by mid-July to have the baby at the beginning of August, and they go to pick Harry up on the 21st of July, and they were already married by that point.

    Further, Lupin knew about it by August the fourth.

    Even assuming they got married on, say, June 20th and she got pregnant within three weeks, it's entirely possible that she wouldn't even *know* she was pregnant until a month later, giving her time to miss her menses. So the timeline is VERY tight.

    And you can't make it much later than June 20th, because unless there's some sort of Wizarding knowledge that tells you that sort of thing within moments, she simply wouldn't have known.

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    I actually have a feeling Lupin knew at Harry's birthday/the wedding, which is why he looked so upset the whole time.

    Also, the baby was born right after they escaped from Malfoy Manor. Draco was out of school for the Easter holidays. That is generally late March/early April (a 1998 calendar could tell you for sure).

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