This question occurred to me the other night while I sat awake until four in the morning discussing the technical aspects of Hogwarts with my muse.

What is the possibility of Prefects having their own common room?

This made sense to me since having their own space would provide a less crowded place to work on homework (as all good little Prefects should ) and would also be a nice area for the Head Boy and Girl to post patrol schedules and hold meetings. More to the point, would you be put off reading if this room was mentioned in a fic?

Also, if such a room were to not exist, where would patrol schedules be posted and meetings held? Obviously, on the Hogwarts Express, they have their own compartment, but during the school year, would the Heads have to go around to each of the House's common rooms to give the Prefects the information they need?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

P.S. Just thought I'd mention that this room will not be used as a sexy plot device mirroring the infamous co-ed Head dorm. It's a common area, so I don't think anyone would risk being walked in on.