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Thread: Draco Malfoy

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    I actually always imagined Draco as a dragon, but perhaps that is only what his name means.


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    Jade Potter

    I agree

    Yeah, I'd thought about him being a dragon as well but the main character for the fic I'm using his being an animagus can turn into a dragon. I think it could be possible for both of them. But his being a dragon would make since.

    Oh, and his name is also the name of a constellation in the shape of a dragon.

    (as a little side note I love your Watch Over Me fic!)

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    I actually picture Draco to be a weasel, rather than a dragon - just like when Moody turned him into a white weasel in Book Four. It doesn't make sense for him to become something as big and flashy as a dragon, no matter how much he thinks he is that important. Remember, Animagus forms are chosen at random, but usually fit the character's personality, rather than the meaning behind their names.

    As far as your question about Fred and Aura, I think Draco would definitely take advantage of the fact that Fred is injured. Depending on how bad Fred's condition is, he may not be capable of duking it out with Draco for the girl. On the other hand, if the girl realizes how much of a better personality Fred has than Draco, she could make her own decision to be with Fred. Draco is a very jealous and pompous character, so no matter who she chooses, it will have dire consequences.

    I hope I helped!


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    Jade Potter
    You did! I could also see Draco as a weasel or something of that nature due to what his part in the fic is. But the thing of his taking advantage in the Aura and Fred situation is that Draco isn't exactly like he is in the books, at some points he is. But he's also sort of mellow and confused.

    And since Aura has been a prisoner in his own house for twelve years without his knowing it. Plus, all three are conected to the out come of the war.

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    If Draco were going to be an Animagus, I rather think it would be the twitchy little albino ferret that Crouch-as-Moody Transfigured him into.

    Remember, the Black family (at least Sirius and Nymphadora) seems to share an affinity for Transfiguration, and they are related to the Weasley family through Cedrella Black.

    Personally, I believe Draco is due a bit of comeuppance before he can become his own person, and I think becoming what is more or less the mascot of the (pureblood) family he appears to most believe himself better than is his due. You could even do it in a way that blamed it mostly on Crouch; because Draco was first transfigured into a weasel, that's the form his magical body automatically assumes it's supposed to take.

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss
    If you want to decide on a correct form for Draco Malfoy I think you need to first examine his personality.

    Although I am aware of the animagus forms being based on personality, J K Rowling has also had them linked to names: Sirius Black being the example. For those who don't know, Sirius is the Dog Star. I'm not sure if a Dragon would match his personality, but it might.

    The important thing to remember is not be predjudist just because it is Malfoy. He is not inheritly evil.

    The basic facts that I can get from his personality are these:
    1. He is loyal to his family, and to his friends.
    He did not want to leave his friend in the room of requirment and did his upmost best to save the lives of his family when they were under threat. Not only is he loyal to them in this sense, but he is also loyal to their belifes. The belifes he was brought up with.
    2. He likes to be in charge; he is a leader.
    Malfoy IS the leader of his group of friends. His friends mainly consist of him, Gregory, Vincent and Pansy, but he is still the leader.
    3. He is quite intelegent and good at thinking through problems.
    During his sixth year he did the thing that the death eater population couldn't do. (and dispite what people may think, Death Eaters are not idiots and are infact, powerful witches and wizards.) He was also trying to do things to not only distract from what he was also doing, but to show the Dark Lord that he WAS doing something. He had two things going on at all times.
    4. He does NOT like the idea of friends, or even enimies dying or being extreamly injured.
    His reaction to Hermione in the seventh book, and how he failed to actually intentify her, more trying to avoid having to do so. And also his reaction to finding out that Fenir Greyback was in the school.
    5. He is ambitious and wants to be the best... this couples with the fact that he is a sore loser.
    The rively with Harry Potter.
    6. He has a need to please.
    One of his main goals appears to be pleasing his father, and he resents those that stop him from doing this: Hermione who gets better grades, and Harry, who wins him at everything he does

    Draco is cast extreamly negativly in the books, but remember, the books are from Harry's point of view. If the books were from Draco's point of view I can assure you that you'd all hate Harry.

    We all know that Draco is predjudist, but he was brought up that way from being young. When he turned eleven and began mixing with peers from other upbringings he was put into a house that was a predudist house... therefore his peers also support and encourage his belifes.

    He is not a hero, but more a boy who does everything in his power to save his own skin, and the skin of his family. Remember that it wasn't Harry's family who were playing host to the Dark Lord whilst the Dark Lord continously ridiculed and insulted them. The Weasley's were protected by the order, they were hiding. Draco and his family were not. They were in the center of things. It may have been his father's fault, obviously the Dark Lord has changed since he was originally in power, but it is not Draco's fault. He has never known a Dark Lord, the only knowlege he has is the knowledge that the Dark Lord was a great and powerful man who wanted to rid the world of muggleborns. Muggleborns beingt those who STOLE magic from wizards, leaving some as squibs. (remember what the Dark Lord taught his followers.)

    You can't just sign off a character as being a twitchy little ferrit, or a waste of space. Characters and three dimensional, and you need to know why the otherside do what they do.

    Now, with referance to Draco's Animagus form. First the Dragon;
    Dragons are feircly protective of their family.
    They are NOT nice creatures and will hurt those who come near them.
    They are not brave creatures and fight when attacked, usually running away afterwards like most animals. (they don't go charging in to save the day, like a dog would.)
    They are quite magestic creatures, and Draco is not a ragamuffin.
    Serpents and dragons also simbolise trouble; a dragon is not a positive animagus form.

    The reason people are against the Draco animagus is because it seems too fanciful and amazing to be given to someone pathetic like Malfoy. People want their heros to have amazing Animagus forms and their enimies to have embarrassing and rubbish ones.

    Personally I don't like the idea of Draco having a Dragon animagus because it seems a little tacky.

    A fox animagus might work.
    They are not brave animals, but they are protective.
    They are concidered cunning and sneaky. Very Slytheirn. Although a fox also means subtly and I wouldn't call Draco subtle... Maybe when he grows up a bit.

    Maybe a Hedgehog.
    They mean self preservation and they are quite good at it.

    If you want something a little more showy, perhaps unusual, how about a scorpion? (ignoring the fact that that is what he named his son.)
    In certain Natve American Cultures it means Defense, Self Protection, Biting Truth. I'd think that seems quite appropreate? In the books doesn't Draco more often than not get Harry into trouble by simply telling the truth? (A truth that's told with bad intent can beat all the lies you can invent...)

    For those who want him to be a Weasel, here is what a Weasel means is certain American Cultures; Stealth, Information Gathering. Not too far out I suppose, he does collect information on people for his own gains.

    Here is the Chineese's meaings for Snake: observant, quick to anger, usually possesses great physical beauty and is not necessarily venomous except when protecting the family.

    The Chineese's meanings for Rooster: quick to fight, single-purposed and persistent.

    I have only included animals that I feel might fit Draco's personality. Sorry this is all quite messy, I'll try and come back and re organise it to make more sense, but I'm actually meant to be doing assigment's. Hope this has been helpful.

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    Jade Potter
    You make many very good points. I understand how Draco would be protective of his family and how he is intelligent. I do like the idea of a fox form of his Animagus form.

    I love how you defended Draco's point of views and how you caused me to reconsider his personality.

    Thank you all who helped me figure out the final form in which Draco shall be in my fanfic.

    I now have another question: How would Draco describe a girl he liked? Would he be blunt or use a sort of poetic way of describing her?
    Ex: She was hot.
    She was as beautiful as twilight's light when the sun hit her slim, delicate figure and created a picture of what a true goddess looks to mortal men.

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    I think how Draco described a girl he liked/loved would depend on who the girl was and who he's talking to.

    For example, if Draco is in love with Pansy Parkinson and is telling his guy friends (Crabbe and Goyle) he would probably say "She's hot." And maybe brag, because chances are, Crabbe and Goyle - not so lucky with the ladies!

    However, if Draco was telling Pansy or one of Pansy's friends about how she looks/is, he would probably be a bit more poetic. Draco is quite intelligent, I think that if he wanted to, he could be poetic. However, I don't think that Draco takes fluffy poetry seriously. I think he might tell Pansy that she is "as beautiful as twilight's light when the sun hit her slim, delicate figure" but I think inside he would be laughing, even he really thought she's beautiful.

    BUT if Draco was in love with Ginny (in my dreams ) he probably wouldn't tell anyone and the only way to tell what he's feeling is if one of the other Slytherins were to insult Ginny and Draco stopped them, or said "she's alright" or something like that.

    Hope I helped
    You'll love it.

    Banner and avatar by me

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    Jade Potter
    I agree with how he'd defend Ginny but never tell bit, however I must state I am dead set against Draco/Pansy ships. I believe that though Draco can be a real jerk (depending on who you ask), I think he can do so much better than Pansy "Pugface" Parkinson.

    The girl whom he is describing is a Gryffindor...and Harry Potter's alternate self though he has no idea of that fact and thinks she's only his cousin.

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    I'm working on a story involving Draco called, I Wish I'd Taken Muggle Studies:

    A potion has been created that has the ability to strip a wizard of their powers: a potion the Ministry of Magic couldn't wait to get their hands on. After the Battle of Hogwarts, lesser convicted Death Eaters are given a choice: go to Azkaban, or spend the rest of their lives as Muggles. While many people refused such a degrading option as a matter of pride, one Draco Malfoy chose the potion. Now, cast into the city of London, Draco both struggles with, and eventually enjoys his adaptation into the Muggle way of life.

    But what happens when the effects of the potion turn out to be not-so permanent?
    But I find myself stuck on the scenerio taking place after Draco takes the potion. I have two options in mind. Do you think after chosing this option he would actually try to go home, or would it be more in-character for him to know going into this, he might as well never go back to Malfoy Manor and simpley send his parents an owl letting them know what happened and that he isn't dead?

    Feedback and even editional option would be greatly appreshiated.

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