Honestly, I think that by the time all war stuff is over the Order would be no more. It would just dissapate into the wind...But anyway...
Voldemort won and the Order is in hiding. Not the best time to be raising a child ...

Ol' Draco has converted, eh? How long? I have some severe suspisions about Draco and if he'd ever switch over. There are too many people who hate him. Besides, he always prided himself with being amoung the 'powerful' followers of Voldie. He killed for Voldie. No doubt in the coming books he'll kill again. Things like that you can't just forget. A few people would have a major beef with Draco for suddenly acting all good.
Since September of 1997, along with Narcissa. It's a long story and they didn't really enter the Order's protection by choice, it was more that they didn't have another choice. Eventually, they learned to fit in (after a vast culture shock).

A 'good dad' is a very loose term. Any man can be a 'good dad'. All it takes is a bit of nice talk, show up when you are supposed to, a few hugs and you're suddenly a 'good dad'.
He's a good listener, a good teacher and he genuinely cares. I don't class anyone who doesn't care as a good dad. I didn't really make that care, my fault!

Why is he distant? Does he realize that he is? Does he regret it? Remember, not every dad is a 'good dad'.
He realises it when Cho points it out to him! I've always imagined him having quite a "distant" relationship with his own father and that affects the way he is with Sumiko (his daughter).

The 'high expectations' is also very Draco-like. Like Starmaiden said, he wants to be the best so it makes perfect sense that he'd want his daughter to be the same.
That's what I thought! Thank-you!

she is really needy. She wants to know that she is the most beautiful person on the planet and if Draco was distant than most likely she would not tolerate it. He doesn't have to pour out his soul to her on a regular basis but openness and trust is key in a relationship.
Yeah, I see what you mean ... But I think after knowing each other for twenty-four years, going out for seventeen years and being married for twelve, they've probably accepted a lot of each other's quirks. Maybe that's just me thinking that ... I'm not saying he doesn't ever speak in more than a grunt. I just mean that he's sometimes a bit "zoned-out". Not all the time ...

Unless you plan on having him have a mental breakdown because of this and this is what caused the distance between him and his daughter, I don't see how this is relevent.
It was just back-story really ...

Well, hopefully that helped! And whenever I have trouble with Draco's characterization, all I do is go back and re-read the chapter where Harry walks in on Draco crying in Myrtle's bathroom. The way Jo described it makes my character problems dissapear...
Very helpful, thank-you! And, yes, that chapter is a good one!

I don't think Cho would marry a distant man. From what we saw of her (brief) relationship with Harry, she's fairly needy. I don't think she handle a guy she couldn't connect with. This is, of course, assuming they are happily married.
They are happily married ... Or as happy as a couple can be in their circumstances.

High expectations, yes. He's an achiever, even if he doesn't display it like Hermione. He's touchy (CoS) when his dad twits him about having lower grades than Hermione, and fires back a nasty retort -- he doesn't like being second best. Stands to reason he'd want his daughter to be tops in a lot of things.
Yeah, that was my reasoning, too.

I think, though, that a Draco who's on the Light side and married to Cho will be a lot more mature. He's got to be loving (again, think about Cho) and having kids matures people anyway (though I'm not the one to really ask about having children, ha).
Yes, I kind of assumed that about having kids. And he is lving, just in his own way. He's not the big-guesture type, he'd show it in little ways ... Or so I think.