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    Wendy Sommers

    Before getting started, I just want to make something clear: despite the fact that my character is magical, she won't actually pursue a magical education. Therefore, any magic-related questions will be suppositions only, seeing as she'll never actually enroll in Hogwarts. Also, her favourite subjects and such won't be magical - instead, they'll be normal, Muggle subjects.


    Name: Wendy Sommers
    Birth date & age during story: May 23rd, 1980. 11 at the beginning
    Basic Appearance: Slim, small, brown eyes, long black hair with a fringe
    Parents: Jude Sommers and Lucy Sommers (deceased)
    Parents’ Occupations, if employed: Jude is an accountant and Lucy was a lawyer specialized in Family and Business. They ran an office together.
    Siblings, if any: None
    Other known blood relatives, if any: Lucy's parents, who live in France and don't keep in touch anymore since Lucy's death; Jude's father, who lives in the town's nursing home
    Pets, if any: None; Wendy had a goldfish once, but it died, because goldfishes rarely last more than a month.
    Area of Residence: Ramsgate, Kent
    Blood type [Muggleborn, Pureblood, Half-blood]: Muggle-born
    Hogwarts House [and why]: If she went to Hogwarts, she would be a Ravenclaw
    Best school subjects [and why]: Maths, Science, History, PE.
    Worst school subjects [and why]: French, Music
    Interests: Reading, swimming, camping
    Internally Damaging Traits [Negatives/Weaknesses that mainly affect the character]: Too stubborn, follows something else just because she thinks it's more important than what she really wants.
    Outwardly Damaging Traits [Negatives/Weaknesses that mainly affect others]: Due to her quietness and awkwardness, she tends to come off as too cold.
    Internal Positive Traits [Strengths within the character]: Focused, has a clear head
    Outward Positive Traits [Strengths in dealing with or affecting others]: Kind, worries about others

    In Depth – Magical Metaphors

    What would your character see if he/she looked in the Mirror of Erised? She would see herself standing with her parents.
    What would their Boggart be? Her father, dead.
    What would their Animagus form be? N/A
    What would their Patronus be [keep in mind the Patronus represents a protector or guardian to the character, rather than their own personality]? N/A
    What scent would the character get from Amortentia? The smell of the sea and the smell of the earth
    What memory would they relive in the presence of a Dementor? Her 10th birthday, the one she last spent with both her parents.

    In Depth – Relationships

    How does your character act around his/her friends? Wendy, despite being quiet, actually has a very bubbly personality. As the years pass, her quietness tends to disappear and only show itself when something is wrong with her or when she doesn't know the people she's with very well, but other than that, she is a lot of fun to be around, and she quite enjoys gossiping with her girl friends.
    How does your character act around teachers? When Wendy is learning, she is learning. Around teachers she is focused, obedient, and interested.
    How does your character act around his/her parents? She acts normal. She enjoys going out for walks with her parents, even if it's just to the grocery store, but she tends to spend her nights alone, reading, watching tv.
    How does your character act around his/her enemy? She doesn't like to get into confusions, so she tends to ignore him/her.
    Is your character in love with anyone [or have they ever been]? Other than a few small crushes, she's never been in love.
    How does your character express platonic love, if at all? As was stated earlier, her quietness often leads her friends to believe she is cold. She's not a very 'huggy' person, and she doesn't tend to call any pet names to her friends. Overall, she only expresses platonic love on rare occasions.
    How does your character express romantic love, if at all?
    How would your character react if he/she would be betrayed by his/her best friend? She would be hurt - so hurt she wouldn't even talk to the person anymore, not even to find out the reasons behind the betrayal.

    In Depth – Personal/Emotional

    How does your character react under pressure? When upset? When angry? When under pressure, Wendy will try hard to come up with solutions, but she'll never be able to come up with the perfect one, because it will just elude her. When upset, Wendy closes in on herself and doesn't want to talk about it, opting instead to deal with it alone. When angry, Wendy's neck will get very red, and she'll start screaming at whoever/whatever made her angry in a high-pitched voice.
    What makes your character angry? I.e., what are his/her buttons? Injustices.
    How does your character react to teasing? How much does he/she get teased, and if so, how is it meant? She gets teased, but in a friendly way, so she just laughs about it. Wendy was never an object of bullying.
    What hurts this character? What penetrates so deeply that it makes him/her want to cry (regardless of whether he/she actually does)? Her mother's death. She was young, but not young enough to not know what was happening, so that really affected her. Also, tv shows and movies. And books.
    How does your character handle his/her own emotions? Are they controlled? Bottled up? Obvious? Is he/she a loose cannon? Bottled up.
    How does your character handle other people's emotions? Does he/she feel awkward? Comfortable? Does it depend on the person? She's a very awkward person.

    In Depth – Personal/Biographical

    What was the character's childhood like? It was a very happy childhood. Despite the occasional demonstrations of oddness (magic), Wendy always fit in well with her friends, and she was always loved by her family.
    What major traumas did the character have to go through, and how did they deal with it? Only her mother's death. She accepted it, but decided to go into medical researching because of it, in order to help whoever gets as sick as her mom as well. Oh and one time, she went camping with some schoolmates and, when trying to fall asleep, she heard a lot of noise and thought she would get eaten by a bear, but it was just one of her schoolmate's dog, who had followed them.
    Did anything happen that drastically changed the character's personality, subconscious or not? No.
    Which events in the past define your character's personality? (trauma's etc...) None.
    Do they have trouble talking about their past? No.

    In Depth – Personal/Moral & Ethical

    Does the character follow the same actions or have the same beliefs as his/her parents and/or family? Kind of. Her parents don't really care much for religion, but since her private school requires her to take religious classes, she ends up having those beliefs.
    How does your character feel about the political situation in the time-frame of your story? At first, and since she 'gave up' the magical world, she has no idea about it, but when she gets captured by Death Eaters, she ends up knowing all about it, and obviously doesn't really like the way things are.
    Would your character identify more with the cause of the Death Eaters or the Order of the Phoenix? The Order of the Phoenix.
    How strong is his/her conscience? Strong enough.
    What is their stance on Marriage? Adultery? Like all girls, she's always dreamed of getting married. Adultery to her is a no no.
    Stance on the Unforgivables? She's not sure.

    In Depth – Personal/Future

    If still in school, what is their career ambition? She wants to be a medical researcher.
    What other career/business goals/aspirations do they have? Secretly, she would much prefer being an archaeologist or an historian.
    What social/relationship goals do they have? She just wants to find true love.
    What internal/personal goals do they have? She wants to 'avenge' her mother's death.
    What do they wish to accomplish before they die? She wants to cure cancer.

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    Whew, this thread's dusty! Have questions for Wendy:

    Why did you decide against a magical education?

    Who are your friends?

    Can you control your magic at all/do you still have "demonstrations of oddness"? Has anyone noticed?

    How do you and your dad get along? Do you ever clash? Do you do things together? Do you share any interests? Do you just sort of co-exist/leave each other alone normally?

    Is the religious belief you acquired at school strong, or just sort of a thing you're involved in because you've been taught to and it seems like the thing to do? Do you attend church (assuming that's the religion the school promotes...)? Does your religion affect the way you look at life?

    What sort of stories appeal to you?

    And for the author:

    I'm just curious if Wendy's ambition of curing cancer (perfect understandable, given the circumstances) is at all related to the plot of the story?

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