Name: Sainyn Swiftfoot
Title: Rajeev Subramaheshwaranamapillai- Discrimination By Place Of Birth
Warnings: Suicide
Word count: 453

There once was a boy with the name Rajeev Subramaheshwaranamapillai.

Born and brought up in the colourful land of India, his parents had moved to Britain through a job when he was but nine. Day after day, they stuck with the mundane chores of everyday life, and every single day, Rajeev trudged to St. Nicholas Primary. And one day it all changed. The morning of his eleventh birthday, he opened the door to find himself face to face with a woman in a black dress that resembled, vaguely, the curtains in his house.

The woman marched in, and told his parents and him about how he was a wizard, and he had an invitation to go to the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And so it was, that Rajeev found himself in a vast hall inside a castle, which was Hogwarts, a week later. A man came and ushered them inside. Rajeev gasped with surprise. Four large tables stood on the hallway, and at the far end, there was a large table with many adults on it. And most unremarkable of all was a tattered old hat on a stool.

All of a sudden, the hat burst into song. He couldn’t really make out what it said, what with it speaking in a British accent and all, but he grasped the basic meaning: there were four houses: Gruffindoor, Huff’n’puff, Ravunc-law and Slithering. Every student would go to one of the houses.

Their names were called one by one, and the hat kept on their heads, which would then announce which house the person belonged to. A man called out the names from a list. ‘Malfoy, Scorpius’ went to Hufflepuff. Then he was called “Subbara… subra… ramahesh… veranamapailai.., Rajeev”. There were sniggers at this. That man couldn’t even pronounce his name! With trembling feet he made his way to the stool, and sat unsteadily upon the stool. The hat was kept upon his head, and he could hear it mumble something. After a second, it shouted, what Rajeev heard as “Huff’n’puff!”

He made his way to the Hufflepuff table.


“Hi, brownie!”

“Well, hello there! Why aren’t you skinny like the other Indians?”

“Hey, is your mother going to owl everyday with sweets and sarees for you?”

“I saw how much you ate at the feast! Didn’t you ever have food at home? Were you paupers, beggars on the roads?”

"Oh wow, I guess they made up for your shortage of money at home with an extra long name!"

Everybody laughed at Rajeev, made fun at him because of his heritage. He could do nothing back, and so he wept…

He wept…

He wept all the way off the top of astronomy tower.
Name: Sainyn Swiftfoot
Title: Two Boys- Discrimination By Magic
Warnings: None
Word count: 100

The entrancing smell of fresh toffee pudding hung heavily over the entire house. Two boys made their way to the kitchen, where a woman stood.

She spooned the pudding into a bowl. The boys watched, enthralled. Sticky, sweet smelling, and delicious- in other word, perfect.

She passed one bowl to a boy, who greedily started to eat it. Spoon after loaded spoon disappeared down his throat.

The other boy looked at her beseechingly. The woman gave him a cold stare back. He started to cry.

Harry would not have pudding today- he had grown his hair back in the night.