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Thread: July Drabble Challenge: Parallels

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    July Drabble Challenge: Parallels

    Having always had other fandoms on the side other than Harry Potter, I’ve certainly been inspired by other pairings before. Sherlock/John, for instance, reminds me of Sirius/Remus. Both John and Remus are the more practical and bookish ones, while Sherlock and Sirius tend to take more risks, and I’m guessing they’ve probably saved each other’s lives several times just like John and Sherlock have done. I've always had a tendency to draw parallels between HP and non-HP pairings because of similar characterisation, plotlines or simply a line that a character says that reminds me of a Harry Potter character.

    Your challenge this month, therefore, is to write a drabble featuring a pairing inspired by a non-HP pairing in any fairly well-known book, TV show or film. There are no limits on pairings, provided the HP pairing conforms with the MNFF guidelines (no incest, bestiality, rape glorification, etc). Also, there’s no need to claim a pairing — if you all want to write Destiel-inspired drabbles, go right ahead XD (though I would like to see more variety than that, ha).

    But that’s not all! There are also POINTS up for grabs. You will receive five points for each drabble. I will then put the drabbles up for voting, so along with participation points, provided we receive enough quality entries, we should have at least a first and second place, with first place receiving ten points and second place receiving five.

    These are the rules:

    ~Drabbles should be between 300-800 words.
    ~This is an anonymous activity, and therefore, only your beta is allowed to know you wrote it.
    ~Your chosen HP pairing must conform to all MNFF guidelines. No Charlie/Bill or Pig/Ron, please.
    ~Your drabbles should be rated no higher than 6th-7th years, and please remember to censor any naughty words.
    ~Try and choose pairings from fandoms that are at least fairly well-known or at least have a Wiki page.
    ~Please pair up canon characters only -- no OCs.
    ~You're allowed to enter if you're on a hiatus at the moment, too

    Please PM me your drabbles by 7.59am BST on 16th July 2013. Good luck and happy writing! If you have any questions, PM me directly, just to retain anonymity.
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