I'm sure everyone’s come across a story featuring a pairing that can be, in some way or another, labelled as “controversial”. Whether that’s because of a big age difference, a cousin pairing, unrequited love, even a dubious or abusive nature, pairings are seen differently by readers because of a variety of factors — culture, religion, morals and conscience all play a part in how we view certain pairings.

We’ve seen unusual pairings in canon before, of course. Remus and Tonks had something of an age difference, about twelve years, and there was also the whole thing about Remus being a werewolf, of course. Sirius’s parents were second cousins, and Harry didn’t seem too grossed out by the idea of Tonks being in love with Sirius. Even if we look at the one SSP in canon, Dumbledore/Grindlewald, the influence Grindlewald was having over Dumbledore's outlook on Muggles was pretty disturbing.

So this month’s activity is to seek out a story featuring at least one “controversial” pairing. You get to be the judge of what makes the pairing unconventional; the only requirement is that at least one character must be a canon one.

~Why is the pairing you’ve reviewed unusual? Is this because of your own personal preference or more to do with canon characterisation?
~Do you seek out controversial pairings, both when reading and writing? Why is this?
~Besides MNFF guidelines (no incest/bestiality/rape glorification, etc), where do you draw the line in terms of pairings?

You must ask and answer at least one TQ, as well as leave a review for a story featuring a controversial pairing, by the end of the day on 15th July for this to count towards your monthly activity. Feel free to return to the discussion more than once