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Thread: The Weekly Drabble Challenge - Inner Thoughts - Results!

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    Author Name: songbook99
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Locked Behind My Lips
    Word count: 371
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Yes, of course thereís something Iíd like to tell you, but I just canít tell you. I mean, Iíd like to tell you, but I canít. So, Iím going to look anywhere but at your eyes that seem to pierce right into my brain.

    Of course, itís not much better looking at all the portraits of former headmasters and seeing them stare between the two of us. Iím sure theyíre all just as eager to hear my little secret as you are, but itís going to stay locked behind my lips. They just keep looking between us like theyíre expecting one of us to break the silence that has settled over the room. Well, itís not going to be me.

    Since thereís not really anywhere else to look, I guess Iíll just drop my gaze to my lap. Iím sure Dumbledore will figure Iím hiding something when I do that, but thereís nowhere else to look since almost all of the walls are covered in portraits.

    Maybe Dumbledore will give up soon. At least thatís all I can hope. Itís not like I actually like keeping secrets from the headmaster, but I donít think he really needs to know what it is Iím keeping from him. If I do tell him, he might tell me something I donít want to hear.

    Wow, even looking at my hands in my lap, I can still feel Dumbledoreís eyes on me. Itís like heís trying to look into my head, even though he canít see my eyes. I donít know how much more of this Iíll be able to take before I say something to him. I know I wonít spill my secret, but Iíll have to say something soon because this is just excruciatingly uncomfortable.

    I wonder if Harryís ever had to deal with this kind of scrutiny from our headmaster. Iím sure he has, but I wonder if it worked on him. If my secret didnít concern others, I might give in and just tell Dumbledore, but I canít. It just wouldnít be fair for me to tell Dumbledore before I tell Ron.

    I just wish he would say something, anything.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Fly to Dawn
    Author Name: Fly to Dawn
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: West Ham had better win
    Word count: 192
    Warnings: None

    ĎIs there anything you would like to tell me?í

    Well, yeah, but I canít really tell you nowÖseeing as youíre the coolest headmaster and teacher in the world. I feelÖsmall.

    But anywayÖwhy am I here? Oh yes, I found out who my father really was. It made me feel strange. The dad who I live with isnít my true dad Ė the real oneÖhe was killed by Death Eaters. So yeah, he was a wizard.

    Should I tell Dumbledore this?

    Yes. Wait. No. You donít want to have come all the way to his office for something small like this.

    But maybe Dumbledore wonít think that itís a small thing. After all, you know what kind of person heís like.

    Heís cool.

    I think heís noticing, Dean.

    Dumbledoreís cool enough to be the next owner of West Ham.

    You should tell him, you know.

    But there are things that Iíll never say. Some secrets might die with me, even.

    Stop sounding like an old idiot! Dumbledore probably knows.

    OhÖall right then. But West Ham had better win next season.

    Dean looked up at the headmaster, who just sat smiling at him.

    ĎI see.í

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    Masked One
    Author’s Name: Masked One
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Conversations With My Conscience
    Word Count: 265
    Warnings: None

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Tell you?

    No. Everything I could possibly say on the matter I told you a hundred times over. You simply ignored it; ignored the warning, ignored the planning, ignored the threats. We both knew I was capable- I told you I’d do it if it came to- if you had to suicide, you fool, did you have to do it by my hand?

    If you were going to do this, did you have to instill a conscience first? Did you guess, when you forced my hand, that I’d be having these conversations with myself later? Did you know that you’d still be alive in my mind, to torture me? Wasn’t having to do it bad enough? What sin, what thought, what action of mine deserved this punishment?

    We could have avoided it. I told you that. The vow was vague enough… if you hadn’t placed me there right at the moment when everything happened… you didn’t have to die, you fool! I could have avoided it. I’m a sufficient Occlumens to convince even a Vow that I’d done what was required, under other circumstances.

    And now you’re memory visits my dreams. I hate you for this, more than anything else you’ve done to me. More than favoring the Gryffindor idiots. More than letting Lily die. More than sending me back to Him time and time again. I hate you for making me choose between my own life and yours.

    I know what you’ll say next, and you don’t! You can’t! You’re dead. You’re just in my mind, and-

    “I-” don’t! “-see.”

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    Author Name: Undividable410
    House: Slytherin
    Title: It Burns
    Word Count: 177
    Warnings: none

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    They’re coming back, dark and clear. Snape knows it; I know it, but do you?

    I don’t want to say it. I’d rather now show it either…. My history scares me, Dumbledore. I just can’t bring it up and share it with you.

    The Dark Lord can’t be rising again…. That Potter boy of yours stopped him…. He should be dead. I don’t want to have to worry about this. I should only be worrying about helping Viktor through the tournament.

    It burns. Can you see my pain? The power of the mark hurts more now than it ever has since his death.

    It can’t be possible. He’s dead…. How could he possibly return?

    I can’t tell you. I’m sorry…. I need Severus to do it.

    I’m scared. I can’t take this. I’ll have to run.

    Can you see the fear in my eyes, Dumbledore? I bet you can. It’s been flooding through me for weeks now.

    Do you know what’s happening yet? I hope so….

    “I see.”

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    Bellatrix Black
    Author Name: Bellatrix Black/Hannah
    Title: Crystalized Pineapple
    Word count: 182
    Warnings: none

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    Lily mumbled something under her breath, looking defiantly at the floor, shuffling her feet as he did, not daring to look at Dumbledore. This was so stupidÖ

    Maybe I should just tell him. He knows anyway, doesnít he? Whatís the worst thing he can do? Tell my parents? I donít doubt they will be a little disappointed, but hopefully they will see the funny side of it. It was just a little jokeÖhonestly, I didnít know that stuff was so sticky! How was I meant to know heíd have to cut off a big chunk of his precious hair? Iím sure Madame Pomfrey can grow it back or somethingÖ

    But then Slughorn did seem a trifle upset. Not because of Potterís hair, obviously. I mean, he likes me more than Potter: Thatís why I was so convinced he wouldnít care. But maybe heís just a bit peculiar about his sweets. Who would have thought crystallized pineapple could cause such a kafuffleÖ

    Dumbledore smiled, popped a lemon drop into his mouth. ďI seeÖĒ

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    Name: avada_kedavra_this
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: Panicked Thoughts are Sentence Fragments (I don't care if it's a bad title >.>)
    Word Count: 426
    Warning(s): Cursing. And plenty of it.

    “Is there anything you’d like to tell me?”

    Oh, hell. I can feel my bloody heart beating. I wonder if can hear it …No, of course he can’t hear it. What the hell – why would he be able to hear it? Just because he’s smart doesn’t mean he can hear every bloody sound my body makes.

    Oh, damn. He asked me a question, didn’t he? That means I have to answer him. But I can’t. What kind of question is that, anyway? ‘Is there anything you’d like to tell me?’ Of course there is. Why else would I bloody be here?

    How am I supposed to say this, though? Do I just blurt it out? Oh, come off it, James, it isn’t as though you can just casually tell him that you know Remus is a werewolf. “Oh yes, Dumbledore. You know, I was sitting at the Gryffindor table having tea the other afternoon when it suddenly hit me that my best mate is a werewolf. Isn’t that odd?” Yes, that’s exactly how I should do it. Oh, please, kill me now.

    Damn it. Damn it all. He’s looking at me. Well, obviously he’s looking at me - with his stupid blue eyes and his stupid little grin. He’s waiting for my bloody answer. You know, maybe I don’t even have to answer him. Maybe, if I just get up and run, he’ll forget all about it. I can tell stories about it – it will be great. I’ll be all “and then, I just got up and ran out of the room!” and everyone will have a good laugh and say “good one, James!” and it will be brilliant.

    Damn it. I can’t do that.

    I wish I were in bed. Bed would be the most brilliant place to be right now. And that’s because Dumbledore doesn’t stare at me when I’m in bed. Oh, gross thought. Very gross thought. Just put a sock in it, James! Why the hell are you so weird all the time?

    No. I’m not going to tell him. Of course I’m not. I don’t even know why I was mad enough to come up here in the first place. Absolutely not – I refuse to tell him. Ha. Ha ha. Brilliant. Just look at him sitting there and smiling at me, thinking that I’m going to tell him. How wrong he is. Yes, that’s right! I‘m shaking my head! Aren’t you surprised, Dumbledore? You thought I was going to tell you – but I’m not. I don’t need to. Ha.

    “I see.”

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    What's Wrong With Harry

    Name: Lily_writes
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: What's Wrong With Harry?
    Word Count: 264
    Warning(s): None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    I'm worried about Harry, Professor Dumbledore. He's distanced himself from Ron and me, ever since we got back from the Ministry. He didn't stay long in the Hospital Wing when he visited us, and said he was going to visit Hagrid. As he left, he just seemed to be half in our world, and the other half, preoccupied in his thoughts.

    He avoids the Great Hall, even then he doesn't eat, Ron says that he's heard Harry muttering in his sleep telling Lupin to let him go, and he just sits under the beech tree by the lake, alone, for hours, until it gets dark.

    Do you know what's wrong with him? We know he was sent to your office after You-Know...I mean V-vol-voldemort fled from the Ministry. I knew Harry was going to be upset when we found out Sirius had died, we all were, but we didn't expect him to be a recluse.

    Could it have something to do with that prophecy thing? Neville told us it smashed, but I have a feeling that someone else knows it.

    I know that look, I can see what you're trying to say now. "Wait until Harry wants to tell you." I think I understand now, Ron and I should wait until he's ready to talk to us about it. Even though no words have passed between us, everything is clear to me now. Thank you, sir.

    Dumbledore looked at Hermione, and nodded his head slightly as he smiled at her.

    "I see"

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    Author Name: cherryandphoenixfeather
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Trust
    Word Count: 298
    Warnings: One swear word, but mild.

    "Is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

    Yes and no.

    I would like to tell you that I can't keep doing this. I would like to tell you that this has gone beyond my faculties. I would like to tell you that there are some promises I cannot keep.

    I will not.

    You are the only one who fully trusts me. You have made me a comrade, instead of a servant. You treat me as your friend.

    I cannot go back on this faith you have shown in me.

    I cannot destroy your designs with my cowardice. I know that I am a coward, because I wish with all of my heart that I will not have to do what you ask of me. I am afraid of this task you have set me to. I do not know that when the time comes I will be able to do what I must.

    Why do you have to be so damned selfless? You are a lofty entity, far above my human confusion. You are human, like I am, and yet you have transcended humanity, taking your sympathies with you. You cannot see the pain this causes me.

    You have taught me that the past cannot be changed, and it is foolish to wish that it could be. I suppose, then, I am a fool as well as a coward, for I wish that I never made the vow that will lead me to choose between my life or yours.

    But I have already made my choice, have I not? I will do what you ask; because it is the only way I can show you the faith that you have shown me. I will trust you, because you trust me.

    My silence is my answer.

    "I see."

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    Author Name: stareyed_in_LA
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Dirty Little Secrets
    Word count: 330
    Warnings: None

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Oh, Merlin, Hermione thought. I have so many things to tell you. Can you keep a secret, for this is some of what I have to say?

    One, there is an old toad of a teacher who is not only biased and harsh, but is torturing Harry by slicing his hand open every evening with a magic quill during detention. You can see the scars on his hand, and it is hard to look at them and know the suffering he has to endure. Also, the Gryffindor Quidditch team isnít doing so well because of Umbridge. All because Harry stood up to her and told her flat out Voldemort was back.

    Two, Ron, Harry and I are heading a secret militia intent on teaching the necessary defenses against the Dark Arts that the old bat Umbridge wouldnít touch with a ten foot long broomstick. We have several members already, and we are practicing in the Room of Requirement. We practice hexes that will help if Voldemort attacks the Wizarding world. So far, we have done Jelly-Legs, Expelliarmus, and the Shield Charm. Now, we are practicing Patronusí. I had a hard time at first, but I mastered it, and now I can do a Patronus of a seal.

    Three, and this has nothing to do with school. I have a huge crush on my friend Ron. I canít tell this to anyone, or else I will loose all respect by my friends because they will think that I am weird. Itís really over whelming, and I canít tell any of these things to anyone else. However, I am in love with Ron Weasley, and I canít stop thinking about him. I think love has taken over my life now.

    These are only some of the dirty little secrets that I have. That is all I have to say, sir. As you can see, its not easy being, well, me.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author Name: invisiblenudnik
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: A Matter of Loyalty
    Word count: 354
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Is there anything I would like to tell him? Yes, of course. I have to tell him. After all, I did do something wrong and now I need to pay the consequences. But, Iím sure he knows we were up after hours again, trying to stick our noses into something we shouldnít. So what does he want me to confess? That I was doing something wrong? Ok, I can do that. You have to live up to the consequences of your actions.

    But, wait! That would mean I have to say that Ron and Harry were with me. And that would get them in trouble too.

    Well, we all did break the rules. They should have to face the consequences with me. Itís not fair that only I have too.

    But theyíre my friends. I canít do that to them; Iíll face the music for them anytime. But, if I have to confess, thenÖIíll say I was alone. Yes, I was alone and I know I broke the rules. I was out late tonight to go to the Owlery.

    However, that would be lying. I canít lie to the Headmaster!

    Then again, Iíve lied to a teacher. Itís not like I make a habit of it or lie about my school work. Itís not like we did anything horrible, actually there was a very good reason for all of this. And we did go the Owlery at one point, so it isnít completely a lie. Breaking a small rule isnít murder, havenít I leaned that by now?

    Itís still wrong and I shouldnít lie. We shouldnít have done it.

    But I needed to do it, there are more important things, I know that now. One of them is that sometimes the rules have to be broken. Iím sorry, Professor, but thatís just the way it is. Iím sorry Iím about to lie to you because another one is that I have to stay loyal to my friends. I just canít rat them out. So, Iíll just say that I was alone andÖoh, no!

    ďI seeĒ

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